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    nohman got a reaction from Cali in What is your motivation?   
    I don't really watch much anime, but what keeps me motivated to keep playing visual novels is that it offers a catharsis that no other medium matches. The format simply offers more room for investment and release than movies, television, and books.
    I've got a pretty bad case of this.  I always get a little... uh, apprehensive towards the end of a really good show or novel.
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    nohman reacted to solidbatman in Anime's explained in one sentence   
    Kick Heart: The greatest poop joke in anime. 
    Dead Leaves: Builds on the other meaning of screwing, literally.  
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    nohman got a reaction from TenaciousValborg in The underlying theme of sexualization of children in anime   
    Similar to Down, on a fundamental level I can't get behind any prohibitive restrictions on anything that doesn't have a victim or produces harmful secondary effects. I'm sure a case could be made that lolicon does have a secondary effect on society, but I'm not sure it would be a strong case as I don't think the effect would be anything that would be measurable, quantifiable. or even real.
    That being said, the concept itself does make me uncomfortable and I have my own misgivings with it. However, my personal feelings have nothing to do with whether something should be banned or not, nor does it give me any right to condemn those who produce/consume lolicon.
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    nohman got a reaction from p4izanagi in What Video Games Are You Playing Right Now?   
    Depends on what you feel like. You feel like playing anything in particular?
    SpeedRunners is in early access and is crazy fun, especially with friends. Plus it's only $10 bucks.
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    nohman reacted to Nayleen in A long overdue introduction   
    Subtitled: How Fuwanovel/Aaeru saved my life.

    Hello dear Fuwanovel community,
    Many people around the forums and IRC already know me under nicknames like "the Fuwanovel coder", various variations of my alias like "Naynay", "Naylicious", or simply "the German" (because I'm the only active German person on IRC as far as I know). In real life I'm called Timo by coworkers and family and "Dieter" by very close friends who know the origin of that nickname.
    I'm working as a professional web developer for a few years now, but have been creating web sites for various purposes for more than 10 years already, mostly for private servers for Ragnarok Online and Lineage 2 back in the day and later guild homepages and forums when I was actively playing World of Warcraft.
    Not too surprising that I signed up here and immediately PMed Aaeru back when she was asking for PHP help for the site as I have just been waiting for this opportunity. Many people ask what keeps me going for me to invest quite a lot of time, even going as far as reworking the entire backend and quite a lot of the frontend AND introducing many new features to a site I have absolutely no relations with.
    There are two reasons for that, one is very simple while the other is quite complex, the first and easy one being that I was looking for a project like I did 10 years ago for quite a lot of time; Now that I'm professional and not just a random script kid I really wanted to start making a name for myself, so I loved the idea on working Fuwanovel because it's a site about something I hold very dear, Visual Novels.

    Now the other one is quite complex and reaches back about as long as I can remember. I've got crippling depressions and anxiety issues, bad enough for me to feel too powerless to even leave my bed save for basics like eating, drinking and sanitary needs. Most people don't even notice it except when I vanish for weeks at a time - because I may be shy and pretty reserved, but I love getting to know people and am fairly talkative once I warm up to someone, so they can't even imagine me being depressed. I'm introverted (meaning social interaction expends energy for me) but generally love being around people I know and feel I need social interaction to function properly.
    This is also why staying at home also depresses me even further, until I either snap out of it or it spirals completely out of control like it did last winter, where I stayed at home for a whole five months. Which, as most people can imagine, is long enough for my medical attests not being enough for me to keep my job.

    So I was depressed, missed social contact - my best friend who used to force me to go out with him when I was feeling down was working in the US, so he wasn't around to save me from the downward spiral I was in - and about to lose my job (which wasn't perfect, but had its fun days and at least paid the bills), spiraling everything even further out of control.
    All I did during that time was sleep, eat, drink, shower and read. I read the Visual Novels I torrented earlier that year but never came around to read because of work and other stuff leaving me too tired to even read in the evenings. It didn't take me too long to either finish or tire of them, I simply didn't have enough; Going through the hassle of searching VNDB for new translated Visual Novels that interested me and then having to torrent them, find and apply the TL patch was too much of a hassle at the time.
    I was seriously considering just ending my life right there, because reading Visual Novels made me tear up and feel for the characters, it's the most touching medium for me because of the combination of graphics, music and writing - especially the songs in some of them and acted as kind of a substitute for all the social interaction I was missing out on because of my depressions.
    That was when I found Fuwanovel and its easy-to-use interface, most VNs were prepatched so everything was pretty easy for me to work out. I started and finished HoshiMemo, G-Senjou no Maou and the MajiKoi partial patch and began reading Rewrite. They kept me going long enough for the worst to tide over, for me to finally pick up the broken pieces of myself again and start getting back into life again, get back on medication and search for a therapist to work this out once and for all, as I was having these downtimes annually.

