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    nohman got a reaction from Mr Poltroon in There's a Limit to One's Narcissim - Following Oneself   
    The thread in which I discover that people actually utilize the forum's follow feature.
    Your posts are always enlightening, Tiag.
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    nohman got a reaction from frauvamp in The Fuwanovel List of Notable OELVNs   
    What is an OELVN?
    OELVN is an acronym that stands for Original English Language Visual Novel. If you're on Fuwanovel, you know what a visual novel is already. An OELVN is just that, but it's native language is English. An OELVN can be a commercial product, but a lot of them are actually free-to-play.
    Why are you making this list?
    Recently, I had to read an OELVN for the Fuwanovel review team. As someone with very little experience with that area of visual novels, I took to looking around the forums to get inspiration on what to read. Not surprisingly, there wasn't a real resource to be found on Fuwanovel that provided an excellent jumping point into that area of the medium. This was later brought up during brainstorming with the visual novels discussion moderating team and that provided me the impetus I needed to start this list.
    What is this List?
    As the title implies, this list aims to provide information on OELVNs that might be worth reading to you as a fan of the medium at large. I hope it'll be a good jumping point for those in the Fuwanovel community who want to read OELVNs, but don't know where to begin. As well, I hope it might also spark some curiosity for those who might have little-to-no interest in OELVNs.  This will be by no means a comprehensive list. It is one put together through the generous input of a handful of Fuwanovelers and through other resources and reviews that I could find on the internet.
    What do you mean by 'notable'?
    This is not an exact qualification. I'm taking titles that have interesting sounding narratives, favorable critical reception, or professional quality production value and putting them together in a list that will hopefully be of interest to those interested in starting to read OELVNs. Some titles on this list will be commercial works, others will be free.
    Why are you writing this list?
    It's true that I myself have very limited experience with OELVNs, and I'm not the most comfortable putting together a list like this that doesn't rely heavily on personal recommendations, but it's a good chance for me to maybe discover new things to read as well as share what I find with the community.
    Now, without further ado...
    The Fuwanovel List of Notable OELVNS

