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  1. Since I am only a couple days away from releasing the next update to my beta testers, I decided to share the next free public release today! Download link is on my Patreon page and it is right at the top so you don't even have to read anything I wrote on my creator page if you don't want to :D. Enjoy!
  2. Added the latest free public release to the OP, also here is the changelog for the latest version shared with patrons. Completed version v0.04.D6 and released to Patrons. Changelog 4/20 v0.04.D6 Completed Day 6 Events 32 new CG's added (some were facial expression images for certain poses) 4 new major scenes added 1st with fetish content 3rd with Bridget 5th with Grand Master 1st with Sinius Added Book of Fetishes to be able to toggle any content you don't wish to see Added Homework Log to be able to see what homework you have completed and any that you have failed to turn in Commissioned a new special position sprite for Tara Assorted bug fixes
  3. In the route where that is explored Tara would actually come to be involved with one character before being unwillingly forced to please other students and teachers at the school. This is planned to be the 2nd route developed in the game so I just want to put the disclaimer out that it will be a while since I am doing the trainer route for now.
  4. NTR would be on one of the route possibilities. Although my patrons did vote for me to continue the story of the trainer route first so it might be a while before the NTR one is completed. If that specific fetish is what you are looking for I just want you to know it won't be developed in the game right away. I do plan on having quite a few outfits available throughout the game as Tara is trained to wear more and more revealing clothing. I do have stockings in my 3d rendering program as an option.
  5. Tara was the first one to have her portrait converted to the 3d model, and Sinius was second. As I progress through the game I plan on creating 3d models of all of the characters and then replacing their portraits similarly. It will take a little while for all of the characters to develop, but I do have plans for them all in the future where they will be quite different from each other. I deliberately made Tara as an unsympathetic protagonist. As the game proceeds you can either choose to have her trained into being very submissive to someone who controls her, or to change her personality into one that has developed from the spoiled and uncaring brat she started out as into a compassionate and decent human being (heh, elf). Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it.
  6. Hmm, I just tested them and they seem to be working fine. Maybe try a different browser? I have heard that mega sometimes is picky about the browser being used...
  7. I posted the request to move this thread over to the creative corner. Sorry for the confusion. I haven't had anyone yet say that their system wouldn't handle the game so I hope it will work for you and that you give me whatever feedback you have about what I have created so far. Thanks!
  8. I started a new post but unfortunately I didn't put it in the correct forum. Could someone please move Adventures of Tara post from Visual Novel Talk into the Creative Corner? My apologies for the trouble.
  9. I can certainly do that, thanks! Great book from your signature, btw. One of my favorites...
  10. Damn, yes it definitely should be in the creative corner. My apologies! Is it possible for me to move it or is that something only mods can do? Or should I just re-create the post there and delete this one? 1. Currently in the demo there are 2 frame loop animations but nothing that would qualify as true 3d image animations. I may work on including this into the game at some point depending on time and interest. 2. Hard to say at this point. I have quite a few plans for scenes in the game so it really just depends on how much game time it takes to include them all. The demo right now is 2 days of in game events so as a rough guess I would say it would be at least 20 times that for the final game? Hmm, 40 days total? That could be a good guess. 3. The gameplay does not have a battle system, it is more story driven with choices made affecting the progression of the character and what end you experience. Do you avoid, as much as possible, any sexual experiences in the game? Or do you seek them out and have Tara become a very sexual person? The choice is yours. 4. I listed the main fetishes above as - Already included in the Demo so far; exposure, embarrassment, humiliation, voyeurism, blackmail, body transformations, induced lust, and magical rape(not sure what else to call it?) Themes planned for the future; futa, bestiality, tentacles, complete corruption/slutification, pregnancy(one route will likely have NTR) as well as many more outfits. So I suppose some of the more niche ones but I won't do the most extreme like scat, vore, torture, etc.
  11. Reepyr is me, the developer, and not a woman. Main character is Tara who is the one working towards graduation. On my Patreon page there are additional images from within the game. The gameplay itself is standard RPG Maker VX ACE for the 2d environment.
  12. Latest Free release to the public v0.02.D4 was shared on my Patreon page 5/28! After many years of enjoying the hentai games that are available (well, the ones in english anyway), I decided to finally work on creating one of my own. Adventures of Tara was born! While the game isn't complete I believe that there is enough content to give a pretty good idea of the artwork, story line, writing and characters that I am creating for the game. So I am releasing this demo to the community for (hopefully constructive) feedback. Already included in the Demo so far; exposure, embarrassment, humiliation, voyeurism, blackmail, body transformations, induced lust, and magical rape(not sure what else to call it?) Themes planned for the future; futa, bestiality, tentacles, complete corruption/slutification, (one route will likely have NTR) as well as many more outfits. The basics of the story is that Tara is an elven girl who is attending her last year of schooling at a university teaching different types of magic to its students, so a more medieval type of setting. While she is quite skilled in the magical arts she does not appear to have any ability whatsoever to interact with other students in a positive way. This is going to cause her some problems in the very near future. The demo is fairly linear but from this point on I have plans to have branching decisions to determine what path is played through the game, as well as some time management choices which will have major impacts on what happens to her going forward. A couple larger images Questions/plans for the future; What lengths will Tara go to in trying to remove the curse? Does the Grand Master have any chance (or desire) to remove the enchantment? Will Sinius be successful in corrupting Tara over time? (trainer route) How will Bernal proceed since he is aware of the effects of the curse? (affection route) What effect will everything that has happened so far have on her magical abilities? Will she be able to manage the spell effects without succumbing to mindless lust? Something is planned for Morton, right? I knew it! How long before the exchange students visit the school? When will Reepyr create the battle sex system he has planned? (oh, ...probably after her graduation) I have set up a Patreon account in case anyone would like to contribute in the creation process but regardless of how much (or little) support I receive I will continue to work on the game and occasionally share versions of it here and on other sites and whenever I complete it fully I will release the game for free. Patreon Demo Download 218MB If you already have VX ACE RTP installed you can use this Download instead. 29MB P.S. Using cheat engine with the speed hack will make a few of the scenes move faster than intended.