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  1. Haha
    Aizen-Sama reacted to Asonn in Anyone tried reading Majikoi with MTL?   
    Guys, don't take this idiots serious. You know what don't ever take a translator serious or someone who knows to claim Japanese. I've been friends with a lot of people who can speak Japanese and even make a living of it, and yet they claim MTL is bad, blahblah. but it's all BS. Most people think I know a bit of Japanese and let me tell you, this will be my first time I ever confess this. I actually don't at all. I use MTL for everything and speak with a lot of those so called friends about VNs I've read and they respect my opinion about it and I can talk about most details and they haven't showed any doubt that I could actually read it. What an absolute morons. I even tl doujins and get praised for it. LUL can you imagine it. It only reads so well because most of my projects has an editor.
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    Aizen-Sama got a reaction from Fred the Barber in Majo Koi Nikki Translation Project   
    I really don't use this account and am not related to the team anymore, but I just logged in to congratulate everyone on the team for achieving the official release for the game. It was a long journey, I'm very sure, but everything paid off in the end, so congratulations!
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    Aizen-Sama reacted to Fred the Barber in Majo Koi Nikki Translation Project   
    All right, welcome back me and Sanzy. More wrapping things up, and we're finally getting started on the last few routes. The last two weeks saw wrapping up editing for not one but two sections (Alice and Rei), and the Ending section is now almost fully translated. Our amphibian translator has moved onto Mii's route, so that one is now moving forward. Good shit all around. Below are the current numbers, but keep in mind, deltas are showing two weeks' worth of progress, not the usual one week:
    Translated: 28351/40208 (70.5%), +793 (2.0%)
    Edited: 24637/40208 (61.3%), +1804 (4.5%)
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    Aizen-Sama got a reaction from Earnest in Majo Koi Nikki Translation Project   
    Hello guys, it's me, reappearing from the dead.
    Since Fred and our main translator are on a vacation of a week or so don't expect an update in numbers this week.
    We'll resume our workflow next week.
    Aizen out.
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    Aizen-Sama got a reaction from Arcadeotic in Majo Koi Nikki Translation Project   
    Hello guys, it's me, reappearing from the dead.
    Since Fred and our main translator are on a vacation of a week or so don't expect an update in numbers this week.
    We'll resume our workflow next week.
    Aizen out.
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    Aizen-Sama reacted to Crysis99 in Ushinawareta Mirai o Motomete Translation Project   
    Hello everyone!
    I'm back from my vacation and I'll be resuming work on Nagisa's route soon enough. Not much has been made in the way of progress this time, but we are working on it. Progress has been slow, especially in the way of TLC. Also, I haven't started on the re-translation, I'll probably get to it after Nagisa's route. For exact numbers, do visit our progress tracker, though you'll probably only find around a 1% increase in numbers.
    Well not much for today, just wanted to let everyone know we aren't dead yet. Till next week I suppose~
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    Aizen-Sama reacted to Dergonu in Tsui Yuri ~Okaa-san ni wa Naisho da yo~ Translation project -   
    Weekly update.
    This is most likely going to be the last time I make a weekly update like this. The thing is, we have reached a point where the normal % progress starts to get a bit deceiving. Even though everything is approaching 100%, we still have some work left on fixing bugs in the game from a hacking point of view, a possible second QC pass and beta testing. Since the primary editing and translation is over, I will stop making these frequent weekly updates, as we will probably have a bit less to offer some weeks as we work on these things. Instead, I'll move over to posting an update when we have some news/ hit milestones.
    So with that said, keep in mind that we aren't dead if we go a week without an update! We are working hard on preparing everything for the release, and will continue to do so. 
    As always, you can track the general progress here.
    If something else comes up, I'll make an update in this thread, and possibly on the Luna TL website. (Though anything I do post there related to Tsui Yuri will also be up here.)
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    Aizen-Sama reacted to Nosebleed in Karenai Sekai to Owaru Hana Translation Project   
    Galactic Rolling Dynamite Pancake™ presents:
    Karenai Sekai to Owaru Hana
    The Translation Project
    Plot Summary (Source: Hau~ Omochikaeri):
    Shou and Ren arrived at a beautiful town full of colourful flowers. They met the three sisters Haru, Kotose and Yukina, who run the cafe “Famille”, and he starts working there in exchange for a bed to sleep in.
    In the middle of the night, Shou follows Haru far away from the town to a hill covered with flowers as far as the eye could see. He watched as a little girl whom Haru was embracing turned into a flower under the large moonlit tree. She noticed his presence and smiled lonesomely while looking fondly at the beautiful flowers in full bloom.
    “I have survived up till now in this world by doing this. But I still want to continue living… even if it’s in exchange for other people’s lives.”
    Shou looked up at the petals which fluttered down and responded:
    “No matter what this world forces upon you, no matter how many people won’t forgive you... I’ll still pray for this world to end.”
    Galactic Rolling Dynamite Pancake's current team:
    We're but mere specs of dust in the vast universe...
    Project info:
    I debated for a while on whether or not I'd publicly announce this. In fact, I still have many doubts, but I decided to go for it instead of hestiating to keep the momentum I have going right now.
    Yes, I decided to start another translation project, and for a game I only very recently got into. Could this be the biggest mistake of my life? Who knows, but I'm doing it anyway.
    I hope you'll bear with me on yet another journey that will hopefully not crumble.
    And remember, when in doubt, Ren:

