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    aristotll reacted to Chronopolis in Aiyoku no Eustia script dumping   
    That's weird... I tried translating a bit this summer, and after some fiddling I managed to get those tools working.
    If it's of any use here's the first 250 lines of Chapter 3 (TL'd and edited) from back then.
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    aristotll got a reaction from DharmaFreedom in f12 console pasting   
    I know some JavaScript.
    If you only type
    game.setProperty ( "money", 1000) ,there is no way  "people can hack through and steal my identity"
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    aristotll reacted to OriginalRen in Trump and the connection between democracy and tyranny   
    I'm not against free speech on this forum, but threads that specifically target religious/political discussion hardly seem like they would relate to visual novels or Japanese 2D animation. Having a discussion such as this outside of the forums seems okay, but I really don't want to see America being attacked, seeing as I was born here and actually respect my country in some ways.
    Jokes aside, this thread seems like it will turn into a mudslinging contest about America; I don't think this forum is the place for that.
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    aristotll reacted to Conjueror in Best 2014 VNs according to erogamescape   
    Hey guys, I compiled a list of most favorably rated 2014 VN (not nukige) releases in Japan (according to erogamescape). Might be interesting for those who aren't used to surfing that site.

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    aristotll reacted to Darklord Rooke in Frontwing announces a new VN, Corona Blossoms, that will be released in the West before Japan   
    Cheaper and shorter installments instead of a massive game in bulk might be one of the directions the industry heads in. There's a lot of benefits to this type of development. Anyway, treating this practice as a negative and saying it's like paying '3 times for one game' is akin to saying 'Robert Jordan forced consumers to pay 15 times for one story. He should have just sold the whole damn story at once.' Obviously a ridiculous statement. Decay is right in saying there are factors which will need to be taken into account before making a judgement one way or the other. There's nothing wrong with the practice, rather the implementation of this practice. We really don't know any details, yet.
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    aristotll reacted to Clephas in What makes a good Villain?   
    Mmm... if you want a good example of a VN 'pure evil' villain... from Silverio Vendetta.

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    aristotll reacted to sanahtlig in Dark Blue Intro Scene Translation   
    About a year ago I decided to translate the cryptic opening scene to Dark Blue, a short murder mystery VN with netorare elements.  I did this just to show that I could.  After the recent controversy with the Monobeno project, I became curious whether others would consider my work "up to snuff".  I've always assumed that unless a translation was near professional quality it would not be welcomed by the fanbase.  What follows is a mostly unedited translation I wrote relying on the translation suite I typically use while playing Japanese eroge: text hooker, JParser, EDICT, and ATLAS (a machine translator).  I translated this before moving onwards in the game, so it's quite possible I missed foreshadowing or other elements; it reflects my understanding of the scene as I was reading it.
    A video containing the scene can be found here, if you'd like to watch the scene while reading along.
    Dark Blue Intro Scene Translation
    Old man: I have one last thing to tell you.
    While sitting in the leather chair facing the young man, the man opened his mouth.
    Young man: And that is?
    Old man: Whether it was a sort of curse or not, I don't know for certain.
    Old man: But what I do know is we've been groping in confusion for a way to preserve ourselves.
    Old man: And the result is this.
    Unashamedly, the man declared so.
    Facing the young man in front of him, there wasn't a hint of shame in his visage.
    Young man: "We did our best", eh?
    Old man: In our weak-willed way, we did what we could.
    Old man: That is all.
    Young man: I've heard enough.
    With nothing else to say, the young man faced the room's exit.
    A disgusted expression on his face, an aura of inapproachability surrounded the young man.
    Old man: It could be you were just lucky.
    As the young man reached for the door knob, the man said this.
    Old man: In our lives, there's no telling when or how the fall will come.
    Old man: Even you--you could have ended up like us.
    Old man: Remember that.
    Saying that, the man brought a cigarette to his mouth.
    But in his eyes the figure of the young man was reflected no longer--the pair of eyes narrowed as they looked into the distance, as if gazing into the nostalgic past.
    [i also posted an edited version of this post on my personal blog]
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    aristotll reacted in Japanese Help Thread   
    Mod edit: Just ask any questions related to japanese here (sentences you're stuck on, points you can't wrap your head around, etc).
    In the case of sentences try to provide a brief context (what's going on in this scene, what's the line before and the line after that one...).
    Use that thread for finding and asking about resources to learn japanese.
    You can ask for help here for japanese sentences you are stuck on, preferably fan TL related stuff.
    To make it easier, paste in some context for the line you need help on (e.g. provide couple of lines before & after the one you are stuck on)
    made this post because i saw peipei's intro thread and then i remembered, we don't have one of these yet!
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    aristotll reacted to ittaku in New VNs on Fuwanovel?   
    That has to be the most impressive necropost I've seen to date on fuwa.
