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  1. Well, pretty much all my pet peeves have already been stated in this thread in one way or another: Highschool Settings Various Harem/Moege tropes where the protaganist is unfairly called or treated as a pervert Melodrama for the sake of melodrama When a character's "character" doesn't grow outside of their archtype Semen fountains (I'm not talking about the amount portrayed as much as the amount of times a MC can pop off in one session) Formulatic H-scenes There are plenty of other stuff but those are the big ones for me. Edit: That reminds me, espe
  2. Da Capo II has both an Imouto and Onee-chan route. (Honestly the 2nd game was much better than the first game, heroine wise, but if you haven't played any in the Da Capo Franchise, it might be worth playing the first game beforehand. Noble ☆ Works' Akari route is basically your typical "Onee-chan" route. It has a pretty interesting spin on it, i guess. I'll second the recommendations for Ayakashibito, I think that its a great VN overall as well as somewhat meeting your criteria.
  3. I started I/O a few days ago, and i must say I'm impressed. I'd say i'm probably just a little over halfway through it though. If there is one thing i have to say about this particular VN is that it's definitely unique in presentation.
  4. The whole stalling on things you don't want to conclude thing is something i get really bad with Anime, and sometimes games. I oddly don't have it nearly as bad with visual novels... But yeah, I have SO many anime half watched and every once in a while i try to make an effort to finish them, even if i have to rewatch a few episodes to get my memory refreshed on where i'm at, but it seems for every 1 show i manage to finish, there are 2-3 that i will stall on. I tend to have a much easier time finishing shows that i force myself to watch weekly, or are generic (although painfully generic stuff
  5. Haha, no worries... I get like that too on occasion, myself. Anyway, welcome to the Forums! (Although I'm pretty new myself)
  6. I wasn't actually aware that Tanaka did I/O, so i guess i'll put that on a higher priority. Remember11 was something i was planning on getting around to eventually. I basically heard that it didn't have much of an ending elsewhere and that might have scared me away from it. I don't mind Open endings as long as they're done in a satisfying way. I'd say my joining was a bit of a whim as well. I've never really been a very social person, so I have a tendancy to lurk and read posts but not contribute unless i feel like i can bring something unique to the discussion (Although, sometimes i'll j
  7. @Flutterz Thank you, and i hope to as well. Glad you approve of my taste, haha. Nice moe ;3. @Eclipsed Well, i wouldn't dare claim that i'm that well informed. I wasn't very active browsing the forum side of things, except maybe checking up on a local project, VNTLS, Walkthroughs or maybe an opinion on a recently released Visual novel or such. Its just odd that during all that time i never really got around to making a forum account, but i've never been one to be exceedingly active on forums. This site has sure changed over the years, though. Its done a 180, thats for sure.
  8. @Forgetful Frank Thank you! Yeah, I'm not a prolific forum poster by any means, but i'll probably be around more often now that i have a forum account. @DarkZedge Thank you for the welcome~. I hope to have a good time here, as well. Don't worry, i'll speak up if i need to know anything ;3. @Fred the Barber Just for you, i added it to my list. Well, its not like i-i'm ashamed of anything i've read or anything! Well, i have it public elsewhere so i might as well post it here too, haha. Feel free to send me recommendations. Anyway... just something else to add
  9. Hello~ I've probably been aware of Fuwanovel since 2013, and for the last year or so, have exclusively used the site for walkthroughs, VNTL information, and perhaps reading a few of the blog posts (ever since vntls.org stopped updating once upon a time). I'm a fairly introverted (INTP-A, for those familiar with that type of thing) 25 year old. Being exposed to Visual Novels has been an interesting journey, i must say. In a gaming lul, i decided to pick up Katawa Shoujo on a whim sometime in late summer 2012, and i was blown away on how much such a thing could actually immerse me (I didn't
  10. @Fred the Barber I didn't mean to imply that VN translations were by any means perfect, and you do make good points. I just feel like, as innaccurate as some VN translations can be, any (decent, non Machine Translated) VN translation is better than injecting memes into the script for the sake of western mainstream appeal. But yeah, i didn't mean to derail the thread with that poorly worded comment. (I should probably point out about that image, i find the top to be overly liberal, where the bottom is too rigid. I don't mind taking liberties with a translation if it reads
  11. @littleshogun First of all, Thank you! To be honest, I've been lurking Fuwanovel for quite some time, but never really thought to make a forum account until now lol. I'm definitely not against VNs being popular, It would be pretty good if VNs got more credit than they do. When i used Localization, I was refering to non-VN Japanese games. VNs (generally) get much better treatment translation wise, and thankfully so considering what the medium is. I was just merely pointing out that as there are alot of great things about VNs, VNs also have a "Darker" side to them. As the medium gets more p
  12. I would both agree and disagree with this particular statement. The thing is, i feel like ratings are more of a measure of a titles "mainstream appeal" which is a good indicator of what is "Universally good", but not quite a good indicator of something that would be specifically "good" or relevant to your specific interests. The issue is VNs being niche as they are, don't always try for mainstream appeal and those cant really compete, ratings wise, with those that do. I do agree that Ratings shouldn't be the sole thing that decides whether or not you pick something up, and one should always lo
  13. Popularity is a double-edged sword, to be honest. Yes, the medium as a whole does have alot of good things to offer but on the other hand, precisely because its niche, It can offer what it currently does. Take a look at Western gaming in general, and alot of the titles that get ported over from Japan. Many of those said titles go through a "localization" process, which at best can be labeled "Liberal", and at worst is outright censorship. Yes, i do want to see VNs more widely accepted, but at the same time, i'd rather it stay niche if it means there is less of a need and a possiblity for PC cu
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