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  1. Hello all! I'm a visual novel writer and head of Divine Games Studio, where I'm currently wrapping up my first big release Bog. To fund some of the final assets I'm looking for another writing gig on the side. I've tried outsourced writing for other visual novels before but the project would fall off before I was paid, and as such, I will expect a certain amount paid upfront for projects. For me costs, turnaround time, and other details please email me at YourGeekGoddess@outlook.com, as I likely won't be on here often. For examples of my work download the demo for Bog here: https://
  2. Hi there everyone! We are currently seeking a background artist to join our noble cause in creating a unique visual novel experience. For information on the project, check: https://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=38900 For further questions and expressions of interest, please email me at yourgeekgoddess@outlook.com with samples of your work. Thanks for the support! Sincerely, YourGeekGoddess
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