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    aristotll reacted to Fiddle in I got curious and took a look at Fraternite's CGs   
    I thought that underlined phrase was going to be a link. I'm disappointed.
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    aristotll reacted to Nosebleed in What are your thoughts on Sekai and other companies buying up fan translations   
    Your thread asks what are people's thoughts on companies buying fan translations, and those are my thoughts, not really sure if you wanted something else? The first paragraph of your reply is just corroborating what I said: people just want free stuff.
    Regarding donating to fan groups: sure anyone can do what they want with their money, but it's pretty shady to ask for money for something that's technically illegal to begin with.
    In the end all you're paying for is the fan groups' work, nothing goes towards the creator of the product, and that's what I have some problem with on an ethical level.
    Fan translations, as the name implies, shouldn't be about earning money.
    Regarding fangroups not being upfront, I'm not really sure what you mean. There might be a case where they're unable to disclose information due to NDA agreements, for example.
    If you're donating to a fan group, ultimately the responsibility falls on you.
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    aristotll reacted to Kaguya in Why translated VNs will never become popular   
    I feel like it appeals to the otaku crowd who watch animu much more than it does for either readers or gamers, tbh. 
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    aristotll reacted to VirginSmasher in Mangagamer 2016 Licensing Survey   
    If people are gonna complain about it, then at least attempt to learn Japanese and if you can't, then you might as well accept the fact that not everything people want is gonna get translated. There are other factors present to localization than just what the fans want.
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    aristotll reacted to Maxel in Aokana Translation Progress - 2nd TL Group   
    5 languages?
    September release?
    Yeah, sure. I am 99 years old, I'll turn 100 tomorrow. 
    I'm not that dumb to believe it, unless it's machine tl(maybe a bit polished) or bad translation. Otherwise the guy(s) should already work translating games, with that speed.
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    aristotll reacted to Scorp in Tracking and Discovering Visual Novels   
    Do not make these ideas. vndb have an API, which he should use. Scraping the site is ultra-bad idea, both for site and for him.
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    aristotll reacted to Noumi Kudryavka in The Real Places in VNs   
    I know they use real places in VNs, especially those set in Japan. But some of them are quite far away. As I was playing ef. The First Tale. I suddenly recognized the place they were in, because I've been there countless times myself.
    The anime has a lot of German in it. Makes sense as this background is the main square in Rothenburg, Germany!
    Does anyone else have any remarkable places to note that they've noticed?
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    aristotll reacted to Pabloc in Good Machine translators?   
    No, after those ~2200 there are Kanji that Japanese government decided are above the highschool-level. Jouyou Kanji are the most essential characters used in everyday life. Real Life, that is. They aren't necessarily the most common characters that appear in VNs. Actually, they cover plenty of Kanji you will probably never encounter in eroge (like those used in names of prefectures for example).
    That's why I wouldn't really recommend starting with them. It will be pretty sad when you will finish cramming those ~2200 Kanji and start a random VN, only to discover that it uses ~250 characters that weren't covered by Jouyou and suddenly you can't understand anything.
    Oh, and putting them before Kana is simply the most illogical thing you could do, I seriously don't know what the author of that guide-thread linked earlier was thinking. Hiragana and Katakana are the first things you should learn, they are an absolutely vital foundation.
    As long as you know grammar well, you can read VNs even without memorizing a single Kanji - MeCab and/or JParser can deal with them nicely (and help with vocabulary too). Learning Kanji seriously increases your reading speed, but it's not absolutely essential (unlike grammar). Grammar is easier than Kanji and takes much less time (depending on your talent and dedication, learning it decently during summer break is quite realistic). You need it anyway, so you might as well start with the most vital stuff (you can learn Kanji later, or do both at the same time, why not?). Also, I'd say that learning-while-reading is much more efficient than cramming government-approved list of characters, since you will be memorizing only those Kanji that actually appear in VNs (a lot of them will be from the jouyou list, but not all).
    Of course, different methods work for different people, so you should pick one that suits you best and stick to it. In the end, you will need both Kanji and grammar.
    On a final note, most people mentioned this already, but machine translators do not work. At all. Atless, Bling, Gooble - it's all the same shit. Avoid them, unless you like deciphering random gibberish that has nothing to do with original text.
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    aristotll reacted to Zalor in A good Machine Translator?   
    Lol, legit every time a thread like this gets made at least 1/4 of the posts are "Learn Japanese". While I would like to say there is an easier way, honestly their isn't. Machine translators are terrible, fan Tls are slow/unreliable, so your best option as a VN fan is to eventually bite the bullet and learn Japanese. I just hope your interest in porn games are strong enough to motivate you to learn an entire language ;P. (Honestly though, learning a language is always a good use of time. Even if it is for porn games.) 
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    aristotll reacted to Ceris in Why a week is seven days?   
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