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  1. Hmm that's a tough one. I like evil series but I just like the premis of the series not the use of voicebanks. Hmm, "Sleeping Princess", "Chilledren", "Giga Cartoon Witch", "Wonder Girl and Labyrinth Gate", "Mistletoe (I don't like the story on this one but gosh the usage of voicebanks are fantastic!)", "Soleil", "Soundless Voice"... ugh I should stop this is getting out of hand. These are my favorites I guess, though I'm sure if I think I'll add a lot of new ones. Do you know any of these? Please say yes
  2. I'll be waiting for it! Btw are you doing japanese or english?
  3. In 2d my favorite is Mind-break, Netorare, Incest, simply anything taboo. I don't like guro or scat in any medium. In real life I can't really describe. I am a blend of demisexual and heterosexual. I mean I do find people hot but I only want to do it with them after I become friends with them, or know them etc. b/c of that my fetishes vary a lot. In any case a healthy body is an overall fetish for me. Rather than big boobs and big butts, I'd love a girl who is really active. Gosh I love when girls run, dance or do anything active. A healthy cardiovascular system is important you know
  4. Wait whaaat!? Do you produce vocaloid music, especielly with Rin and Len!? PM ME THE LINKS! NOW!
  5. Oh I didn't come back this is my first time. Be gentle with me Also I don't really have a favorite but since Umineko was the first one I've played I enjoy it the most ^^ Helloooo! My favorite is Kagamine twins and Neru I guess... I like gakupo too but not his voicebank I just like his representation. Actually now I have a better understanding of the termes "open-minded" and "idea" so even hough we talked about different meanings it wasn't a waste of time imo. In any case, see you around ^^
  6. *And there Kaguya was, checking the text wall with tears I guess so. Damn open-mindedness is a general word. I'll be more careful when I use it from now on. Also that's why I added the last part, as I guess everyone has their own bias one way or another like you said. Well in the end... I don't even know! What did we learn in the end!?
  7. experimenting on how to make the perfect prosciutto. When she learned Yin became a god (even though she was a god in the beginning too) she decided to poison Yin and take all her superpowers. With this on her mind she teleported to somewhere near Yin and put some of the poisened prosciutto on the ground. When Yin saw the prosciutto Yang had put...
  8. Well your title is Misunderstood artistic genius so I'd say I won't be the only one ^^'. Though I also listen to electro sometimes! If you PM me some of your music I would more than gladly listen to it! I was generalizing a little I listen to everything! Well almost everything... Tx! Sure will! Thanks for the welcome ^^. Well being a global mod and all that's to be expected ^^'. Not from me though, I will burn you alive! Well I know I just said that but actually I agree on some points with you. Yes, in some of the examples you really gave the impression that you are close-minded on some topics, or maybe "inflexible about different ideas on some topics" would be a better definition. Though I would like to ask you a few questions, just to make sure. If some guy, with a lot of known people backing him up, was to write a book with proper documents, videos and testimonies about Nazi Regime and say "Actually this was all propaganda we didn't do it!" would you not even listen to what he has to say? I personally think you would, as you took the time to calculate how many people they have killed daily. Of course, the fact that you didn't spend time to research what had happened may make you close-minded on this topic, but if your answer to my question is "Meh, I'll spare a minute." then I think you will be categorized as open-minded. Now here is the second point I agree with you. From what you have written I have gotten the impression that you are unwilling to consider new ideas on some topics. This is against the definition of open-minded as one needs to be willing to be open-minded. However, I think you are just not willing to consider ideas that are hollow. Unfortunately an idea can be hollow as it fits the definition of idea, which is: "a general understanding of something, based on some knowledge about it", but can we really say you are close-minded because you don't particularly like certain types of ideas? I believe that isn't clearly stated in the definition of open-mindedness (I don't know if that's a real word). You mentioned you are more likely to consider things that fit in your lifestyle. Again, you are right here as you are unwilling to consider new ideas on such cases, and again being unwilling is against the definition, but if someone tells you something about your lifestyle do you simply go like "Go away!" or you wait for just a split second -you don't even have to think about it, just have to hear it and understand it- and go "Go away." Of course if your answer is no, I guess that makes you close-minded on this example. In case of math, can we really categorize math as an idea? I guess we can. However, do you ever look for proofs? In the case of math, I would say understanding what you are learning makes you open-minded and memorizing just for the test makes you close-minded. I can't really tell which one you are doing, but that's not the point anyway. Now here comes the important part. In the beginning of this topic I have mentioned I liked open-minded people and didn't like close-minded people. I agree that it was an overstatement as open-mindedness (Call me shakespeare!) cover almost everyhing, so it is most probably impossible for somebody to be open-minded on everything. What I have said can only be reasonable if it is taken as generalization, because I noticed that I wouldn't care if somebody just memorized math equations even if the act of doing so is close-minded. But I think what I have said after that is acceptable. I said "politically, socially, and spiritually" and I think it isn't really hard to be open-minded on these topics. One can be socially open-minded as long as s/he doesn't go crazy and hurt people who try to live with their own culture (as long as the other