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  1. hi, can you give me the link for the 100% cg save. i dont mind the chracters just the cg so i can watch it and get some ideas how to get all charcters. also i think im at the final battle part where the calculator cube was unlocked. i still havent found the chizuro yamada event so its one of the reason why i want the 100% cg save. tnx
  2. does anyone know how to recruit and fuck magic? im at the part where the calculator cube got unlocked..... also does anyone have the 100% save game file??? tnx
  3. can anyone give me an link for the prologue patch? since their website afterall. also for the trans team, have you guys tried making a temp or free website using wordpress?? i believe there no restriction on that blog site creator. really want to read this VN so much right now.... tnx and good luck with the translating team.... oh and b4 i forget, if you want, i can make an blog for your team, though youll need to register at wordpress and then send me your username and ill add you to the blog as an admin and you can then post anything.
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