    Air Pressure by Bento Smile
    Notable Tags: Only a Single Heroine, Multiple Endings, Lots of Choices
    This one is really short, but it has impact. Saying anything more might ruin the experience for you, it might be better to make the connections yourself.
    Where to play: Kongregate (online), Official Site (download)
    Analogue: A Hate Story by Christine Love
    Notable Tags: Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction
    If you keep up with visual novels, you're likely at least marginally aware of Christine Love and her works. Analogue: A Hate Story is an interesting work, putting you (the player) in the seat as a character in the novel, unraveling the grim details of what befell the crew of the Mugunghwa. If you are finding yourself put off by the art, you shouldn't let that stop you. It is an excellent story, with an interesting narrative device, that will likely leave some lingering feelings after all is said and done. You can find a demo here. The game has a direct sequel, Hate Plus: ~Mute's Golden Days~.
    Where to buy: Steam, Desura
    Autumn's Journey by Apple Cider
    Notable Tags: Otome Game, Fantasy
    This is a short one, clocking in at around an hour. The story and setting isn't my cup of tea, but it does have excellent production values. The art has a very professional luster and the music is excellent. There's really no downside to trying it out, it's free and the time commitment is minimal.
    Where to download: Official Site
    Bacchikoi! by BlackMonkey Pro
    Notable Tags:  Shounen AI, Yaoi, Baseball Club, Lots of Event CGs
    For those of you that enjoy boy love. This looks to have a really clean presentation. A bit pricey, particularly the uncensored version.
    Where to buy: Official Site 
    Bermuda by InvertMouse
    Notable Tags: Linear Plot, Protagonist with Voice Acting
    This is a visual novel crafted by our very own InvertMouse. It's fully voice acted, looks good, and has some pretty cool design choices for a visual novel. A demo can be found on his official site below.
    Where to buy: Official Site
    Cave! Cave! Deus Videt by We Are Muesli
    Notable Tags: Lots of Choices, Minimalist Sprites
    This looks pretty esoteric and weird, inspired by the works of Jheronimus Bosch. Might be worth a read if you're into that sort of thing.
    Where to download: Official Site
    Cinders by MoaCube & sakevisual
    Notable Tags: Female Protagonist, Fairy Tale, Multiple Endings
    Cinders is a retelling of the story of Cinderella, one that places an emphasis on the choice of the reader. The art assets look very nice and have a storybook charm, but there's some mixed reception. From what I can tell, it's on the short side. You can try a demo here.
    Where to buy: Steam, Official Site
    Clannad -The Past Path- by Scope Games
    Notable Tags: Fan Fiction, 80's, Early Branching Plot, High Amount of Bad Endings
    I haven't played this one, but I thought it would be worthwhile to mention it. It's an unofficial prequel to Clannad made in the Ren'py engine. It's free and the developer's site says it takes between 5-10 hours to 100%. Be warned, it does contain spoilers for Clannad.
    Where to download: Ren'Ai Archive
    Death  Rule: lost code by MESI Games
    Notable Tags: Multiple Stories, Battle Royale, Third Person Narrative
    Haven't played this one, but it's a death game story. The premise will probably either remain interesting or be very tiring for you by now. Might be worth checking out, it's free.
    Where to download: Official Site
    Digital: A Love Story by Christine Love
    Notable Tags: Linear Plot, 80's, Internet
    This is the spiritual predecessor to Analogue: A Hate Story, made for the NaNoRenO. It employs a similarly unconventional storytelling approach as Analogue: A Hate Story, with the narrative entirely unfolding through BBS conversations in the late 80's. It's a cool concept, the story is engaging, and it's free. If you plan on reading A Hate Story, consider reading this one first as some aspects of Hate Story will spoil the ending to Love Story.
    Where to download: Official Site
    Doki Doki no Obama by Chris Sommer
    Notable Tags: Parody, Politics
    This might seem like a joke suggestion, but I promise this game is actually fairly amusing. It's obviously not the most high-brow political satire, but it has more to it than you might actually expect. Try it out, it's free and pretty funny.
    Where to download: 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest
    don't take it personally, babe, it just ain't your story by Christina Love
    Notable Tags: LGBTQ, Teacher Protagonist, Adolescent Romance
    don't take it personally, babe, it just ain't your story is the spiritual sequel of sorts to Digital: A Love Story. One isn't necessary to understand the other however, so you can think of it as a stand alone work.  
    Where to download: Official Site
    Dysfunctional Systems: Learning to Manage Chaos by Dischan Media
    Notable Tags: Science Fiction, Female Protagonist
    This is the first episode of the Dysfunctional Systems story, with the second one slated for some time this year. I adore the art style of this game and you can't really go wrong with the price point of $4.99.
    Where to buy: Steam, Official Site
    Jisei, Kansei, Yousei by sakevisual
    Notable Tags: Murder Mystery, Superpowers
    This is a trilogy about a teenager with the power to relive the final, dying moments of corpses. The games look nice enough, has a pretty decent premise, and from what I can tell, get progressively better as the series progresses. You can find a demo on the official site below. Also available for iOS.
    Where to buy: Official Site
    Juniper's Knot by Dischan Media
    Notable Tags: Kinetic Novel, Multiple Protagonists, Demon Protagonist, Shota Protagonist
    Another NaNoRenO game, this one is a story told from two different perspectives. The art is very slick and you can't go wrong with the price tag of free.
    Where to download: Official Site
    Katawa Shoujo by Four Leaf Studios
