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  1. How did you install japanese locale, cuz if you see how I did it, its one of the only ways to do it and its not working. I've looked everywhere on how to do it and it all shows the same thing but for me it doesnt work. When I do locale-gen ja_JP.UTF-8 it generates but nothing else works. I can play other games like Sengoku Rance, but for some reason I cant play this game, and watching walkthroughs of the game, makes me wants to play it seems the way the game is made is interesting.
  2. I have been trying to play this game, but all it does is crash when I click on "New Game" It shows a menu full of random characters and boxes http://prnt.sc/aj4h6h Everytime I try to change my locale it shows this i've been trying to do everything to add "ja_JP.UTF-8"and "ja_JP.UTF-8 UTF-8" <- Which was recommend from the SUPPORTED file. http://prnt.sc/aj4b69 Can someone please help me, I have been looking everywhere in Google on how to this and still does not work. I really want to play this game, and I know its possible to be played in linux, its just maybe my stuff
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