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  1. I did read Muv Luv alternative twice, but it was because there was simply not many releases in english at the time (a lot less than now anyways). But now i don't really see myself playing twice a vn since i'd rather pick something from my evergrowing backlog. I could make an exception some day for games like G-senjou no maou, baldr sky and the likes but even that will probably not happen.
  2. I just hate those game where heroines have gigantic boobs. There are somes company that do this and it always get on my nerves and i actually didn't play/dropped games for this lol, for example Akeiro kaikitan, seriously this game is all or nothing but i just couldn't deal with https://vndb.org/c40539 or https://vndb.org/c40541 despite the game being interesting. Well, at least for wagahigh while it isn't to my liking, it isn't that ugly so they may be forgiven xD. But i will probably never play it.
  3. Yeah, mojika wasn't good and didn't felt like a nitroplus game to be honest. I for one, got to the end of the game so i can say that you didn't miss anything good lol. True route is better than the rest (not hard duh) but it's absolutly not worth going though all this shit before. Every single route apart from the true route was 100% nukige and true route was meh. Visuals and h-scenes were obviously high quality though, and the general atmosphere wasn't bad. I hear a lot that this game is like clock up games... Well, happy to know that, because if it's the case i will not torture me playing a clock up game (I wanted to try one, one day). I mean i don't have anything against dark games that contain fucked up sex but you know... I wanted a solid story too. The game also make you unconfortable a few times, i mean, kirara scene before her ending was just too much IMO. Oh well, some people enjoy guro so why not this ? Just don't expect anything but a nukige with "some" plot and certainly not nitroplus material.
  4. I was mostly refering to japanese difficulty, since hoshimemo / irotoridori are fantasy charage which are most likely easier to read than the ones i recommended (they are chuunige so... less beginner friendly). I only played hoshimemo from favorite, so i can't tell you with certainty that Shinku is better than Mare (she's most likely better though, another person here should be able to confirm this) but from what i read about irotoridori it's better than hoshimemo overall. Shinku is the main heroine and even have a sequel (fandisk ?) about her ^^. Did you know what your thread reminded me though ? Dolphins, yes... Dolphins (i mean, i don't know about now, but did you know there were dolphins in mare's route ? xD). Yeah right, didn't think about that lol.
  5. I should probably read Morgana as well one day ^^. If you want to try an easy one, from what is listed in this topic i think you should go for Favorite's games first. I didn't read them but i feel they might be easier to read than others and this is the company that made hoshimemo so... As someone said earlier in the thread, games with Shinku : https://vndb.org/c1793
  6. Oh and there is this one too : https://vndb.org/c531 This isn't translated... YET ! Yeah, transtaltion is at about a third of the game i think. Her route was my favorite of the game ^^. Here's another great one, Lidia from Evolimit (non translated sadly) => https://vndb.org/c1047 As for translated, you can try Kazoku Keikaku for Matsuri => https://vndb.org/c3479 (don't play the remake, play the old game).
  7. Yeah learn japanese, that's the best way to enjoy eroges ^^. Honestly, it's not as hard as people tend to make it out to be and it is very rewarding. It takes some dedication, but i even think you could be able to read easy vn already (with ithvnr and translation agregator + mecab) And by doing that you will be able to enjoy one of the best loli : https://vndb.org/c4735 (yes, a loli yandere that manage to be cute nonetheless ^^)
  8. Well, that's sad... I mean, i didn't play subahibi yet but sakuuta was fantastic... It's a shame to see the work of a skilled writer like scaji sell less than little buster, which mostly everyone played with the fan translation back in the days.
