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  1. Please tell me this isn't dead.... Both links you gave us are down, including the URL with strikethrough.... I guess this really is dead....again.....I'm wondering if this VN is cursed.
  2. Anyone knows of this 'fb group' that supposedly started the TL? Any links to it?
  3. Sorry guys, but how do you get Akira's lvl 2 h-scene? Been trying but I just can't seem to get there. Finished the 1st run on Haruka's ending, and I'm on the 2nd replay now. I've tried to google it but it only says that we need to finish the game at least once, and then you can only access the h-scene if you're not on the harem route. But I went on to Subaru's route but I didn't get Akira's Lvl 2 h-scene. Some help please?
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