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  1. Crescendo has an incredible sense of style, I can't think of any other work off the top of my head that evokes spontaneous feelings of nostalgia so effortlessly. Art kinda sucked though.
  2. I actually just finished Da Capo (the first), and after looking at the myriad sequels, alternative versions, rereleases, side stories, etc. I was thinking about diving in and playing through a bunch of them. I kind of enjoyed DC's mixture of vanilla blandness punctuated by insane supernatural contrivances, and it seems that isn't unique to the first game. Anyone have opinions on the Da Capo series as a whole and whether they're worth playing in sequence?
  3. I would have to agree, the Sakura games are pretty cancerous. Especially given how the Western market is becoming more and more saturated with officially released VNs... it's just a deluge. But hey, in the end they're not hurting anyone; just making money off of peoples' bad taste.
  4. Ah, well there you go. Temporarily forgot about that lovely staff update.
  5. Perfectly logical assessment, but it rests on the assumption of trust in the developer/publisher. Look at their word choice: "Deluxe" denotes the full game, while "Regular" is the cheaper version. If what you're saying is true and the intent is to offer a cheap alternative to a full price VN, wouldn't it make more sense for the full game to be "Regular," and the alternative be called "VN on a budget," or something along those lines? I admit I'm not very familiar with VN pricing, but have CG galleries and voiceovers really been considered "deluxe" in the past? I won't accuse Frontwing of anythi
  6. The only reason I would recommend reading through Michiru's arc last is because (very mild spoiler, if you want to go in completely blind do not read) which sets it far apart from the rest of the game. I remember reading somewhere (moogy's blog, I think?) that it was written by one lone guy who didn't work on anything else, so it kind of makes sense. I really like Michiru's character and the arc itself isn't outright bad, but I can certainly see that there's cause for complaint. On a different note, I started playing Da Capo. Struck me as a very vanilla game, which interested me si
  7. Almost perfect; good enough to be easily understandable, at the very least.
  8. Hm... for me, the word "favorite" is usually reserved for something that I enjoy nearly 100% of, with little to no complaints. I can't say any VN I've played so far has resonated with me to quite that degree. But as for "VNs I've enjoyed the most," I would answer with two Akabeisoft2 titles, G-senjou no Maou and Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo. They're pretty solid. And of course, Katawa Shoujo will always be special for introducing me to all of this. And again, thank you for the warm welcome.
  9. Right now I'm finishing up Quartett! So far it's a delightful read, if a little disappointingly shallow.
  10. Dingdingding! The release date was meant to be a bit of a giveaway. I hypothesized that a disproportionate number of "Introduce Yourself" posts contain some mention of Katawa Shoujo, so I figured I might as well be a little coy about it. In any case, thank you all for the wishes, welcomes and compliments.
  11. Salutations; thought I might as well use this forum for its intended purpose and drop a line. Been playing visual novels on and off since 2012 (bet you can't guess which one I played first). I'm very interested in fiction, and VNs were a kind of storytelling media that was brand new to me (still is, really). That developed into a small hobby, but until now I've never entered into the visual novel community, as it were. So, in frequenting these forums I hope to discuss them, rather than just playing, and thus gain a greater understanding of the medium. And possibly shitpost from time to ti
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