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  1. full version for Frangible will be released 06.16.16!! i am still working on the visual novel and i hope you all can't wait! ❤❤
  2. i am done with the 'Frangible' demo!! you can download it here! i worked my butt off so please play it ;n;
  3. hello my name is Ken Ken! so i am kind of a beginner at making visual novels and like playing visual novels!! my first visual novels can be found at BASS but i warn you that they are terrible since they were my first ones... anyways, about me now!! i am 17 years old and have a lot of ideas and have no idea what to do with all of them (which led me to making visual novels). i really like guro and i also love horror. i am in love with yandere characters and even characters that are just straight up psycho. um!! i think that is all that you all need to know for now...
  4. ohh my goodness thank you so much!! i honestly completely missed that...
  5. it was a while ago but I tried some mochi ice cream!! it looked really cute and tasted delicious!!
  6. I am working on a visual novel with ren'py and it is called 'Frangible'! I have been working my butt off for this...! so I am trying to make it worth it by showing it to other people! description of visual novel: Yuriko Ueno’s friend, Tsuki Matsuoka, had died just three weeks ago. The murderer, Saya Takanashi had killed herself before anyone could have even found out about Tsuki’s death. Saya killed Tsuki at her apartment complex… At least that’s what Yuriko thinks. Everyone else has believed now that Saya lived and committed the murders in some kind of mansion. Something very strang
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