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  1. I can definitely agree with that part, Momiji looked way too moe for her age. Even worse is the fact that the second short story shows her looking exactly the same, even though she should be in her late 30s iirc.
  2. Hopefully it means MG will bring over rest of the franchise.
  3. Daigo is a irresponsible manchild ruining everyone's lives. It is known.
  4. It is heavily implied in the flashbacks that Youichi slept with Aoi in the period between her regaining her memories and boarding the spaceplane. Also, men can be infected. Daigo was infected by Momiji and this resulted in his amnesia. So was the pilot dude from short stories, that is why Aoi asked him whether he slept with Momiji or not.
  5. Have you read side stories? Because they explain quite a lot.
  6. This whole situation is a fiasco of gigantic proportions. Aroduc is an experienced, fast and reliable translator with multiple gameplay VNs released officially, not to mention whatever technical work has already been done by his team - definitely the correct person to do the job. His post insinuates that SP was aware of ongoing translation beforehand and specifically calls the offer they got "grossly inadequate". Given the fact that he worked with JAST on multiple occasions I suppose he's well aware what's the payment rate in the VN industry and I highly doubt there exist some large discrepancies between different companies. I think that SP hoped for quick buyout knowing that after official announcement he'll have to drop the project but didn't expect him not to accept said "grossly inadequate" recompensation they offered. Rest is history. One way of another SP has a 4+MB long behemoth on its plate. I wonder if we'll see a return of Clannad situation - throwing all available people at it and letting other projects grind to a halt. I expect delays, lots of them.
  7. This. I haven't read It but it seems very generic. Cute girls, animal ears, fluff and stuff. Robots are the only thing that looks intriguing but I guess they don't play any significant role. Basically qt girlz doing qt things with s-f backdrop. You know what doesn't sound generic? A story of WW2 soldier lost in fantasy world and trying to go back home. There are no VNs like that and it would definitely stand out and get attention. If only Frontwing had a title like that...
  8. Awww fuck I misread that part as 1280x960 :/ That's not good at all.
  9. Yeah CGs have less blood in general. I also recall some changes in CG with Kasumi standing in the rain and the one with Spinne. As for porn, well, if someone's not getting off from Mercurius' suave voice there is something fundamentally wrong with him. The biggest news for me are port to the newest version of engine and resolution bump to 720p. Dies definitely shows its age with pretty rough UI so hopefully there'll be be some improvements in that regard as well.
  10. One of short stories added in AA does feature Hitler. Everyone knows that Conjueror commited grave sin of removing honorifics. Have you forgot about Miley Cirus scandal? You're better off with Goggle Translate.
  11. That's the most ridiculous thing I've heard in a long time. The very first scene has all heroines playing with MC's dick, girls go on dates to sexshop, drama is resolved by having sex and let's not forget boatload of innuendos and sex jokes. I did some counting on sadpanda and at best there'll be 30 CGs left for 5 routes & 3 miniroutes (not counting SD ones), even less if they don't cover the boobs. For miniroutes that leaves one CG left for each. Also MC fucks loli dragon. I'm simply baffled. Now I want MG to give me Kyonyuu Fantasy on Steam, that would make some nice profile background.
  12. Skipped through the whole thing I can say that there are no new CGs/scenes from all-ages edition, it's just censored original release.
  13. After saving & loading text displays two lines lower that it should so longer lines get cut off. OP movie is either recorded at 15 fps or horribly compressed. Controller support is weird, on x360 gampad A hides textbox, LT for left click and RT for right click.
  14. That would be nice because this engine is really bad. If there's no porn does it have replacement scenes and CGs from Vita version?
  15. https://steamdb.info/app/412830/subs/ Actually, Steins;Gate is coming to Steam.
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