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  1. Hi Tymmur We are glad you like our trailer, we put a lot of effort into it. Since our kickstarter campaign launched we unveiled several new game features and additional details about the game. Our game will feature at launch: - A Prequel: "Departure" This will be a full-fledged slice of life visual novel. With the prequel the player will have a chance to know Lisistrata better. Why she decided to start a rebellion? What are her feelings? We want to give the player a good idea about what's going on before he begins our main story. Our main game, since it is inspired by the ancient comedy Lysistrata written by Aristophanes, will be a comedy as well. However there will be large and small branches, with many alternative endings to our story. Some branches will follow the original play closely, while others may end up in very different and weird places. It will depend on the decision the player will make during the game. Yes, even if our game features some RPG elements, everything (texts, dialogues) will be written. We absolutely don't want to offer a lesser experience to those who prefer to disable voices. Voice over is a cool addition but we consider it as an add-on. This should be the main theme for our Prequel "Departure" from the composer Brunuhville.
  2. We have an important update! Our first trailer is finally available! Also we decided to start a Kickstarter campaign feel free to check it out! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2044603064/lisistrata
  3. Thanks everyone for the feedback! @Plk_Lesiak Yeah we didn't talk much about the VN part of the game! You got me! ahah There is a lot to reveal but for now we have been careful, we care a lot about this project and we really want to avoid making promises that we will not be able to fulfill Our game is inspired by Aristophanes' ancient work and we put a lot of effort into the story as well. We gave all the characters a meaningful backstory, let's take Cleonice as an example. There is a reason why she consider herself a merchant. It's true that we did our best to be faithful with our original source, but the Cleonice character will not be copy-pasted identical to the Aristophanes' one. She has secrets and her personality will evolve as a consequence of her skills and of course the player's choices. Give us a little more time, you won't be disappointed. We just published this preview just 2 days ago! If I must tell the truth now I'm curious; What would you like to know? We posted our project here because we want to have an open discussion with you guys, to learn and also improve our project. Ah yeah you will be able to find and interact with slaves during the game, also your opinion about them may lead to a negative or positive influence with other factions or characters. @Dreamysyu Thank you so much! @tymmur Thanks for your kind words, we are very proud of our skill tree and our art. If I must tell the true it took a lot of trial and error in order to find the right art style for the game. Concerning the animations we just displayed the most flashy and bouncy moves available, but I will guarantee you that the combat will not always be like so. An option to disable animations is actually a good idea, I will add it to our to-do list. Thank you very much! I totally agree with you. @phantomJS We fixed the links, thanks for the heads up! I spent a big deal of time gathering some info about Kamidori, since it was mentioned by tymmur too. That is a remarkable title and, while I agree that we haven't got the resources to create something majestic like that, I must disagree with the first statement. We really don't want to give up on the story and the VN part just to focus on the gameplay (that very important as well). I personally feel honored to have chosen a great work such as Lysistrata: "That is a very important milestone comedy from our western culture." -> (Those were the words from my Greek literature professor in high school). We will post some BGM very soon though! Anyway jokes apart, yes we are a little studio but we will do our very best to create an enjoyable game that will hopefully not be put in the -trash can- section of your Steam library. Also some users have suggested us a Kickstarter campaign, we are considering that option as well. Anyway thanks for your time and have a great day!
  4. We are happy to introduce Lisistrata, an unforgiving and unconventional RPG-Visual Novel hybrid that elevates the importance of Tactics, Choices, Character Progression and Resource Management. Immersed in an ancient Greece setting, you will recruit, train and lead a team of Athens’ young girls through battles, challenges, critical choices and beyond. It will be up to you to organize an effective rebellion against every man of Athens. It will be your responsibility to stop a war that has been endured for decades. Once inside the Acropolis everything will be in your hands. Choose different skills, improve buildings, elaborate new tactics, betray, seduce, be a diplomat or a warrior. The game (and its characters) will be shaped entirely by you. Inspired by Aristophanes’ great work Also known as the “Father of Comedy” and “The Prince of Ancient Comedy”, Aristophanes lived between 446 - 386 BC and inspired thousands of people in ancient Greece. We would like to do the same by bringing his legendary work back to life and expanding upon its original linearity while still remaining faithful to the source. “I’ve had enough of these wars!! Enough! We can not keep living like this!” “I'm tired to be neglected by my husband!! His sword will not warm his bed for sure! I've made up my mind: Starting from now we say no more! We shall strike!" “If they won’t listen to us, they will sleep alone from now on. It will be a torture for them!!” And so every woman in Athens left their home and took the Acropolis - the heart of the city, as well as the place where the most important resources are held. They decided to offer no more company or affection whatsoever to those man who have been so busy making war. Finding the means and forcing them to declare peace is your objective… ... but managing the Acropolis and your group at the same time while keeping the morale high, won’t be an easy task. Unlock new abilities, forge your character, make the Acropolis a safer place and assemble your team! Level up and make your build unique During the game you will be able to choose different abilities