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  1. It wasn't that bad but Gwyn's fight was kinda funny since I coudn't really block the damage of his sword or roll
  2. I've been wanting to replay Dark Souls but I don't know which weapon to use.... The doubt really kills me.
  3. It's quite the opposite to me. I have a lot of difficulty dealin with the eletric buttslams and big Ornstein can't hit shit
  4. Now that us, non-japanese readers, filthy pesants can read Dies Irae no one can stop me from shitposting about it, kek Seriously tho. I have been waiting for a long time to be able to read it since my friend always talked about it and I don't have the brains to learn japanese I will play/read it as soon as I can. Couldn't be more hyped!
  5. Hello everybody I have been watching anime and reading mangas for some time and I would like to start playing VNs. I am a newbie at this Visual Novel thing and I would like some recommendations. So yeah... See you around
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