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  1. Yeah thats the problem I have right now, I cant find the location for the save thing.
  2. There is no savefolder for the game. I have tried looking for it in the folder that the game is in, but sadly I have no "Program FIles" which means that I can only find that in Windows. If there is a way to use a savedata for linux that can probably be the solution.
  3. Would I have to finish the game to do that thing? Where I pick santoeril?
  4. Anyone know ways of hacking the game? Since it is in linux you cant really use Cheat Engine or SpoilerAL. So does anyone here know a way to hack the game's currency? Would appreciate it if someone would share a method. Thanks.
  5. Where's the link to getting Ubuntu that most people use so I can download it and run it in my VM.
  6. Wait you have XP too? I have a problem with mine, when I try install "east asian languages" its asking me for a cd, so in my XP i cant really play Kamidori either, games like sengoku rance and stuff I can still play, do you know how to install east asian languages without a CD?
  7. I already have it downloaded, how did you exactly install your xubuntu since I might need to change mine, or do you know how I can change to Ubuntu instead since there are more tutorials for Ubuntu.
  8. How do I get a virtual machine? maybe that can work for me.
  9. How did you get your xubuntu, weren't you originally not on xubuntu?
  10. So how do I do it, sorry my uncle was the one that put linux in my computer in the first place.
  11. Yes I have tried How did you download your xubuntu? I might need to download a new one since Ive had this for like 3 years.
  12. I still have the same problem for some reason. http://prnt.sc/ajm0gn
  13. I guess I might not have hope at all .. "http://prnt.sc/ajll8h"
  14. This is what I got before I did command exit "http://prnt.sc/ajlaq2" I can already see somethings are not going well.
  15. I have done that but the game keeps crashing, maybe what I need to do is install a japanese locale, but it does say generation complete, but when I do the command locale -a there is no ja_JP.UTF-8, so I was wondering how to install it with my linux(Xubuntu)
  16. This is the message I have received "http://prnt.sc/aj8815"
  17. I ran wineboot in root and nothing happened so I continued with the command to open the game and this is what I got "http://prnt.sc/aj80ua"
  18. I have ran the game through terminal, it loaded up, but once I clicked on "New Game" it crashed. And showed me this message "http://prnt.sc/aj7h7w" When I downloaded the font I placed it in my "Home" folder in my desktop and ran the command cp ~/msgothic.ttc ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/Fonts This happened. "http://prnt.sc/aj7l29" Nothing really happened. I did everything you told me, but didn't seem to work, the only thing I succeeded at doing was opening the game through terminal, and btw thanks for that, but now I wonder if there is a way I can open the game without it crashing
  19. Can I didn't install the game through this computer, I was at my friend's house and got the folder and placed it into my usb and placed it in my desktop. Can you help me on how to place it in the right spot and have the right locale, and also have the right fonts. ?
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