by gaining experience and leveling up your character. Feel free to choose what you like based on your playstyle, there is no best way to beat the game. 34 Skills gathered in 4 different branches. - Athletics - Intelligence - Charisma - Luck Of course it won’t be possible to unlock them all. Choosing your specialties and making decisions will be incredibly important and it will also increase the game replayability. (the image has been drastically reduced so it lost a big chunk of its original quality, sorry for that) Build the Acropolis Better walls, easier access to water or maybe earning the favor of the Gods? Everything counts! But consider… It will take time, which you won’t be able to spend to acquire new skills. Hmm, decisions, decisions… Every time you level up and/or between chapters the game will give you the following option: What shall we do? What you decide to do it's up to you. A better Acropolis will mean a better defense against incursions, better morale for your heroines and other buffs. There is a lot to build but those kind of improvements are designed to make the general environment a better place for you. On the other side, skills bring more specific bonuses. Of course the angry men and the soldiers will not remain idle for long. They didn’t like Lisistrata’s little plan one bit and they will do everything in their power to sabotage your rebellion. They will strike back quickly and it will be quite challenging to survive. Your Skills under a magnifying glass Everything you do, every path you take, every decision you make will present the player with small challenges to overcome: Skill checks. On a successful skill check the player may acquire various advantages that will help the game progression in general; upon a failed skill check the consequences may vary from minor to catastrophic and they may be suffered immediately or later in the game. Therefore, it’s not advisable to Swim if your character has not yet unlocked that ability, you may regret this... Death in this game is permanent. Turn Based Combat Strategize with party order, party composition, and unlocked skills against a huge variety of enemies. When diplomacy fails, it’s time to put your abilities to good use! Each one of our heroines have their own strengths and weaknesses so be careful and evaluate the situation very carefully before choosing who to bring with you in combat. Managing a good mix of abilities is the key to victory. Also we've added some modern RPG concepts on top of this structure; these include AoEs, DoTs, grapples and combos, creating a tactical battle full of depth. Who will oppose you... Our heroines! More characters to come! Also our game will feature voice acting and handmade frame by frame animations. Like some old anime we decided to refrain from using automatic lip sync and blinking. Here is the result: Thanks for reading so far! We are a young indie studio but this is not our first Visual Novel! We are always looking for new ways to improve so this time we decided to be as much open as possible towards the community. We learned from past experiences that getting some honest feedback is the most important part and this time we will apply this to the letter. - What do you think about our project in general? - Do you like our skill system and the possibility to build your character as you like? - Do you believe the RPG-VN mix could work? - Is there anything you would change or improve? We are eager to work with you guys and keep discussing with you about this project. This is our most ambitious work and we are very passionate about it, we really want to create something that will not be forgotten after a week... at least we hope so! =) We are on Kickstarter! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2044603064/lisistrata For daily updates check out our Twitter! https://twitter.com/NeoclassicGames If you don't use twitter so much, we have just created a Facebook page. (it's literally brand new). https://www.facebook.com/neoclassicgames/ Thanks and have a great day!
  5. Hi Everyone! We are very sorry if the "Season pass" term usage is confusing! We just wanted to use a very familiar choice of words to show our intentions, to release free expansive DLC content. I would include these DLC's in our main story but due to development hic up's we are forced to add expansions on a later date. Now that i think about it our behavior can be easily misunderstood as an attempt to act cool like: "wow we are nobody but let's use Season pass so we can look like one of those big games out there!" It's just not like it, i can assure that. We decided to use it because it looked like a fast way to incorporate a list of DLCs and stuff. Thank you very much for your time!
  6. Thank you for the heads up! We are already been working on a new version of the game specifically made for mobile devices, phones and tablet. It will be lighter, faster and will feature android an possibly IOS compatibility. In the mean time i will test this problem on my tablet too!
  7. Hei guys My name is Piero Mazza, Project Manager of Elisa the Innkeeper. I was told this forum was perfect for someone who is looking for some valuable feedback from visual novel experts. I'm actually glad to see that someone already created a post for our game! Starting from the Fuwa Senior's question i kinda agree that the word "emergent" is quite strange, i don't think that it reflects what we want to achieve but i will try anyway to explain our point of view. We know that there are a huge number of visual novels out there, we did our best trying to create something different. Maybe with our story, or our choices, or the unlockable items feature... i don't know. At lease it felt different enough for us, that's why we decided to publish our prequel on steam and submit our first part of the game to the players. I personally think that creating a full game without letting anyone know is a mistake. I really hope my team made the right choice with our Prequel, even if it is technically and in terms of features unfinished. We did our best with the time and budget we had, the Prequel is just the beginning. Our game is starting to get some reviews on steam (positive and negative), we are reading and reviewing all of them. If you have questions or suggestions i will be happy to hear it. Have a great day PS. can someone move this discussion in the visual novel section please? Thank you!
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