    Current TL Progress: 254/18,461 lines translated
    Q: When will the project be done?
    A: When Sekai Project accepts to buy the patch.
    Q: Will there be a partial patch?
    A: No.
    Q: I want to help!
    A: Thank you, but this point in time, I don't need any extra help. 
    Q: "Ur TL sux pls die"
    A: K.
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    Aizen-Sama got a reaction from Nosebleed in Karenai Sekai to Owaru Hana Translation Project   
    For some reason after seeing the meme of the girl named Ren in that game I knew something was cooking itself. Anyways, good luck with that shit. Hope you can find what you're looking for.
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    Aizen-Sama reacted to Asonn in Fan Translator Skills Registration   
    1) Handle (the one you use or plan to use):   Asonn
    2) Positions you can fill:   Translator, Website developer.
    3) Types of projects (VNs) preferred:   Loli nukiges
    4) Availability (edit this one as you get involved in projects):  Available 
    5) (VNs most interested in producing an ftl for: Little ☆ Twins ~Sugu ni Toriko ni Shiteageru♪~ and any other short loli nukiges
    6) Motivation for joining in on ftl: Sharing Chinese loli porn to the English plebs.
    7) Conditions* (any additional conditions, under which you will or won't work):
    NO: Yaoi, Traps, Otome, Dark themes, Femdom Gameplay.
    Window's Vn only.
    It needs to have nice art.
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    Aizen-Sama reacted to Toran in Fan Translator Skills Registration   
    1) Handle (the one you use or plan to use): Toran

    2) Positions you can fill: Translator (JP-EN), Proofreader/Quality Control, Translation Checker

    3) Types of projects (VNs) preferred: Anything with lolis or twintails or both. Putting that aside, I'm down for almost anything, as the endless variety is one of my favorite characteristics of Visual Novels.

    4) Availability (edit this one as you get involved in projects): Currently Unavailable

    5) (VNs most interested in producing an ftl for: Perhaps Majikoi or Imopara 2. I'm willing to work on anything though.

    6) Motivation for joining in on ftl: Born and raised in Japan, I'd love to put my knowledge on what I enjoy - Visual Novels. Playing games just doesn't seem right for me anymore, so I want to stretch out my wings and try something new. Then I stumbled around here and thought that this'll be a good, refreshing experience for me to expend my free time into. Plus, I can improve my Japanese in the process!

