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  1. in my opinion clannad is so overrated yeah i know it s good but the main girl is annoying unlike angel beats but for me the best adaptation is steins gate is soo freakin good but the worst for me is the fate stay/night studio deen adapatation they made shirou look so stupid i can't even rage and they added some ubw into fate which is sooo wrong
  2. i can help with editing if you want i know only a little bit of japanese but im ok with my english though
  3. well they replied to me to wait and see so that's what im going to do for now and put this on hold so sorry for any expectations but if there is still no news for 8 months im gonna man up and do this
  4. ok another question how do i contact the translation team anybody know their email or something
  5. Ok so i will try to contact the translation team and to be honest the only translation tool im familiar with is visual novel reader
  6. Alright to clarify some thing this is the first time i am trying to translate a vn so please don't bash on me i know i am a noob the project might take a while but i will give you updates currently i am just extracting the scripts but i have no plans on stopping or abandoning the project if you can also teach me some basic stuff it will be a big help thank you
  7. im wonderin what tools you guys use because im lookin to translate miyako route to englsh the true route too if possible so please reply thanks
  8. I've been wondering what happened with yandere translations no updates for like 8 months and i was thinking how about i just translate the untranslated part of miyako route and preferably the true route too the problem is i don't know how to translate so i read some topics in the internet and i need a tool to extract the text and i don't know which tool is compatible with majikoi so i want someone to help me with this give me a link for the text extractor or preferably help me out on this project it's just a short one so please any help is ok EDIT:https://forums.fuwanovel.net/index.php?/topic/6556-majikoi-translation-project/ this is the link for the progress of the project
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