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  1. How dare you insult my children like this!


    ...But it's really interesting how opinions can differ sometimes. I consider Hyouka one of the best anime ever made and it's mainly because how it uses it's characters who I think are all masterpieces and how it uses mysteries to further their development (or sometimes non-development) in interesting ways while at the same time perfectly portrays the art of wasting time. And how Houtarou's world-view contrasts with Chitanda's romanticism that is a result of her background and resignation at an already pre-determined future... and... and..


    I could basically continue forever haha, but I guess there's nothing that's universally loved.


    Also most Kyo-Ani works actually don't have very big budgets (well we don't know the exact budgets for any anime but several knowledgeable people have said this), but their unique production system makes things look really good anyway.

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