    7) Conditions* (any additional conditions, under which you will or won't work):
    - Preferably no yaoi/NSFL-esque ones
    - Be patient with me please (This is my first time doing this sort of thing. Chances are, my work speed will wildly fluctuate but I'll definitely get my work done; in other words, don't pressure me)
    - I can't do any coding/programming/hacking/other hocus pocus of the sort
    - Willing to join any kind of team as long as they're as dedicated as I am and are civil. Besides that, I'd enjoy it if the members are friendly and welcoming so that I can easily blend in and get along with them.
    I'm a newcomer in this forum as well. Guide me, my seniors!
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    Aizen-Sama reacted to Jun Inoue in Pqube localizing Steins;Gate 0, 2016, PS4/Vita, Preorders Up   
    That's part of the idea, though. Localisations try to bring the game by adapting it, not simply put a skin and sub over the game and be done with it. In the same way you wouldn't leave idioms or general culture in a localisation (because 99% of the players won't get them at all and it'll be super confusing), you also do the rest of the stuff.
    Bashing on a localisation because they are focusing too much on localisation instead of "literal-translation" or subbing or whatevs, is kinda... you know, like you are completely missing the point of what's being done. We were kinda "dismissive" of Blue's post because he went on a super rant on Americanisation and imperialism and whatnot, when what he had described is the 101 of proper localisation.
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    Aizen-Sama reacted to DrDaxxy in Chaos;Head Noah PC Port and Translation Project   
    Thanks for the warm welcome, guys. We're glad you like what we're doing. 
    Because of the port aspect? Or because it's Noah? Like with regular fan translations you'd still have to have your own copy of the game, we won't distribute that. Similar engine reimplementations (like OpenTTD, ScummVM, or in the realm of visual novels, RLVM) usually don't run into trouble. Chaos;Head Noah is pretty old by now; the developers have plenty of opportunities to bring this game to the PC/the West. It's also already readable (and pirate-able) on PC by way of the PSP version. So yeah, we don't think we're stepping on anyone's toes with this.
    Patches for console versions may follow, but we don't want to plan too far ahead. The Vita version in particular is unlikely though; IIRC it's based off the Muv-Luv engine (which is supposedly a massive pain to deal with). Sorry about that.
    Yeah, we realise how that looks. I also tend to roll my eyes at translation projects without a translator (or in some cases without anyone). But we're not ideas guys here - we're doing the port regardless of whether or not the translation succeeds (and we know we can pull that off). So we can definitely provide something of value here. Some of our members have worked or are currently working on translation projects, so rest assured we appreciate the effort that goes into translation and we're aware of what we're asking here. But in return, we can promise a pretty good chance that those efforts won't be in vain. 
    Might sound weird to have a TLC when the translator position is still open, but the reason for that is that SnowedEarth feels he currently doesn't have the combination of time and efficiency to translate this in a reasonable amount of time.
    And that's what we're looking for, really. Someone who's good at it and can work often enough that we make steady progress and don't sink into quicksand, and long enough at a time that we don't take years to finish this either. The specific numbers for "how long" and "how often" heavily depend on the person, of course. Maybe "one hour per day every day" is a bit much, but we figured it's a good enough general guide. I'll bring it up with the others, we might reword that.
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    Aizen-Sama reacted to Fred the Barber in Majo Koi Nikki Translation Project   
    In the spirit of Thanksgiving, a brief homily: among other important things, of course, I'm thankful for the great team I get to work with here, for the studio who made a beautiful game like Majo Koi Nikki, and for everybody who engages in the tough enterprise of VN translation projects, fighting the good fight for a medium we love.
    Translated: 23918 / 40208 (59.5%), +568 (1.4%)
    Edited: 18779 / 40208 (46.7%), +1165 (2.9%)
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    Aizen-Sama got a reaction from Novel21 in Chaos;Head Noah PC Port and Translation Project   
    Lol, so there's a TLC but not a translator? What. I can't wrap my head around that, but whatever. At least you have one guy covering a Japanese-related task, so I won't rage as hard as I would normally do.
    Good luck finding someone arsed to spend an hour per day. In my opinion you shouldn't be asking for that thing especifically, because in most of those cases nobody will spend one hour per day every day until the project is over. Maybe I'm just overexaggerating. 
    Anyways, good luck again.
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    Aizen-Sama got a reaction from RedK in Traductores en español   
    1. A menos que sepas de programación y sepas como cambiar el sistema del juego para que acepte caracteres españoles lo llevas claro para ponerlos.
    2. Ni te molestes en contactar a los que lo tradujeron, lo más probable es que pasen de ti. Los archivos kiririri sólo podran ser "modificados" si sabes de programación o conoces a alguien que temga experiencia con ellos. 
    3. Esto ya es más mi toque personal, pero no intentes reunir a la comunidad española para hacer traducciones. La mayoria o se centran en el inglés  (como yo) o se dedican a traducir estos juegos en páginas de facebook perdidas o ni se molestan en anunciar lo que hacen hasta que sacan la traducción. Este foro no suele ver con buenos ojos a los que hablan español en general.
    Espero que esto te halla servido. Un saludo. 
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    Aizen-Sama got a reaction from DarkZedge in [Translation Request] Could a team pick up "Limit Panic!"?   
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    Aizen-Sama got a reaction from Phantom in Sanoba Witch, Senren * Banka Chances of translation?   
    Unless Sekai Project ponders the possibility of pursuing Yuzusoft games once they're done with the current one they're working on the chances are low, close to zero. They're both very long games and the effort would be wasted in my opinion (fantranslation-wise).
    There was a previous attempt by a guy not so long ago who wanted to translate Sanoba Witch, but it failed horribly. Apart from that I know nothing else regarding those two games.
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    Aizen-Sama reacted to Decay in List of All VNs with English Partial Patches and Their Progress   
    I'm sorry but lashing out at the community and blaming them on the quality of your work doesn't reflect very well on you.
    The reason nobody wants to be your proofreader is because the level of quality is actually so poor that literally every single line would have to be rewritten from the ground-up. It really is that bad. That's an unreasonable service to expect from people and no one is selfish for not wanting to do it. You're sounding very entitled right now.
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    Aizen-Sama got a reaction from AtomCrafty in Lover Able TL   
    Good luck.
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    Aizen-Sama reacted to DarkZedge in Post your desktop screen shot   
    Even though I only recently had posted that one, the reality is that I had it for a long while and I decided to change my whole desktop around this time, because why not ?

