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  1. MMM: Murder Most Misfortunate [Murder][Mystery] Released

    Thanks for your feedback, fun2novel. I actually wrote my own Asset and my own code for the lip syncing. We decided we didn't want a bland protagonist like you see in many other VN's, and gave Miss Fortune a strong personality. Humour is very subjective, so it's hard to write a character that everyone will find funny. A skip button is a very good idea, and I'll look into screen dragging. In a few of the scenes where MF is thinking, there are other characters around, so we decided her lips should move as another way of highlighting who it is that's speaking (or thinking aloud). The backgrounds are indeed dark, but perhaps your monitor's brightness settings might be a bit too low? Not sure. Haven't had any other people mention this problem. Again, thanks for your very detailed feedback!
  2. MMM: Murder Most Misfortunate [Murder][Mystery] Released

    The text size of the main dialogue window can be adjusted in the Pause menu (hit escape). The text in the logs are small, I agree. The larger the size of the text in the log, the more scrolling the user needs to do if they want to look back a ways. Certainly a tradeoff.
  3. MMM: Murder Most Misfortunate [Murder][Mystery] Released

    We've officially released the game on Steam and on Itch.io (where it's pay what you want, which could be nothing!)
  4. MMM: Murder Most Misfortunate [Murder][Mystery] Released

    Thanks! We also love the murder mystery genre, especially those British murder mystery TV shows like Poirot or Miss Marple.
  5. Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUlDO2Y4A8Y&feature=youtu.be A gruesome murder interrupts an evening party at a secluded mansion and you are the prime suspect! Explore the mansion, search for clues, and interrogate the other guests as you strive to unmask the killer in this open-ended mystery. MMM is a visual novel adventure with an open-ended mystery that puts your deductive skills to the test. A murder occurs in a secluded manor, and if you can't find the killer in time, you just might take the blame for the crime yourself! Gather information and search the house for clues as you form your own conclusions about the evening's mysterious events. FEATURES Multiple Endings: Finding the true killer is ideal, of course, but maybe building a plausible case against one of the other characters is good enough to get you off the hook! Unique and Compelling Characters: Play as Miss Fortune, a delightfully caustic anti-heroine who has already been widowed nine times. But this time, she didn't do it (really!), and she'll have to solve the mystery herself to prove it! Immersive Story: Sharply written dialog full of choices ensures a thoroughly immersive narrative. Voice-acting: Each character is fully voiced, with over 1700 voiced lines throughout the game! Beautiful Visuals: Detailed, searchable backgrounds and slick visual effects like rain, fog and variable lighting enhance the aesthetic experience. Time runs Short: The incompetent police are on their way. Better solve the mystery before they arrive, lest they come to their own (wrong) conclusions. --- MMM is available for Windows, Mac & Linux in English, Spanish and Italian. Check it out on Steam | Itch.io We have a demo! Demo on Steam | Demo on Itch.io | Demo on IndieDB The game features full voice-acting throughout, and has some exploration elements as you gather evidence. At the end of the game, everyone gathers in the parlour, and you can accuse anyone of the crime. The tough part is making that accusation stick. It's taken almost 2 years to develop this game, and I think it's turned out pretty well. The script was written by my brother, and the art was done by a friend. The game was made in Unity, as we wanted to include some extra gameplay that wasn't possible in other visual novel engines. I actually wrote my own framework for it.
  6. A murder is committed in a secluded mansion, and it's up to you to solve it. Triple M is a visual novel murder mystery. The story takes place at a secluded mansion estate, where a gruesome murder unfolds and everyone is a suspect. It's up to you to unmask the true killer. Interrogate the other characters, investigate the environment for clues, and form your own conclusions about the evening's mysterious events. Your fate rests upon your deductive skills. You can accuse anyone. You might send a killer to justice. You might condemn an innocent person. Or you just might take the blame yourself. Highlights A cast of unique and unforgettable characters Multiple endings based on your choices and logic Optional timed mode for a psychologically tense mystery experience Compelling anime-style character art Detailed clickable backgrounds that can be searched for clues Full voice acting throughout the game Vote for us on Greenlight! Try out our demo! Then answer our and survey and tell us who you think the killer is Triple M will be released Q3 2016 for Windows, Mac and Linux. The game will be in English, and if there is enough interest, it will be made available in French as well. We're the Foolish Mortals, a small indie team based in the flat and desolate wastes of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Read more about the game and us here: http://www.foolish-mortals.net/triple-m