    Notable Tags: Slice of Life, High School, Disabled Heroine
    This one doesn't need any introduction. It's probably the most high-profile OELVN. Chances are you've already played this one, and if you haven't, you probably need to look no further on this list to find what to read.
    Where to download: Official Site
    Leviathan: The Last Day of the Decade by Marcel Weyers & Lostwood LLC
    Notable Tags: Episodic Story, Cyberpunk, Dark Fantasy, Dystopia, Bloody Scenes
    An interesting premise and setting. It's an episodic game, with the 1st episode being free. They seem to be currently trying to fund the final episode.
    Where to download/buy: Official Site
    Long Live the Queen by Hanako Games
    Notable Tags: Raising Simulation, Medieval Fantasy, Female Protagonist
    It's hard to put into words just exactly why I enjoyed this game as much as I did. The art quality varies, topping out at alright and the music is pretty generic and forgettable. The "gamey" aspects of it lose value after a single play through. Reading it was fun though. Collecting all the ways the princess can die in an achievement collecting like fashion has a certain morbid charm to it and the setting is surprisingly grim. You can find a trial version on the official site below.
    Where to buy: Steam, Official Site
    Loren the Amazon Princes by Winter Wolves
    Notable Tags: Medieval Fantasy, Fantasy,RPG
    This is something of a visual novel/RPG hybrid, though. The RPG elements are a bit bland and the combat interface leaves a lot to the imagination, but it looks good, has an alright story, and it does have elements of character creation if you're into that sort of thing. The big downside is that the bundle that includes the dlc is a bit on the pricey side.
    Where to buy: Steam, Official Website
    Nicole by Winter Wolves
    Notable Tags: Otome Game, Mystery, Raising Simulation, Dating Simulation
    This one isn't really my kind of game, but it's worth mentioning. It looks kind of like your standard otome dating sim, but with the plus of having some great looking art assets. I've read that the writing is kind of cheesy, which could be a plus or negative depending on your tastes. On top of it all, there's supposed to be a yuri version of the game released at some point. You can find a demo on the official site below.
    Where to buy: Steam, Official Site
    RE: Alistair by sakevisual & Mugenjohncel
    Notable Tags: Otome Game, Dating Simulation
    Once again not exactly my kind of game, but the description makes it seem charming enough. The art looks decent enough, it's free, and its on the short side. Might be worth checking out.
    Where to download: Official Site
    Sunrider by Love in Space
    Notable Tags: Science Fiction, Mecha Combat, Starship Combat, War
    I'm currently playing through this one myself at the moment. The game looks nice in some select areas, but it is lacking in others and you may find certain 3D elements to be incongruent with the rest of the game. The story doesn't really seem that exceptional yet, but the game play is pretty decent and it's easily available on steam for the low time price of free.  
    Where to buy/download: Steam
    That Cheap and Sacred Thing by carosene
    Notable Tags: Female Protagonist, Kinetic Novel, Science Fiction
    This one comes in at around an hour and I found it surprisingly touching. It has some pretty interesting (if common) themes, but they might seem a bit underdeveloped due to the length of the game. Nevertheless, it's a cool setting with a story that's worth the read. Check it out, it's free.
    Where to download: Lemma Soft
    The Dandelion Girl by /jp/ project
    Tags: Literary Adaptation, Time Travel, Kinetic Novel, Science Fiction, Adult Protagonist
    This is a literary adaptation of a short story by Robert F. Young. It seems to have a decent reception. If you're into that sort of thing, check it out: it's free!
    Where to download: VN-Meido 
    The Elevator by Cyanide Tea
    Notable Tags: Adult Protagonist, Detective Protagonist, Slice of Life
    This is a free game that seems to be about a relatively simple, human story. I'm looking forward to setting aside the time to play it.
    Where to download: Official Site
    The Knife of the Traitor by Clua
    Notable Tags: Female Protagonist, Mystery, God Hero
    I included this on this list because of how interesting this title looks. The game's art and sense of style is eye-catching, the synopsis is very curious, and it's free and short. On the whole it looks like a charming title that's worth to try out.
    Where to download: Lemma Soft
    The Royal Trap by Hanako Games
    Notable Tags: Proactive Protagonist, Otome Game, Intrigue
    This one looks interesting. The art is decent, I actually hear the story is pretty good, and a premise of playing as a well-bred lady whose job it is to mold a prince into marriageable material is an intriguing premise. Throw in some court intrigue and I think this one is worth a look.
    Where to buy: Official Site
    The 39 Steps by The Story Mechanic
    Notable Tags: Literary Adaptation, Interactive Adventure Game, Protagonist with Voice Acting, Crime
    This is a curious title that never shows any of the characters on screen, but in its stead it's fully voice acted. An interesting concept. It is based on a book, which has a number of movie adaptations. From what I've heard, it's very faithful to its source material. 
    Where to buy/download: Amazon, Steam
    Witches & Woodlands by Jan-Poo
    Notable Tags: Parody, Fan Ficion, Metafiction, Kinetic Novel
    I thought this might be of interest as this is a free Umineko fan parody. From what I've heard, it's actually pretty funny.
    Where to download: Official Site
    X-Note by Zevia Inc
    Notable Tags: Otome Game, Multiple Route Mystery, Murder Mystery
    It's an interesting synopsis, looks pretty good, and the few reviews I've found for it seem to be in agreement that the story is at least solid, if not good. There is a demo available on the site below.
    Where to buy: Official Site

