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  1. So, after a few successful extractions using Crass, I stumbled upon this vn which, most likely, got some kind of encryption built into it. The vn in question is this one, developed by Dieselmine: https://vndb.org/v18288. The vn runs on the Kirikiri2 engine, which is indicated by the sole "data.xp3" file residing in the game directory. Not sure how "hard" it is to break the encryption on this one, that is, assuming there is one in the first place. An extra note: Although Crass seems to be able to extract the file contents just fine, the actual content itself is broken. For example, the CG images don't show anything, besides the error that says "the file is broken and can't be viewed". I also tried using the Kirikiri2 extraction tools I found on TLWiki, but alas, those gave me the same result. Any ideas? (If you want me to provide you with the necessary files, just ask - or downloa... I mean, buy it yourself somewhere, whatever floats your boat)
  2. Yes, one can finish it in about an hour, depending on one's reading speed.
  3. I love that subtle yandere behaviour of yours, except it's more "yanderu" than "deredere". It turns me on a little. Love it!
  4. You don't? It's simple, it's what you see when you drink and do drugs at the same time... first thing in the morning. Try it!
  5. Yeah, I figured that was the case. Even so, it's not as bad as Kiriririri stated it was. Okay, there are various lines that could use some re-editing, but the script mostly stays quite true to the original (as far as my expertise goes that is), so you don't hear me complaining. Just putting that out there for others, so as to possibly remove some people's worries regarding the translation quality.
  6. Oh god, I hate it when people do that. Though, if they also plan on recruiting a TLC, I'd have no complaints. *reads the rest of the flaws* *...* *interest of reading the game using the English patch drops by 88.5%* Uhum, now I understand what you meant with "sh*t". In that case, I'm glad Dracu-Riot! is getting a retranslation! Nosebleed is doing it, and I trust she'll do a good job on it. Hmm, I'm contemplating now whether I should just go and read the original Japanese version, although I will feel more comfortable reading the English version. *Edit: So I decided going with the English version anyway, since it's quite a long game and I have to say, the overall translation quality is definitely not bad (up to this point, 2 hours in). I'm satisfied with the flow of the dialogue and the font choice is pretty good. I did some research right before I started and it seems that, as you stated, some script files near the end of the game didn't undergo editing. So, the quality might indeed drop a little around there. Also, it seems Staircase Subs released a v1.2 patch, which got rid of the infamous *dolphin censoring*. Still, I'm not sure if the "joke lines and memes" were also removed in that update or at the very least partly edited. I suppose I'll find the answer to that while playing the game.
  7. Really? How so? The script doesn't flow well, the translations don't fit the characters' personalities or just purely containing some mistranslations? (*still need to start playing the game*)
  8. Ah, I see, that's too bad. Though, about Sekai Project having licensed the main game, I'm not too worried about that. If they ever do license the fan disc as well, by that time the fan translation might be done already (positive thinking) and they might just be planning on buying off the translated scripts. Not sure whether they did so with the main game that was done by Staircase Subs. In any case, if something starts moving here, I'm always willing to lend a hand. Just putting that out here, is all.
  9. I wouldn't mind helping out with the translation of this fan disc. I'm still in the process of reading the original novel "Hoshizora no Memoria-Wish upon a shooting star-" at the moment, though. But, when I'm done with that, I'd love to chip in and contribute some translations. Even so, I'm working on another project right now too, so I'd probably need some help. I'm still browsing through this immense thread right now, in order not to miss out on any interesting information regarding this dead (?) project. In any case, I'd appreciate any information I can get regarding this. Things like, "are the partially translated scripts still out there", "is any project staff member still alive and interested in the project", etc.
  10. Planning on starting Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a shooting star- real soon. I've heard lots of good things about it, so I'm putting my expectations for it quite high. Now, let's just hope I won't regret doing so.
  11. Exactly! Not sure what I did wrong, but if he was joking, it wasn't really funny.
  12. Ah, first of all, I'm sorry. Won't happen again. BUT, I'm afraid I can't let what you just said go unpunished. You know, we were one country a long time ago before we got split up you know. Just saying. Edit: Btw, isn't it the same thing as saying Great Britain stole the English language from the States (or the other way around)? I mean, 'scuse me, for being born in a "second-hand" country, whatever that means.
