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  1. Hi there! It took a while, but I’m happy to say that the version 1.2 of the demo is released! Download Link : https://letigame.itch.io/up-until-the-end What is new in this version : Little changes in the story Backgrounds and sprites have been polished Characters’s eyes are now blinking Amanda and Matt have a sprite with a second pose More sounds effects Polished GUI + Background of the main menu One CG I would love to know what you think of the demo! So don’t hesitate to give me feedback or comments
  2. Update 22/01/2018 Hi there! This week I worked on drawing some sprites for Matt and polished the background image for the main menu, maybe I will show that in the next update So I’m still working on the new version of the demo, more slowly that I wished but it’s progressing in the right way. For this update here’s Amanda new sprites that I improved like Erika’s and Matt’s. The progress so far: Story : 100% Sprites : 65% Backgrounds : 37% CG : 0% GUI : 95% Sounds and Music : 55% Programming : 68% Proofreading: 98% And that’s it for this update Thank you for your support!
  3. Update 09/01/2018 Happy New Year everyone! I hope the year 2018 will be good for all of you For ‘Up until the end’, I decided something: I will release a new version of the demo. This polished demo will be more representative of the quality of the full game. It means at least improved sprites and backgrounds, new GUI,more sound effect and little changes in the story. I am working on it, and I hope that it will be done soon Other than that, I worked on programming ( I have the impression that I start all of my update like that x) ) Also, do you remember when I improved Erika’s sprite? Well, I did the same on Matt’s I hope that you will like it ! The progress so far: Story : 100% Sprites : 60% Backgrounds : 34% CG : 0% GUI : 95% Sounds and Music : 55% Programming : 65% Proofreading: 98% And that’s it for this update Thank you for your support!
  4. Update 28/12/2017 Hi guys! Merry Christmas! And sorry for the late update, I didn’t have much time to do it ^^ So these past weeks I worked on programming (again ^^ ) and it’s progressing well. I thought a lot about promoting the demo. I keep thinking that there is not enough people who know the demo, so in the end not enough people will be interest in the full game when this one will be finished. For now, I posted on forum (Lemmasoft, Fuwanovel ), I have my tumblr blog where I post update, itchio where I post update too and a facebook page and twitter account. I think that there is not much more I can do, but as I see that not a lot of people are viewing/downloading the demo, I think that maybe I do something wrong…. So do you have any advices about how to share the demo to the most people possible? How do you think I can enlarge and improve the efficiency of my networking ? I also thought that the thumbnail for the game wasn’t, maybe, appealing enough. So I made a new one, I hope that you will like it! The progress so far: Story : 100% Sprites : 47% Backgrounds : 34% CG : 0% GUI : 95% Sounds and Music : 50% Programming : 55% Proofreading: 98% And that’s it for this update Thank you for your support!
  5. Update 30/11/2017 Hi guys! I totally forgot to make the update post last week, so it will be two update in one post x) First I thought that I would like to refine a little the GUI of the game, so I did! I added some color and I think that this is a little more linked to the theme of the gam now. So here's several screenshots of the new GUI and old GUI, I hope that you will like it! New main menu: Old main menu: New In Game GUI : Old In Game GUI : New Save/Load Menu : Old Save/Load Menu : New Preferences Menu : Old Preferences Menu : Next, I programmed a lot. And some sprites, background lines and sound have been done, but it’s been essentially programming ^^ Story : 100% Sprites : 47% Backgrounds : 33% CG : 0% GUI : 95% Sounds and Music : 45% Programming : 45% Proofreading: 98% And that’s it for this update Thank you for your support!
  6. Thank you very much Plk_Lesiak ! I'm happy that you think of following my project I look forward for your opinions/comments on my updates.
  7. Hi guys! How have you been doing? For me, these past weeks have been busy! But I found the time to work on “Up until the end” Even if right now I’m not feeling very well as I am sick hopefully it will heal fast ^^ So for the work that has been done: I wanted to improve the sprites of the characters, so I worked on Erika’s. Here’s the comparison between the old version and the new one. I hope that you like the new version ^^ In addition of the work on Erika’s sprites, I programmed a little more but not as much as I expected, I hope to do more in the next weeks! The progress so far: Story : 100% Sprites : 45% Backgrounds : 30% CG : 0% GUI : 80% Sounds and Music : 40% Programming : 27% Proofreading: 98% And that’s it for this update Thank you for your support!
