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  1. When i played the game it was the same for me. There must be a way to merge the threads with a specific h-code but thoses cases are pretty rare so i never got to much into h-code creations.
  2. On the back of my head : Muramasa : In general for it's dark tone and interresting characters, the last "twist" just before the epilogue really hit me at the time, it does'nt change what had to be done but that's just the moment you understand even more why the protagonist act the way he does from the beginning of the game and it was really sad, i'd even say cruel. MAJOR SPOILER below, Do not read if you didn't play the game, you've been warned. Muv-Luv : Very light sploiler, just in case ^^. There are others, but i'm lazy to write it all (would take me too much time organising my thought ^^).
  3. Disgaea 5 finally on PC

    Hi guys, I'm just dropping here to tell those who don't know yet that Disgaea 5 is planned for May, 7 on Steam. I'm actually quite happy about this since i don't plan to own a PS4 but i've been a fan of the franchise and played all games in the series since Disagaea 3 release. Anyways, one less console "exclusivity" is always a good news, if they could do the same for persona 5 (which they probably won't ^^).
  4. Thoughts on the current Yuzusoft

    I don't really know, you can check on getchu too. For february : http://www.getchu.com/pc/salesranking201802.html For march : http://www.getchu.com/pc/salesranking201803.html I actually think that rance is still first so far. But Riddle Joker must be the 2nd best seller. Edit : Also, pretty unrelated to the thread, but i heard good things from the last ASA Project.
  5. Thoughts on the current Yuzusoft

    Yuzusoft games tend to bore me, i always have the impression that i'm reading filler after filler... I dropped dracu-riot and Sanoba witch for those reasons and i don't plan to play any game from them anymore. Sure production is high quality, but those games are way too long and pretty bland for what they are IMO. And yes, they seems to sell very well, they are at the top of getchu yearly ranking. I don't see them decline anytime soon.
  6. What antivirus software do you prefer to use?

    Eset only. It's really light ressources wise. Really a great choice. Kaspersky could be good too, only if it wouldn't slow down badly low range computers (with HDD it's just awful). If needed malewarebyte and adw cleaner which i use mostly for work (My pc almost never get anythings nasty so...).
  7. An explanation of the "Golden Age of VNs"

    Yeah, that must be it Sorry for the double post, but i am on the phone and i can't quote two people in the same post (copy paste do no work for quote on phone)
  8. An explanation of the "Golden Age of VNs"

    Yeah, i know, i was just exposing my opinion ˆˆ. As for the new baldr, that's great news, i though we would have to wait 3 years to get a game from the baldrhead Team again. I just checked the vndb, they seems to have bring the old art back, which is awesome btw.
  9. An explanation of the "Golden Age of VNs"

    There are still good games being produced, like hello lady and such. Since 2016 i have a hard time finding good vns, but i believe it will get better again ˆˆ. I tend to like older charage and it just feel like something is missing from the newer ones. I'd love something like swan song / evolimit or izuna zanshinken. Some more baldr series wouldn't hurt too but we had baldr heart recently so...
  10. Any Comedic VN Recommendations?

    A little late, but you could try Tsujidou-san no junai road. I myself am playing it right now (for about 10 hours), it's light and funny so far.
  11. Help to clean up my plan to read list

    Lol, nah no tentacles rape in this game. Maybe he meant the fact that there are h-scenes thoughouht all the game even if not in the heroine said route. As for my opinion on this one, i have mixed feelings... While the true path was really good, i was half bored during the rest of the game. The game have nice graphics and nice heroines, but story arcs weren't all that interresting before hotaru's one. I won't comment on the end, i'll just say it was nice. If you are already at 50%, you could as well finish it ˆˆ.
  12. Help to clean up my plan to read list

    From what you listed : Games to play : Baldr sky dive 1 & 2 (great game really) The third akagoei (unfinished feel after the read, but good nonetheless) Shinigami no Testament (3eyes, i love their games, it's kinda a "light chuunige") Sakura no uta (well, scaji) Evolimit (best game from propeller imo) Sorcery jokers (3rd eyes again) As for the rest, there are some good games, for example, silverio vendetta dans kami no ue no mahoutsukai (i didn't play both, but they are supposed to be good ˆˆ). Just drop comyu though, i hate this game with passion (while curiously love others games by the same writer). You can drop dracu-riot too, story wise it's nothing stellar, yoake too. Having played amatsutsumi, i could say that you can drop mirai nostalgia too (same company, but i haven't played it, so i don't really know). Still, this list have very few bad games, so... backlog i guess ?
  13. Any VN recommendations that will run on my specs

    Mostly agreed, i was actually thinking of the same game He could have trouble with baldr zero though, most likely the game's fault anyways (i had framerate slowdown on this game, and i have a GTX 1080 / i7 6800K so...). But as long as there is no heavy 3D rendering, it should run great. Your gpu is still better than intel on board ones.
  14. Need help picking what to read next

    I'd say floral flowlove. Why ? Because i've yet to finish a yuzusoft title at 100% (become too boring past a certain point lol), and while tayutama could be good, lump of sugar makes pretty bad games by my standards.
  15. Visual Novels on a tablet

    A windows tablet should works pretty well, with somes exeptions as long as you take some good hardware (as said in a previous post, a surface pro should do well). For example, you might have a hard time running tokyo necro 3D rendering, being more GPU intensive than other vns. Oh and forget about remote desktop, it was not made for such uses, even if you had sound, it wouldn't sync well with the display... Even the anydesk app that claim to be the best quality remote desktop doesn't work all that well with vns.