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  1. You can on the google translate android app. you the can also write the characters and take a photo of the things you want to translate, when monster girl quest paradox first came out I played through the first half of the game using nothing but my phone, that is until I figured out how to use visual novel reader and used it to finish the rest lol.
  2. That was the first thing i tried, it can't find the text, i guess the font is just to weird? also google translate isn't exactly known for its accuracy when it comes to translating Japanese, so I decided I'd rather ask a person.
  3. I was putting together a soundtrack for Neko Kawaigari!, I've already extracted, edited and mastered the 19 files, but i can't title the tracks because I have no way to translate the tracklist image, could someone translate this for me?
  4. I would be glad to help out with the proofreading if this got translated, I've really wanted to see this get an english translation for almost a year now.
  5. I was just wandering if anyone had ran into this problem with Majikoi S for windows 10, i got it to play up until the main menu, however there is no sound at all, and when I hit start I get the NeXAS error, but the tutorial works. and sometimes when I start まじこいS.exe Ill get a (SystemSE_Menu) error. I know it's a long shot but can anyone help.
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