    Fuwanovel literally saved my life; It was my main motivation for wanting to help out when Aaeru was asking for help on the site and it still keeps me going today, 3 months and thousands of lines of code later; I owe this site so much, and I love the community and working on new features with everyone involved.
    A special shout-out here to: Naomi, Aaeru, Tay, solidbatman, shcboomer, Kendjin, Rakushun, DrKleiner, Lewycool, Zakamutt, ThatPlayer and Mephisto - and everyone else I'm forgetting to name explicitly. Please stick around so I may never lose interest in the site.
    I hope everyone who reads this enjoys this small, very personal write-up. I'm looking forward to continue working with everyone to keep this site running and become even more awesome, complete and more widely known with each passing day. I love you guys.
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    nohman reacted to zoom909 in Anyone here who can translate these main menus for me?   
    3. Sounds
    BGM (during voice playback)
    SE (in game)
    SE (UI sounds)
    BGV (normal scenes)
    BGV (H scenes)
    movie volume
    H scene BGV
    voice cut
    BGM down [this probably enables the "BGM (during voice playback) slider]
    The menu on the right side is Voice Settings, but I don't know who any of these characters are.  Each slider is for a specific character except for the 2 on the bottom right, in which case the upper one is "other male voices", and the lower one is "other female voices"
    4. shortcut keys
    F - skip
    B - go back
    A - auto
    S - save
    L - load
    R - backlog
    ESC - right click
    Ctrl - force skip
    Delete - hide msg window
    PageUp - upward movement in backlog
    PageDn - downward movement in backlog
    F1 - about screen
    F2 - save
    F3 - load
    F4 - screen size change
    F5 - backlog
    F6 - auto
    F7 - skip
    F8 - system settings screen
    F9 - repeat voice
    F11 - quick save
    F12 - quick load
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    nohman reacted to RusAnon in Anyone here who can translate these main menus for me?   
    First column:
    Window size: Fullscreen / Windowed
    Window proportions: 4:3 / 16:9
    Image [or screen] effects: on/off
    Background animation: on/off
    Chapter [no idea what it means]: on/off
    Mouse cursor automatic movement: on/off
    Game screen always on top? [screenを常に手前に表示] : on/off
    Preview [切り替え whatever it means in this context]: on/off
    Fixed choices in h-scenes: on/off
    (If prev. option is on, then last row becomes active)
    Last row: cum outside / cum inside (vagina); cum in mouth / cum on face
    Second column:
    Esc function: right click / "scramble function" [no idea what it means]
    "scramble function" choice: minimization / image 1 / image 2 / user options
    Play speed
    Text speed
    Auto speed
    Skip unread
    Automatically skip read text
    Skip after choices [not sure whether it stops on choice or not]
    Auto skip choices [not sure whether it stops on choice or not]
    Skip speed
    second column:
    Window transparency
    Colors: usual window / opinion change window / unread text / read text
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    nohman got a reaction from Synthanos in Hello   
    Welcome! You have any visual novels you're planning on reading at the moment?
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    nohman reacted to Nayleen in New Moderator -- Nayleen!   
    So humbled by this title and being constantly showered with praise by Tay.
    In fact, that moment was so funny that Tay and I both screenshot it:
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    nohman reacted to Tay in New Moderator -- Nayleen!   
    It's my pleasure to announce a new forums moderator: Nayleen!
    Nayleen has been an enormous asset to Fuwanovel: 
    Underneath the attractive colors and layout of Fuwanovel.org, Nayleen has completely gutted, rebuilt, and optimized everything.  Take a look at this blog entry which details some of his work. He orchestrated and did an extensive Admin panel redesign Nayleen helped facilitate many UI and BBCode edits to the forums Current projects are aimed at more community participation in the form of a faq and walkthrough generator Nayleen is also working on a user reviews system (!)  
    Another important contribution Nayleen has made was tireless assistance and guidance during the site outage this last week. With a combined 120 man hours between us, there's no doubt that we'd be lost without him.  During that time, I was impressed with his humility, kindness, and dedication to Fuwanovel.  I consider him a friend, and one of the nicest people I've met.  We also shared a hilarious moment that probably doesn't make sense to anyone else.
    Nayleen will have admin permissions so that he can help us work directly on CSS and similar web elements.
    Please allow me to be the first to congratulate Nayleen!  I hope you'll join me in celebrating this change!
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