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  1. I don't really mind if you moved the thread and I didn't know this thread was a against the rule XD
  2. Well to be honest the only reason I wanted hf to be adapted is because it's the only route not adapted and hf action scenes are the most badass I mean who doesn't want to see nine lives blade works animated
  3. well this is only my opinion but i think its heavens feel because its the only one not adapted yet and also most of the people want heavens feel to be adapted
  4. 100 pages yeah when I first started this thread I did not expect it to go 100 pages so thanks to all of you for posting on this thread =)). Think we can go 200 pages XD
  5. Yup you should try and see for yourself the route was meh the ending was good
  6. Yep eika's route was the best though best ending goes to tsumugu the ending was pretty sweet
  7. Don't know myself maybe I just got bored on onigase route
  8. The vn is somewhat good but it does start to get boring the longer you play it
  9. Ikikoi is kind of good but I only finished 3 routes because it started to get boring it is also somewhat predictable but the incest route is definitely the best route
  10. I know how to edit now lol so if you guys want me to post the updates I will be glad to do so
  11. i don't know how to post updates =((( also i didn't disappear im always here lurking in the shadows
  12. i saw this on vntls and it is quite good so ill leave it here I am the disciple of my Miyako Miyako is my reality and Miyako is my creed I have created over a thousand Miyako forum posts Unaware of other heroines, Nor aware of real life Have withstood agony to endure time, waiting for her arrival I have no regrets. This is the only route. My whole life was Unlimited Miyako Works
  13. yeah but what i was saying is people always complain in the comment section saying the rapists are digusting and deserve to die the thing is i love rape and it always annoys me seeing someone post a comment like that then why the hell do they even watch it what do they just like complain about everything tl;dr; people have different fetishes and we should respect what fetish they have and not criticize them =) just my thought on how people view some fetishes
  14. what you said about tentacles and futa just blew my mind but what i really don't get is why people say they hate rape and gangbang but they still watch it
  15. yeah i also like chris mainly beacause she's a tsundere
  16. speaking of touma kojirou anyone know where i can download it
  17. this one is the best nukige i know no brutal rapes as such http://vndb.org/v6359
  18. Merry Christmas to all of you and have a happy holidays
  19. Well i want to thank everybody who's been making accounts just to say thanks and to everybody in this thread and to kosuna for translating this
  20. i don't know what the progress is but they did say that they will hand over the scripts to me for editing when the translation is finished
  21. so is somebody translating the scripts? im confused but if someone is translating it. i'll help out with the editing
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