  13. Well, I don't really care, but I'm just happy that my country (Belgium) made it to the finals!! Go, Laura Tesoro, doe je best, ik stem alleszins al voor jou! Maak de inwoners van België trots (niet dat we al trots zijn, natuurlijk :p).
  14. That's some good spirit you have there, Mitch. Just keep going strong the way you have up until now and you should be fine. Just keep in mind that you're not doing this project for our sakes (well, indirectly you are, but you know what I mean), but for yourself. Don't stress yourself out if some things aren't working out the way you want them to. Just keep learning, as much as you can, during your project's run. I'm doing 2 projects of myself, but having fun while I'm doing them is my biggest priority right now. Just have fun and learn, that's all you have to think about. It's your life, and so you're the only one who can make your own decisions. You don't have to listen to anyone else but yourself. With these last words, I wish you the most luck on the rest of your project. May it end on a happy note for you!
  15. Ah yes, I am planning to, but I'm going to wait just a little longer until I've made some more progress. I thought I could just mention it here along with the update, is all. Thanks for the suggestion, though.
  16. A small update from me: So, as you all know (if you read the thread), I've recently joined Arcadeotic's translation group as a TLC for his Bishoujo Mangekyou TL project. Therefore, in the meantime, I'm hard at work checking both his translations as well as correcting and improving the already translated lines up to this point. This means that progress on DamaMuko will be sluggish for the time being. Mind you, I said sluggish. So I am making some progress along the way, don't worry. That's all for now, just thought I should let you guys know whats going on after some days of quiet. For DamaMuko, I'm still in need of at least 2 other translators, so those who want to help and have enough skill in the language are always welcome to apply at Euphemic Translation. Thank you!
  17. Ah ok, that works too. Just a sec, will register myself on there right now. *Edit: Alright, done. It's the same as my name on here: "Fukukaze".
  18. Alright, that sounds good. I'll notify Arcadeotic about it and see if it's okay for me to do so, since I joined his team, so it's not up to me to decide that. I'll let you know when he replies me back. About the credits, you okay with your username on here? If not, let me know which one you prefer.
  19. Ah well, that's totally fine. I already found a hacker that's willing to cooperate, so that's a big job that's already filled now. Finding more editors is definitely not a priority at the moment. I mean, I've got you already, for example. More editors will most likely apply if some progress has been made. Who knows, there might be some out there just waiting for this project to become serious. Same goes for the TLC, it's far off, so not too urgent yet. The only thing that is somewhat urgent is finding other willing translators out there, as translating this game by myself will take a LONG time. The vn contains 26.365 lines, go figure. About the project site I mentioned earlier, I'll probably use Arcadeotic's Euphemic Translation's Wordpress site to update our progress, since I'm helping him out with some things regarding the game he's translating. So, he probably won't mind sharing the site with me. That'll also put an extra credit behind his group's name. You might be wondering when your first task will be given to you huh, well, let me explain. I'm planning to release a trial/partial patch once everything before the OP is done translating/QC'ed to show the people some actual proof that progress is being made. I figure people are always anxious about whether a TL project is legit or not or is being taken serious or not. Therefore, we'll release this to relieve them from their stress. I'll update my progress as I've said on Euphemic Translation's site, so check there every now and then. I'll also update here too if I don't forget.
  20. Thanks! And yes, I am indeed well aware of that, haha. I don't know about the "unusual" part, as the novel is just a simple harem story with the instant fiancée trope, together with themes of love triangle and some dramatic undertones. The thing about the popularity poll is indeed pretty funny, haha. Just imagine something like that happening to you in real life: Dad: "Hey, son. I think it's well about time that you and I had a bit of a talk." Son: "Alright, fine with me, but what about exactly." Dad: "Your future, son. You're currently in the middle of the most important part of your life. The time wherein the decisions you make will have the most influence on the final outcome of your life. I'm talking about finally getting yourself a gf, son. One with good looks, money and a well-endowed chest. And no ordinary one at that, so an A won't do. I'm talking big here, like a D or even higher." Son: "Say what??" Dad: "I'm completely serious, son. Therefore, I'll help you out here. I even came up with an idea already. Why don't we start a "bride poll"? The one with the most votes will officially become your fiancée. Oh, and of course, you'll be the prize. Sounds pretty smart, right?" Son: "..." (leaves the room) Anyway, I hope so too! I'll try to make steady progress as time passes by. But, I'll make sure that my health doesn't deteriorate because of the project, so you don't have to worry. Thanks for the concern, though, that's really nice of you! Alright, that's one down then. I'll be making a Wordpress for the project sometime soon too, so we can collect all the staff credits and progress there instead of here. I'll probably update here as well, though. And no, I don't really deem that necessary. You don't have to be a professional editor with lots of experience or anything, even being a beginner is fine to me. You'll learn as you go, so you're welcome to join anytime! With that said, glad to have you on the team! If you've got any contacts that suit the jobs needed to be filled in my first post, gather them together if you want. The more the merrier! I've already gotten some down, not everything. I'll send you a quick message with what I already have, we might even be able to fill up our own gaps. And yes, I'll get down to it real soon. Likewise!
