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  1. I do not think that this is subjective, you can accept that efforts have been put into a game while at the same time hating it. For example I dropped G-senjou no Maou near the end, but can still understand that this not a few days of work
  2. The best way to know is by looking at the CG I guess
  3. I am from those who just cannot play censored titles, but I am fine as long as it was how the game was intended (I also hate all-age games that add H-scenes just to bait the "horny players", always feel forced and unnecessary). And I do agree with the OP
  4. What kind of information? I don't know much about it but I guess that this is either a mesh model or a simple animated texture, shouldn't be that hard to understand (you can check the high-level renpy code to get what is important to integrate, and then try to find the equivalent in the SDK)
  5. Sorry I do not know much about it, but they seem to have their own file format http://sites.cybernoids.jp/cubism_e/about_moc_mtn Meaning that it will not be easy unless your engine already support it, or you have the money to hire a developer to make your very own (I wouldn't recommend it) Renpy seems to support it: https://www.renpy.org/dev-doc/html/live2d.html
  6. Definitely Muv-Luv (mostly the sequel which is Muv-Luv Alternative)
  7. Could you explain in a spoiler was it this controversial sex scene?
  8. It is even longer than the common route
  9. I check the recent votes of a vn, if someone gave a score similar to mine then I check his vn list to get my next read
  10. I like to have my VN votes organised so I can come back and suggest it back later on even after forgetting it. I also have the habit to read random people VN list on vndb to find my next read, so I’m don’t like random votes and hope mine can help someone out
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