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  1. Mahou Shoujo Translation Project

    You'll also want a TLC to double check your TL, especially since you're bound to run into errors when working on a 30-50 hour long VN. But yeah, you just need to consult with your editor until each 50,000+ sentences are right on. Here's an example of translation versus edit: Translation Text: Her father died, which only made her feel absolutely devastated inside. Fate was not kind that day indeed. And so, she stayed in her father's tree house that he made, and kept on crying without end. Its name was... Avalon. Edited Text: She was torn apart by the passing of her father, damned by fate, consumed by emptiness, her eyes bloodshot, her heart broken, never wanting to leave the tree house he built just for her -- Avalon.
  2. Mahou Shoujo Translation Project

    TL, Editor: @Chronopolis This looks alarming. No matter how good of a TL you are, it'll be tough to spot your own mistakes from your own point of view. You should probably get another person for an editor, as they'll have a fresh set of eyes to judge your work with. Good luck.
  3. I'd like to join as a TLC. I made a post in the Project Recruitment.
  4. Tsui Yuri ~ translation project - TLC needed!

    If you don't get anyone at around N1 level, then I wouldn't mind helping out as a TLC. I'm probably around your level as I'm also translating a short yuri VN myself (on and off) as a way to study Japanese. I'm in no hurry to finish, but I do translate a small chunk of lines each day to keep making progress. I can get through VNs fairly okay with the help of visual novel reader. I'm definitely not N1 myself, as I'm still learning the language, but I think I'm around N2. I've reached the first ecchi scene in Tsui Yuri understanding at least 90% of the content, and I even translated the description for the game synopsis and character bios from the main website and added it to VNDB. So, if you still have room, I'd definitely like to help you out in TLC.
  5. I'm still reading this one, but I definitely like the calmness in Ichika's voice and personality. I'll be sure to keep up with your translation progress. Good luck.