  9. There's doesn't seem to have much posting here... Well, i'll add my impression on the last thing i played ^^. I started to read Minikui Mojika no Ko from NitroPlus. What i expected : From the description off the game on vndb i thought it could be a nice and pretty different vengeance story from the usual. The fact that it was done by NitroPlus made me think that it would be good. What i had : I played the game until the end of one "route/end" and... it wasn't at all what i expected. Let me say this first, this game is fucked up ! I have to mention that characters in this game are indeed "醜い", i mean they are all horrible persons really be it heroines or the MC himself. Story wise, there isn't much to be had (at least from what i played), it's just about a guy who is bullied in reason of his face being ugly that will take revenge in a sexual way while i actually expected others means for his revenge. The settings is also not very believable, in that it's just TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE that peoples get away with what's happening in the school. The game had a pretty creepy, stange atmosphere which is great, but then it just goes h-scene after h-scene and never really stop. Those h-scenes are pretty unique in the sense that they tend to focus on the contrast between what the heroines say and what they think. The MC being able to read peoples mind, you, as a player see what's happening in the head of the heroines. Also, said h-scenes are well "animated", there are nice transitions of pictures and screen effects (no real animation but still) and are as expected, not vanilla. In the end, the main selling point of the game would be the MC's power to see what people think in the form of kanjis, and how they used that in the hscenes/situations. In short a nukige. Sadly, this isn't what i expected from NitroPlus, i wanted a story more than fap material so i'll just drop it. On the other hand i can see people that enjoy dark nukige (more of the mental kind if you get what i mean) like the game, it seemed to me pretty original in what it does. I think that's about it, it's now 7:40 AM so it's time for me to go to sleep ^^.
  10. Yep, 2nd list is the right playing order. First list is the parution order, without 1-3 originals which aren't canon anymore and kichikuou which wasn't canon to begin with . Decay is also right for somes references in the remakes though. I started rance with the remakes and it is definitly the right way to go (at least for me), i didn't even noticed there was references to later games so...
  11. Note that Rance 04 introduce very important characters from IX. I'm saying this because i played IX without playing 4/4.1/4.2 (waiting for the remake actually ^^). It's not mandatory, but you souhld know that it should be nice knowing those characters beforehand. Also, i strongly disagree that 1-4 are irrevelant though. you should at least read 3 (which you already did so...).
  12. I intended to read it myself, but a friend did it for me ^^. We were pretty hyped for this game... Nijima Yuu + key ? I mean it should have been awesome ^^. After his feedback, i'm not even sure i want to play this game. Sadly from what he told me, there are two route that are not good at all (one being the true route so...). It seems that Nijima Yuu couldn't write as he wanted which is a shame since it's a good writer. It's very high rated on EGS but you can't take that into account (Key fanboyism is still a thing ^^). Anyways, i've read some people that said it was a "Key game" (as in clannad, kanon, air, not rewrite), but not a good as the usual and that the plot was more or less the same as their previous works. Honnestly i think they should have let Nijima write his own thing with this one. I guess they wanted to have that Key games feeling that rewrite didn't have. In the end they made Nijima write like Maeda for the sake of beng a "Key game", which is... a terrible idea if you ask me. While it is certainly not an aweful game, i wouldn't get my hope up for this one.
  13. I disagree. Fiona was the best girl in this game imo ^^. Nothing to say on michiru though, she was great I'm waiting for the next 3rdEye game, it's in the making right now (well, they said so on their twitter ^^). Other than that i'm playing rance 10 right now. Just finished my first playthrough (ended on route A) and it was pretty nice. The game is clearly meant to be played multiples times through, there is no way to see everything (or almost) in one playthough, or even two actually ^^. The gameplay is pretty solid and it's full of references from the previous games. I'd like them to make Rance 04 remake now, since i absolutly loved rance 03's remake (probably my favorite rance story wise).
  14. I wouldn't go in chaos;child for the romance ^^. It's more a plot focused game than anything. A mix of murder cases / horror / familly drama. As for romance i wouldn't consider this game to have "real" romance. As Sayaka implied, i guess the fandisk is focused just on that (I haven't played it, but it sure give that vibe ^^).
  15. When i played the game it was the same for me. There must be a way to merge the threads with a specific h-code but thoses cases are pretty rare so i never got to much into h-code creations.
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