guy isn't hurting him, if another culture is a threat to his well-being I consider that an exception), one can be politically open-minded if he just listens to what other people say when they want to say something rather than shutting them up. Also one can be spiritually open-minded as long as s/he accepts the fact that people who believe in other religions or people who live with different spiritual affiliations exist and s/he should not harm them. I think you fit in all these three, right? Not approving of a guy who tries to make raping illegal doesn't make you socially close-minded even if you don't listen to their story because their action is a threat at that moment. Afterwards I'm sure if you saw an article about what that guy has to say you will read it even though you will certainly disagree with him. Not agreeing with what ISIS says isn't politically close-minded as again they are both spiritually and politically dangerous. But if you were to see an article on their reasonings you would read them right? Well now that I think about it, I think I'm going to change that statement too. I will make it "I like people who are spiritually, politically, socially open-minded or at least have similar ethics that I live by." Because again, what I wrote in the previous paragraph is a little extreme. If you were to not read what that rape fanatic has got to say but still disagree with him, I wouldn't hate you or tell you you are close-minded because I too find that guy crazy so I agree with you and our ethics are the same. In any case, I think the problem with my reasoning was the term open-minded being too general, rather than being vague. Well if you meant that by saying vague then I agree with you on that one too. What do you think about my last statement? Do you think it is acceptable?
  9. Awwhhh Dergonu will be sad now It was just the right moment for a punch line too
  10. Why are you calling yourself crazy, your arguments are pretty cool. I would say what you have mentioned are what an open minded person would say. The reason is you have actually considered them. When a person comes up to you and says "Hitler is awesome!" you don't need to reconsider everything you have learned. That's not what being open-minded is. You find Hitler evil, as do I, and what makes us open-minded about that is we have reasons to do so. We have knowledge on that topic, on what his supporters have believed and we have derived to our own conclusion based on the knowledge we have from both sides. We know back in Nazi Germany some people thought Hitler was amazing, yet we still chose to reject his ideals and beliefs. However if we have done that just because our dad told us he is evil with no explanation, that would have been close minded. Same goes for ISIS. They are insane terrorists who somehow convinced themselves that they are fighting for something holy. When a person comes up to you and says "ISIS are real muslims everyone else should just die!" if you respond with "Go away." that again isn't being close-minded, because you have knowledge on what terrorism is. If you however said "Muslims are all crazy" without reading the holy text that would be close-minded. You mentioned you are unable to consider things that go against your pre-conceived notions. Well again why would that make you close-minded? You have those notions because they were the ones that made sense for you, among others. Let me give an anecdote to be more clear. A few years ago I thought of homosexuality as a disease. I wasn't really mean to homosexuals but I didn't respect them. However, as I did some research on homosexuality and got to know more homosexual people I realized they aren't some type of flawed creatures who are a threat to humanity. They simply are humans who have different tastes than me. Now here comes the important part: After all this, if I chose to still consider them as flawed creatures, I would have been open-minded again, because the act of learning on something I disagree on is actually being receptive to new ideas. In the end I would have considered their ideas, and choose to reject them after I considered everything they had to say. Another example would be those freaks in US who said rape should be legal. Now I am pretty sure both you and I consider rape unacceptable. If someone from that group comes to us and say "Rape is awesome!" we would tell them to go away. Now will that make us close-minded? No, because we have listened to their arguments. We considered their arguments, and deemed them unacceptable. As long as one is willing to consider anything, he will be open-minded. That's what I believe being open-minded is, not willing to accept new ideas but to consider them. Also definition of considering is basicly thinking about something carefully before making a choice, judgement etc.: just to make things more clear. Let me give just one more example. You mentioned you believe races aren't inherently different. Why do you think that? You think that because you also have knowledge on why people thought races are different and decided to not buy what they say. My english isn't perfect so there may be some parts that need clarification. I shall await your reply
  11. decide to forget everything for that moment... and become one. Yin slowly... Alright go all the way Yuri Master you earned it!
  12. I actually voted for G-senjou no Maou but Cartagra is pretty good too
  13. So you are really going along with that eh ^^' because of the other girl. Actually our protagonist was a goddess who reigned on heaven as Yin. The other girl was Yang. They were the two goddesses who kept the balance in afterlife. However someday Yang disappeared. First Yin thought this was simply a game of hers, but as decades passed Yang didn't appear. Meanwhile the peace in heaven was no more, because without Yang residents of afterlife weren't able to retain their humane and materialist thoughts so they slowly turned into doll-like creatures. Yin had to stop this, so she went to the only place where Yang can go, Earth. After the reconstruction of existence, she saw Yang looking at her. Yang was...
  14. OY Kaguya! The story was was going so well . Write something else, NOW!
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