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  1. Watching the 10th episode of this http://myanimelist.net/anime/27947/Lupin_III_2015
  2. Nah, I say it solely due to the stuff I've heard and seen about the secretary. I'd play it in a heartbeat if it weren't for that, especially since I like Sting games.
  3. I didn't like the anime too much either. I love SRPG, but that secretary kinda makes me afraid to try Noire's game.
  4. Vert


    Hello, Blanc and welcome!
  5. Makers = Compa, IF, 5pb, Gust (My fav, but she's gone forever.), Nisa, Cave, Falcom, MAGES., Marvelous, Broccoli, RED Gold Third = C-Sha, B-Sha, S-Sha, K-Sha from Megadimension You play on PC? The only PC game you haven't named is Hyperdevotion Noire.
  6. I've always had trouble ranking characters... Chika > Mina > Histy & Kei Vert > Blanc & Noire (Kinda hard to chose between them) > Neptune I don't think I can rank the candidates, Gold Third, other goddesses or makers :/
  7. Been rewatching Yu Yu Hakusho. Will probably rewatch another old anime when done.
  8. Well... http://imgur.com/UIQmnxi http://imgur.com/Q1uJVTC http://imgur.com/mIt3oGl http://imgur.com/ClhlJMb http://imgur.com/MZquNbu http://imgur.com/Ql18IVp http://imgur.com/cBGV1ol http://imgur.com/UyQEOvh http://imgur.com/hPQVUXq I have more, but need to take more pictures. As you can see, I'm a huge fan of her.
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