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  1. Why does VNR crash so frequently?

    Most of the issues with VNR are because it is poorly coded, and optimized. I suggest you check if LEC is the problem itself or if there's another config you changed during that time, reverting the change will work about 90% of the time.
  2. Having trouble with Text Hooking

    Like I stated I do have the windows 10 Fix for the regular ITH, but as far as I know ITHVNR and VNR SHOULD still work with Windows 10, right? Heck, I even played Kamitsure to almost completion, and I only got that VN after upgrading to 10. No, my problems persist mainly because they are varied and seemingly Random as fudge... PS: I will add for clarity, Normal ITH with Windows 10 Fix build works Fine... for SOME games, it does its job of hooking to basically anything, but 50% of the time it won't detect any threads, 30% of the time it will detect them and output Wrong/Broken text, and 20% of the time works... well, fine. My main goal here is seeing what the hell is wrong with ITHVNR (Which cannot hook a game I CAN hook and extract proper text with ITH right now) and VNR (Same thing). Also seeing if there is any way to fix the broken text in Making * Lovers... I was kinda hoping to play that but alas...
  3. So, here's the deal and background: I have Windows 10 x64, I had no troubles using VNR or ITH, or even ITHVNR up 'till I'd say about half a year ago. Back then I thought the support for new VNs was completely broken, and that's why I couldn't hook and play them, this has happened before so I just kept playing the old ones I still had and which worked just fine. Then about 3 months or so I stopped being able to hook to those Novels. Entirely, for no reason at all, just... Puff not working anymore. This is not only with VNR (Which I used mainly because of the non-intrusive text display if set on transparent) but also with ITH, and ITHVNR, heck I even tried AGTH. I struggled for months to find a way to actually hook my games again. Now all of a sudden after changing settings to compatibility mode for windows 7 for the Nth time it decided, "Hey, you know what? You can hook these games again kid." I was thrilled! .......Until I tried playing and realized, Oh, wait, the thing hooks to the game, kind of right? but not really? And even if it says its properly hooked, it actually doesn't output text? NONE of THEM in ANY setting. So I was like, Okay, maybe its because I'm lacking H-codes. Fine no problem, I KNOW how to make them, if I can't find them, I'll just spend a week to remake them from scratch, no biggie right? Welp turns out it is a big issue, I redid them, I tried playing the game, it will not for the live of me work. Not only that, I'm starting to get the same "Cannot even hook to the process" problem I started with. I found out there was a fix for windows 10 for the basic ITH, which I have, and now ITH can finally hook shit again. YAY. Now, problem is, I can't get text out of stuff properly, or, even worse, can't get it to recognize it as a VN to begin with. Seriously, Halp. VNs I'm having trouble, in no specific order, are: Kamitsure (Can hook with ITH Win10fix only. No text outpout whatsoever) Slime musume no sodatekata (same as above) Harpy and lamia game from Vanadis (same company as above and same problem) Rance 03 (Yup, not even Rance is safe. Same as above.) Little Busters EX (Like, seriously, not even my favorite VN. Can hook to it with multiple things, cannot output a single line. Yeah, it even recognizes the game engine as Reallive, its stupid.) Dolphin Blade (Works fine! With ITH Win10fix only! UGH) Shigokare (Exact same problem as above!) Making * Lovers (Same as the two above, YAY! Wait, no, that's not right. It won't display the proper text... This may be because I haven't made a personal H-code, but come on!) And others... there are... about 50 VNs in my pc right now, not gonna check each and every single one of them.
  4. All the things I wanted to write put down just in the last post XDDDD It's exactly as said. Have anyne thought of why there are patches for games (Random examples) like GTAIV in which you can go as a character from some anime, this also was on the GTA San Andreas, and a lot of games which have similar fashions?. I consider this Patchs "Addons" to the game. You have the game, you have the addon, you have what you want.
  5. This is good News for the community, because they wanted the whole game TL'd I can be of help to the project, TL or TLC, I'm not that good with kanji, but I can speak and understand japanese to a Relative high level, so, if I have the scripts (so I can copy paste them) I can nearly translate anything you want me to, though H-scenes are not my forte XP But I'm not against TL'ing them
  6. What are you playing?

    Well that's true u.u It's a shame Some Awesome games can't be played just because of the Lang.... In these kind of times I say to myself "It was worth those 7 Years of 3-5 Hours daily of Anime (if not more) for learning how to speak and understand Japanese...."
  7. What are you playing?

    Steve, You must try Tiny Dungeon, even if you have to play it.... Ugh..... Using ATLAS (I think a part of me died saying that....) It's just AWESOME, no, actually is so good I want to TL it XDDD BTW I'm recently playing the last Sono Hanabira Game.... *¬* (All my comments for the game in a simple Smiley, I luv it)
  8. Harry You were Faster Than me, I Had them downloaded at exactly the time you Posted the links XDDDD
  9. Aaeru~~ Change the Description For Vocaloid Games, IT IS Necessary Unicode for them u.u A Friend of mine wanted to play them, download it from web and couldn't play until he changed the Unicode to Japanese. BTW, I couldn't get Aoishiro to run Without Having to install the game TT_TT It seems it needs to be rooted to the windows systwem or something 'cause when I try it unisntalled with all files, it wont run no matter what I do .-.UUU I think I'm doing something bad, but I also couldnt do it.
  10. Ok, I'll Give them a Try Myself, But!!! I must first play those Thouhou, end the second Re-play for the las Tiny Dungeon (I need it 'cause I want to TL it) and also I want to play The Latest Sonohana, it's so awesome I can't even wait XDDD When I end Installing, patching and Testing (Download is complete already) I'll put the torrent, I thought that making the torrent directly was a better Idea than putting it to download and all those things, I have some free Space on PC, so I can share it easily and if you download it from me you can seed it right Away ^^ I'll use the same format as the others Fuwan VN's
  11. Downloading Aoishiro and Castle Fantasia 2 They're not on the List of games for the Site, so if you're already DL'ing them I'll just search for some other ones.
  12. If we make it Easy to Find such as, putting instead of a button a Menu when you put the cursor on the Browse Tab that shows an English option and a Chinese option and THEN you enter the page itself, maybe .-.U? I don't know it just came, XDDD EDIT: Also, Putting a Banner in the Main Page Such as "English and Chinese Browse Pages " or such could help too .-.UU... maybe?
  13. Alsoi The Spanish Community is less than Tiny, It's almost nonexistent, just a bunch of the most classic and most played VN's are on Spanish and the TL is as bad as Going To google and copy paste what it says ¬¬UU My Prime Lang is Spanish, I know about it .-.UU
  14. I'm a Newbie when we talk about IRC, so if you Teach me, I can XD Also, someone said they would be helping me so we can get started with the first game, but i can't be much grateful for more help, to be serious. So if you're willing to help it would be awesome, that games deserves a TL XD
  15. Exactly, Bolverk said something I forgot, The Chines Community for VN's probably cant Speak, Read or Talk English, that's why having the Page in Chinese Would be an AWESOME feature so the community will grow much more, obviously I cant say that You have to make the entire page in Chinese Lang. I had an Idea in the meantime of writing this, Why don't You do this? You Make 2 Versions for the "Browse" and "Otome" Sections in Fuwan, One is the actual English Version, that is the Important one for the web, and also there is a Button in Which you can change it to a "Completely Chinese Browse Page" In other words, a simple button to change the language of only the browse page, which enables you to enter the completly chinese browsing page or otome page, obviously all contents in that page would be on chinese and the games that show up in that one would have their description, comments and all in Chionese (Whitout having to change anything from the Prime web in ENG, just an ADDON to say it in another way)