    Some titles you might want to keep an eye out for in the future:
    Exogenesis - this one has really caught my curiosity.
    Huniepop - I'm far more excited for this one than I probably should be.
    Queen At Arms
    Violet Hill
    Notable sites, tools, and resources:
    Planet EVN - a regularly updated blog about OELVNs
    Lemma Soft - discussion and development boards for visuals novels, datings sims, and story based games.
    Ren'Ai Archive - archive games made with the Ren'Py engine, a free software engine to build visual novels. Be weary, there's a lot of stuff in there that ranges from not-so-good to shit.
    Steam: Visual Novels
    Visual Novel Database
    Change Log:

    This list will continue to be a work in progress. I'm looking to further expand on it as I discover new titles and new games are released. If you have any suggestions on something to add or would like to point out something I glaringly missed, feel free to do so. Once again, this isn't a definitive, comprehensive list. It's not a list of 10 out of 10 games. They're "notable." You might find them interesting as fans of visual novels, you might even love them, but your mileage will vary.
    Credits: My thanks to Rooke, Ryechu, InvertMouse, and Down for their input in putting together this list.
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    nohman got a reaction from MoFried in VNs with RPG mechanics?   
    The rance series
    Brave Soul
    Sunrider (If you are interested and care for that sort of thing, be sure to grab the uncensor patch)
    Tears to Tiara
    Toushin Toshi 2
    They're of varying quality. My foremost recommendation would be Sengoku Rance.
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    nohman reacted to Decay in [Poll + Discussion] Censorship in Gaming: Is self-censorship actually censorship?   
    The first question is ridiculous. The question isn't whether self-censorship is censorship, the question is whether most of these practices are actually self censorship in the first place.
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    nohman got a reaction from mitchhamilton in Hajime no Texas: The Shitposting (1000 Likes celebration thread)   
    who are you again

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    nohman got a reaction from Shikan Raider in Greetings everyone   
    Welcome to the forums, I hope to see you around.
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    nohman got a reaction from Zalor in WOOP WOOP DATS DA SOUND OF DA POLICE! WOOP WOOP DATS DA SOUNDS OF DA BEAST!   
    Your avatar kills me, welcome back.
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    nohman got a reaction from LiquidShu in Which anime released in the past decade will become classics?   
    I wanna say Ping Pong the Animation.
    Its art style will let it remain timeless, it's largely unconventional, and since it's not simply just a sports anime it will have wider appeal I think.
    Also, Gurren Lagann is still within the last decade, so that.
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    nohman got a reaction from krill in Birthday thread   
    Yo, Krill, happy b-day you beautiful yandere loving weeb.
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    nohman got a reaction from Funyarinpa in Amazing Teamspeak Quotes   
    Oh man, I remember this.
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    nohman reacted to Zakamutt in I am back   
    Since this is now the official necro thread, let us begin the final summoning. Her account may have been deleted by a drunk Nay, but we can still do it if we believe!
    @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru @aaeru
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    nohman reacted to solidbatman in I am back   
    why couldnt you stay dead
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    Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Every night, I can feel my leg... And my arm... even my fingers... The body I've lost... the comrades I've lost... won't stop hurting... It's like they're all still there. You feel it, too, don't you?
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    nohman reacted to DrKleiner in I am back   
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    nohman reacted to DrKleiner in I am back   
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    nohman got a reaction from SCG_1037 in What do you guys think about the term "Weeaboo"   
    I mean, it's so overused that it's become almost a non-word by now. Which is amusing, since in the comic it originated from it doesn't have any meaning to begin with.
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    nohman got a reaction from DrKleiner in I am back   
    who are you again though
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    nohman reacted to Narcosis in Looking for a VN with a lot of headpatting   
    You guys have the weirdest fetishes.
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    nohman got a reaction from Funyarinpa in popular fuwa members and what they're known for.   
    OriginalRun - for getting banned
    Solidbatman - for being a salty dweeb
    Rooke - for being an old fart

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    nohman got a reaction from Rose in popular fuwa members and what they're known for.   
    OriginalRun - for getting banned
    Solidbatman - for being a salty dweeb
    Rooke - for being an old fart

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    nohman got a reaction from Fiddle in popular fuwa members and what they're known for.   
    OriginalRun - for getting banned
    Solidbatman - for being a salty dweeb
    Rooke - for being an old fart

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    nohman got a reaction from tymmur in popular fuwa members and what they're known for.   
    OriginalRun - for getting banned
    Solidbatman - for being a salty dweeb
    Rooke - for being an old fart

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    nohman got a reaction from Narcosis in popular fuwa members and what they're known for.   
    OriginalRun - for getting banned
    Solidbatman - for being a salty dweeb
    Rooke - for being an old fart

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    nohman got a reaction from Tay in What do you think about this alternative VN page layout?   
    Option 2, if only because it's been ingrained in my head that download links for things go at the bottom of the page - for some reason. Also the space breaking up the text is nice.
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