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  1. did someone solved it? i really want to learn extract SCRIPT .DAT from Collar X Malice (for Unlimited) but hkki not work (well, it's been long time, i think) i know need to open STCM2L, but no hope
  2. Wow, really I'm so happy here.. I get many titles to play. Thank you so much, all I'll search the summary of all your recommend titles some titles I know since watch the anime first also Amnesia, I had played Shin's, Touma's and Kent's routes, left Ikki's and Ukyo's routes i hadn't play yet. yeay, fellow Hakuoki fan my fav in Hakuoki. huum.. Toudou Heisuke and Okita Souji. but really, I love Heisuke. He is so cute Thank you for recommend it to me. I had read some summary of Corpse Party but really, I'm too scared to play this T_T as long as the blood not make it too gruesome, I think I can handle it.
  3. Hi! I'm Narino. sounds like a boy's name, right? so usually they called me Rin. I like playing games, mostly J-RPG and newly play VN start with Hakuoki on 3DS. currently play Dynamic Chord series (just learned how to use VN Reader, and i really love this program!) I'm open with normal otoge VN, R18 or yaoi, with all genres except something like horror or really-split-blood (no.. i can't handle that all T_T). though, i'm fine with mystery (like-detective). so, feel free to recomend me some titles to play Oh btw, nice to meet you all
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