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  1. What manga are you currently reading?

    After taking my time, I finally had the time to read Fullmetal Alchemist and boy! That manga is incredible!. Probably the best I've ever read so far. On a side note, I'm reading the promised neverland. I was there when it started and I'll stick with it. The Quintessential Quintuplet also has my attention, can't leave the usual RomCom to warm the hearth.
  2. Idol Manager

    Count me in! Sounds very good indeed, if only the idols could fall in love with you
  3. Fate Series: never interested in it, tried it once, still don't caught me.
  4. Story Behind Your Current Avatar

    Why not. Mine is from a card from Yu-Gi-Oh!, the Dimension Wanderer, no real reason as to why I choose him, just like his art and potential, besides, it helped me a lot when I was starting to play again.
  5. Only for those who are part of the Audrey Fanclub

    Audrey is definitely the best girl in the game, also, can I keep the badge?
  6. HunieCam Studio Hype and Discussion (Released!)

    I did like huniepop (even if the guy was a douche by dating at least 10 different girls), and this one doesn't seem so bad, I wouldn't play it though, watch a let's play maybe, but not play it
  7. Show yourself off (RL picture thread)

    So, people, enjoy the stoner in person and be marvelled with my SHOCKING PERSONA
  8. One Last Chance

    Seems pretty good, looking forward to it.
  9. Fuwanovel Mascot

    That does sound like a very good idea, after all, most of the MC do look like that
  10. I can see the kappa from here
  11. Shoujo City 3D (alpha release)

    It seems very good for an android app, might as well try it
  12. Hello everyone!

    thanks for the recommendations, by the way, i've already finished koisuru and koichoco, and I did enjoy koichoco too
  13. Hello everyone!

    I KNEW I WAS FORGETTING SOMETHING my bad... I actually prefer romance driven visual novels, always been a fan of them (though some eroges are not out of the list)
  14. Hello everyone!

    Hello, I am the galaxy stoner and i'm here for the joy of the visual novel World ... ok I am new to visual novel so i'd like to have recommendation if it's not much of a problem. So, thanks for the future welcome