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  1. ya...uh google says that's harmful stuff to my computer so I'll see if I can find some alternative. thanks for the reply tho
  2. I see thanks for your response
  3. After trying to install it and start it up, it gave me these two messages that I have no clue what they say and when I press ok on both of em I just get sent back to the first message again. Is there something I'm supposed to do before this or what's up?
  4. Well re-downloading it or rather extracting it from the winrar filed again seems to have fixed it. Although I havent included the supposed english patch from uh, this forum into my game again. Whether or not it was because of it that killed my game I got no clue at this point, however the game is working fine now so thanks for the replies and help~!
  5. well then in that case I'll see about re-installing again Q_Q
  6. Everything has been set to Japanese locale and the calender. So ya I did do that XP
  7. So ya as the title says I've been getting these two errors 1st one every time she tries to talk and second image is the one near the end of Ochiba's route. Any ideas or answers would be much appreciated thanks. http://imgur.com/CcePMXE http://imgur.com/BtH171D
  8. Gah if that's the case dammit lol It's hard to tell which choice is what when the translation aint there >< and ya I've been looking at that link as guidance, but haven't exactly been able to decipher everything it says even with it machine translated with google. You wouldn't happen to have a better guide would ya to follow?
  9. Well, I'll get to the point I started this and then went through all the choices u pick at the beginning to start one of the heroine's routes, but after selecting all the beginning choices nothing actually came up instead it just ended after the concert scene basically. Am I doing something wrong here, because I'm pretty sure that there's suppose to be a route I should be on automatically either way so how come it just ended without letting me start one?