  8. Update 20/10/2017 Hi guys! It’s been a long time (again) but a lot of work has been done and this is a big update First, I decided to update the presentation cards of the characters. So now you can know more relevant information about them.Then I’m happy to say that the story of the game is complete!I took the time to write the story, let it rest for a time then read it again to made some change where it was needed. The word count of the full story is about 105 000 words.And now I can tell you that there is a lot of endings.Goods, bad, neutral and maybe true…? Maybe I’ll post an image of the branchings in a next update And last, but not least : The entirety of the story script is proofread!I had the chance to have a person who played the demo to offer me to proofread the game when it would be finished and when I contacted her, she immediately started. I’m really happy and grateful to her for helping me so fast.The progress so far: Story : 100%Sprites : 40%Backgrounds : 30%CG : 0%GUI : 80%Sounds and Music : 40%Programming : 25%Proofreading: 98%And that’s it for this update Thank you for your support!
  9. Thank you for playing the demo Deep blue! I hope you'll play the full game when it will be released and that you will give me your opinion Soo you're gonna be happy, you're not forced to have a romance route with Matt, you have the choice I followed your advice and created a vndb for my novel, thank you! Thank you again for your support.
  10. Hi there ! It's been a long time since my last update, I am so sorry ( for the few that are following my posts ) I still have difficulties to find time for my Visual Novel because of my job. But it keeps going, slowly but steady ! So for this update I will show you some new backrounds The story is progressing well :DThe word count is now 47 000 +Thank you to all the kind people who took the time to answer the little survey about my demo :DI decided that this game will be " Pay what you want " so completely free unless you want to donate something :)By the way, I want to add a this little question for the next people who will play the demo :) ( or for the ones that played it and want to answer it ^^ )So : The protagonist doesn't have a sprite. Did it bothered you? Did it help you to relate to her or would you prefer her to have one? Aaaand this is it ! Thank you for your support and see you for the next update.
  11. Hi there! I am happy to say that the new version of the demo is now released!This version is proofread and there is a few changes in the script and choices.I hope you'll enjoy! Here's the download link: https://letigame.itch.io/up-until-the-end As always, don't hesitate to give me your comments and feedbacks Thank you for you support!
  12. Hey there ! There was no update for a long time , there was a lot of things going on ^^ * Talking about personnal life * So I found a job in the video game industry as a Animator artist ( 3D ) for a 6 month period. So to be able to work in the compagny that hired me I had to move to Paris ! So I searched for a flat and all that, it was like...total mess xDBut now it’s been about 2 month that I am in Paris, and I miss working on my VN so I’ll find time to do that ( I have a hard time finding a good pace ^^ * Finished talking about my life * Regarding the demo, I had some feedbacks, and it make me so happy and motivated to continue this game I am also happy to say that I found a proofreader to help me for the demo, so there will be a new version of the demo released at some point I mostly programmed the parts that I already wrote, and it's finally done ! Now I can write new part of the story ^^ I don't have any clear idea of how long will be the story yet, so unfortunately I can't tell how much writing I still have to do ^^ But it goes on smoothly :) Soooo here’s the update ! Somes backrounds ! A new expresson for Erika ( I found her so cute like this ^^ ) And a new outfit and a few expressions for Matt ! ( He doesn't have dirt on him anymore but he still has a little cut on his cheek ^^ ) I think I like this outfit more than the first one, what do you think ? So again, thank you to the peoples who supported me by downloading the game/ giving me a feedback ! See you on the next update
  13. Update ! I am happy to say that the demo has been released! See the original post or click here to download! Please give me some feedback ! -Did you enjoy it overall? What did you like the most in the demo ? -Who is your favorite character and why? -Who is your least favorite character and why? -What do you think of the protagonist ? Can you relate to her ? -What is your opinion of the artwork? -What do you think of the story so far? -Was it something that bothered you about the game? -Did you find any typos or spelling mistakes? -What would you say needs the most improvement? -Do you think you'll play the finished game once it's released? -What would you be willing to pay for the full game ? ( I don't know yet if it will be pay what you want or commercial. ) -Any other comments? Thanks
  14. Thank you so much Forgetful Frank, that makes me really happy! I look forward to hearing your opinion on the demo
  15. Thanks Deep Blue ! I'm curently polishing the demo, it will be available in approximately one week ^^ I hope that you'll give me your feedback, critics or advices on it !