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  1. Well yeah, it must be mangagamers server's that set a download speed limit, or the network (the routing between you and mg's servers could be slow/limited). I have FTTH at home with 1Gbps/s and downloading at max speed is... unusual lol.
  2. Your best bet is to bring your ps3 to a store that can make the downgrade for you. It's not worth it to buy the e3 flasher for one console (or at least, it wasn't when i wanted to downgrade mine, didn't do it in the end). Oh and also, DO NOT try to downgrade to 3.55 without e3 or other flasher, it will brick your ps3.
  3. Well yeah, i can relate to that ˆˆ. I have two or three page in my vndb wishlist and work prevent me from taking care of that . The thing is that Summers pocket will go first on my "to play" list at it's release day. Since i loved hatsusaku (koi x shin ai kanojo a lot less lol, i didn't even finish a route, i even have a friend that have been pretty upset about sena's route ), i want to see what could Yuu comes up with key's directives.
  4. I'd say Clannad is a good game when you start VNs, and it's by key so it is obviously overrated. Actually, this was my first VN, and i enjoyed it back then, it wasn't bad, just a little boring here and there. Comedy with sunohara was nice, as well as Kotomi, fuuko and Kyou. /!\ RANT MODE ON /!\ I never understood why so much people liked tomoyo back then, and i don't even remember the name of the girl with the "delinquant" thing. And why did they pick nagisa as a main heroine , THAT was a shame imo. /!\ RANT MODE OFF /!\ In the end, it's not a bad game, but i prefer little busters over it, while LB had problems (heroine routes were trash), the common route / mood of the game was great. As for the next key game, Summers pocket might be good, Nijima yuu is the writer.
  5. Sadly no. It's a shame Disgaea 5 isn't on pc. I love the franchise, but getting a console for one or two games is out of the question..
  6. Wait for pc release. I didn't even know there was a running ps3 emulator avaible. Anyways, i don't think ps3 emulators are working for actual gaming, i guess they can just "launch" the game right now...
  7. It was an easy one ˆˆ. It might not be the kind of anime you expect ahah.
  8. Well, to each his own i guess. I actually liked grisaia, it may not be the best thing out there but it was fun to read. Best part of the first game was the common route indeed. If you find it boring, just drop it, it won't be worth your time. The second game was pretty interresting, most likely my favorite "serious" part of the trilogy. The third game was a dissapointment though.. They wasted too much time preparing for the final (which was "cool" but bullsh.t story wise if you ask me ). PS : Michiru made the game anyways, even if her route was meh
  9. I dont know about neptunia, but the other two are good (if you can stand valkyria translation, which is absolutly terrible ) As said before, you can play tales of berseria, it's a really good tales of imo. If your PC can handle it, get a ps2 emulator and play tales of the abyss (my favorite, you can even find undub version, it's most likely piracy even if you own the game though..), and xeno saga series. Disgaea series is a must too (for SRPG), unfortunatly, only the first two are avaible on PC, others are console exclusive... Nier automata should be good too, it's on my backlog ˆˆ. As for vn jrpg, baldr series is great (baldr sky is being translated).
  10. Yes the translator is australian, there was even the dolphins thing lol. It was for Mare h-scenes, it seems australian government is pretty strict for many things (mostly loli h-scene in this case ) and the guy didn't want problems. I didn't even noticed the australian influence in his writing (Obviously because i'm not english / american native ˆˆ).
  11. This is the reason why i dropped comyu after benio's route. I did force myself reading up to that point and couldn't stand the MC anymore (red color, so sad ect... lol). I might add that the novel was written by the author of ruitomo / hello lady (if i'm not mistaken ˆˆ)̂. The guy have an interresting writing style but i'm not sure if it translate well in english. Maybe, i would not have dropped it if i knew japanese at the time, but i sure didn't like the english version. It's too bad since Kagome and the "bad guy" (don't remember his name, the one that say the MC is a clown lol, he should have been the MC ) were pretty interresting character. Anyways, i don't recommend it. But you could still try to see if it's up your alley.
  12. Sure, it won't hurt ˆˆ. I just meant that kanjis are important, but it would be missing the point to burn out and giving up on learning. Must be interresting taking a japanese studying course
  13. To each his own i guess. I feel more confortable on a laptop, but that's just the way i see it. Oh and by the way, i play VNs on a TV plugged on my computer, and sometimes on a laptop.
  14. Nice post. I agree with most of what you said. I wouldn't recommend the 10 kanji a day though. I actually did that (i finished N2 at the time), took me 1 year and a half i think. Now i don't remember most of them . The thing is that when you get to 1000+ kanji, it become tiring to add more and review those you already know. None the less, it helps a lot to know the most common kanjis. As said above, the most important is to know katakana, hiragana and grammar (Tae Kim's guide is a great ressource). Then learn some kanji and read with a parser. Reading will be hard at first but you'll improve very fast and pick up vocabulary. If you can speak or write (make your own sentence is the main point ˆˆ), that's even better.
  15. Laptop definitly. 1. At the same price laptop have better hardware. 2. A laptop will be more confortable for almost everything IMO (assuming we're talking about a windows tablet).