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  1. Fureraba Walkthrough

    GDI, never know about this. Already reached H-scenes with Yuzuyu and Rina. I'm going on Himari's atm.
  2. Fureraba Walkthrough

    Any tips on choosing question's type based on each girls? I find that Rina is the easiest one since I feel that she's your typical friendly classmate and girl friend. But how about Himari? More so, especially Hiiragi? She's so quick-tempered, it's hard to predict suited question on her.
  3. Hatsukoi 1/1 Walkthrough?

    Hello guys, since Tsurezure already released full route for Hatsukoi 1/1, can someone make complete translated walkthrough with all girl's routes? Since it's kind of hard when using seiya-saiga with translated VN. Thank you very much!