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  1. Vicon Dictionary Download Link in VNR Dead

    You can download Vicon Jap-En here : (http://www.lingoes.cn/download/dict/ld2/Vicon Japanese-English Dictionary.ld2) But i don't know what folder it supposed to be installed i also need the folder name on Dictionaries folder "Vicon" doesn't work.
  2. Vicon Dictionary Download Link in VNR Dead

    I also need this one, i'll post Vicon download link below.
  3. Is Visual Novel Reader Dead?

    It can't synchronized with text thread for new added VN for me thought. Oh well, back to manual reading. I just checked that too. it's up. But it seem i still can't searching game setting online. Well maybe it's just this particular VN. It's 聖騎士 Melty☆Lovers. the game database can be updated thought so it must be working now.
  4. Shinsou Noise ~Jushin Tantei no Jikenbo~

    Just finish this VN and i actually have the same opinion with you. I don't know why but i keep comparing this VN with G-Senjou no Maou. Probably because it has the same game mechanic. If i give G-Senjou score 10/10, then Shinsou Noise would be 7/10. Not bad but not great. G-Senjou has a good actual side story route, Shinsou Noise doesn't, it feel just this VN said to me "You pick other route?? This not the 'truth' go back to main route!" each time i pick side route. G-Senjou has the true end that make you feel satisfied for all you've been through, Shinsou Noise true end feel like it said to you like this "You got all the truth okay happy now? All happy end everyone roll the credit and let's get out of here". Last one, you know that cheesy moment in G-Senjou? In Shinsou Noise there are that too. But so much of it that i feel it's too overloaded by cheesy moment. Comparing aside Shinsou Noise is above average VN for me. Good mystery VN with some nice plot twist here and there. Not really hard to predict sometimes but it has some moment where you can't predict the story when you just read it and barely have any information on the main mystery. Azurite collaboration studio first VN isn't it? I am really looking forward for the next one it was a good start for them.