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  1. Need help! I always using TTS voiceroid yukari, but after I've installing new updates windows, the TTS not working. it's not start automatically like usual, and even I manually open the application, the dialog text won't paste automatically on voiceroid. anyone can help?
  2. Tokyo Necro deserved that, I think. Cool setting, cool weapon, cool protagonists, cool villains, cool fights, and lesbian. blood pumping soundtrack and that SE bullet firing. They nailed everything that I demand from sci-fi fiction. Yeah, especially from me who hate the zombies too.
  3. the heroine route except Ai is really confusing and unsatisfying. It is like they want to give hint about the setting and the mc's identity but have to sacrifice the story of the heroines itself. Well, at least the heroines problem have nice conclusion. And this also tackles some AI topic that interesting to read. btw, is anyone bothered with green border in this game? Is it have some meaning?
  4. I was playing the trial, and it is pretty interesting. It has same premise like Relife without 'magic' pill. So, the characters is over 20s year old, and they attend 'tryment project' something like moratorium for solving their problem on social or work. Also there's something interesting theme they brought here, like the influence technology toward social hierarcy or something, and talking about Artificial Intellegence. It is just discussion topic they talking about, but I guess it has some sort string that link with the story.
  5. moreover, taking translation for VN is more difficult than light novel or manga translation.
  6. I always respect Mana from Amatsutsumi. She's understood Makoto's thinking and always confirm Makoto's feeling when Makoto went to another girls.
  7. are the fighting game have you to winning it to progress the story? I'm just start playing this game and I also feel I don't want to playing when I want to 'reading' the story.
  8. Is it worth reading if you are know the girl you spending time will died?
  9. I always read this blog and become reference for me to reading the next game. you should continuing this.
  10. sherlock1524


    I'm just playing Hotaru route. The other heroine is pretty interesting, but I think I'm already fulfilled with their story in main story. For Makoto, I've a mixed feeling about him. He pretty much messed up on his own like 'Yeah, I can't do this, I've to respect them' but on the next scene he's easily controlling/manipulating other peoples without self consideration about it. But, I always want to see the mc who not holding back her power like this. And this game have much H scene that I always skipped. Doesn't like it.
  11. Same. Usually, I'm avoid to playing the moege. moreover, VN is type of entertaintment that investing a lot of time. Except, I liked the sprite of character. Event though, I always felt boring and dropped in middle of game.
  12. wow congratz for found this enlightment ;D
  13. Yeah, the mystery on this game is ridiculous, but it improved on sequel.
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