  21. So, back on the topic at hand here. I've finally gotten my hands on the script files (thanks to binaryfail) and with that, this TL project has officially left its start blocks! Hooray!! It seems there are 173 script files in total, with the following branches: A: 47 scripts (I assume this is the Common Route?) B: 29 scripts C: 15 scripts D: 8 scripts E: 7 scripts F: 39 scripts G: 9 scripts H: 9 scripts I: 10 scripts Sorry, more than this I can't tell you, as I don't know myself. I wonder how other groups figure out the amount of lines for each route... I suppose I'll find out along the way...
  22. Hey Arcadeotic, I just received a message from binaryfail saying he extracted the scripts already, so I hope I'm not too late and you haven't yet started, but well, you're off the hook, I guess. Sorry! I hadn't asked him yet though, so he must have read my request. About the lyrics for the ED of Bishoujo Mangekyou –Norowareshi Densetsu no Shoujo– (美少女万華鏡 ―呪われし伝説の少女―, lit. Pretty Girl Kaleidoscope –The Legendary Cursed Girl–), I couldn't find anything. Nor could I find anything about an Original Soundtrack having been released for the series. It's sad, seeing as the same ED is used for all 4 of the games in the franchise (btw, are you planning to do all four?), it'd be a waste not to translate it. Hmm, guess I've got no choice but to translate by ear. Also, as I haven't found the official lyrics, I'll have to rely on context. *crosses fingers* I'll play the prologue in a few hours and after that, I'll let you know of any possible corrections you might have missed. Thanks a lot! I hope so too! First thing on the list is gathering a team, though, I'll be okay on my own for now, since binaryfail already provided me with the necessary scripts. Thanks a lot! Your support is well appreciated! I'll try to make steady progress as time goes by.
  23. In that case, here you go, enjoy! : https://mega.nz/#F!eoNUjJQA!dkbtbl2EvSu8pzpgx8l0uw. The goodies contain the "Reona After Fandisc", the complete HCG (events only, backgrounds not included), the Original Soundtrack (ripped by ASL) and the scanned manual that came with the game. Alright, just send them my way if you find them. I'll also be on the lookout in the meantime. "Something you came up with on your own"?? Hell, what are you still doing here wasting your time translating some silly games... go out and become a poet already, haha. But seriously, not bad. I rate it 8/10.
  24. Alright, it's finally done, here you go: https://mega.nz/#F!69c2iagS!2vnOQR5noArcrdIIUt4qvQ. If you want me to upload some extra goodies for you, just say the word, okay. To be able to start the game (if you're curious and for collection purposes), you'll need to run this correction patch (the game will otherwise close immediately after startup if you don't - got it from ensemble's official site): https://mega.nz/#!vkdGWJII!W14otzMdHRvTM9jXUzgl0j1nN3xBe7MbY2IJOq9fSSk. On another note, I noticed you're working on a project of your own. Looks like a pretty interesting game, so I'll be playing your prologue patch to check for any typos or grammar mistakes just in case. I'll notify you when I do find some. Also, do you want me to take up the translation for the OP and ED? I rather hold off my translation until you (it's okay if you fail to do so, don't worry) provide me with the scripts than to start already by plainly doing so by playing the game (in order to avoid a mess, just in case). Though, I'd need a lyrics sheet in order to be sure of the accuracy. So, if you have them, I don't mind helping you out with them. It'd make for a nice bonus to those who want to get into that series. P.S.: That quote of yours in your signature, is it related to the novel you're translating? It's really nice.
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