    Finding this amazing Megumin wallpaper helped me make up my mind about it.  
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    Aizen-Sama reacted to Narcosis in Denpsoft refuses to sell hard copies online now?   
    Jesus Christ, this whole topic makes me cringe.
    I'm amused and bewildered people nowadays have nothing better to do than sit on the internet for hours and provoke various people and groups while constantly circlejerking, whilst there's almost nothing to gain and even less of an effect on their lives. Therefore, why care so much?
    You want to change how things work? Start a petition. Organize to fight against common misconceptions. Form your own distributing company and affect the world. Make good games. Shittalking and flamewars on the internet accomplish literally NOTHING.
    Goddamn. I never thought I'll live to that day, when I will see so much drama in visual novel and eroge industries. It's almost amusing.
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    Aizen-Sama got a reaction from Kawasumi in [Translation Request] Could a team or something translate a handful of VNs?   
    Don't worry OP. I got you covered.
    EDIT: For real now, are you kidding? They are all medium/long VN's (30-50 or 50+ hours) and you asked for 4. I really hope you were joking there. Anyways, there was a project for Sanoba Witch IIRC but I don't know the progress of it, so yeah. At least I had a nice laugh.
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    Aizen-Sama reacted to DarkZedge in [Translation Request] Could a team or something translate a handful of VNs?   
    Good save Aiz, it was needed  
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    Aizen-Sama reacted to Fred the Barber in Majo Koi Nikki Translation Project   
    Another great week progress-wise, though not quite at last week's level. It was, however, a week of landmarks. First and foremost, I'm pleased to announce that we have crossed the 50% TLed mark! We're all feeling pretty pumped up about it in the team chat, honestly.
    But that's not all! All three of the sections I mentioned last week as near completion have been 100% translated, and as those were completed, progress has begun on translating both the longest route in the game, Cinderella, as well as the shortest route in the game, which we affectionately refer to as the Traffic Light route (or the Trio, or the Baka Trio, depending on who you ask). Not to be completely outdone, I also wrapped up editing one of the finished routes this week (and when I say "wrapped up", I mean it went from ~20% to 100%, and I finished it right before writing this post and may or may not be taking a victory lap). And of course, I can't forget our trusty TLC, who put in some excellent work this week. Without further ado, here's the numbers:
    Translated: 20278 / 40208 (50.4%), +1120 (2.8%)
    Edited: 14344 / 40208 (35.7%), +711 (1.8%)
    TLCed: 7070 / 40208 (17.6%), +572 (1.4%)
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