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  1. Kimi e Okuru, Sora no Hana Translation Project





    Title: Kimi e Okuru, Sora no Hana

    Original Title: キミへ贈る、ソラの花

    Lenght: Medium (10 - 30 hours)

    Developer: Cabbit

    Publishers: Cabbit/ Mengyand Bayue Tonghaohui


    Shuuya has been able to see ghosts ever since he was a child, but he kept it a secret from everyone. One day, he noticed a girl wearing winter clothes even though it was warm outside. She noticed his gaze and happily said ‘I found you!’. The girl, Matsuri was a ghost who was scouting people who could see spirits for a new private school, Suou Academy. Since he wanted to find out why he had this special ability, he decided to join the school where ghosts and those who can see them both attend.



    Team Name: Alei Translations

    Project Leader: @Aleister

    Translator: @kokoro

    Editor: @EldritchCherub

    Image Editor: @DemonSabre @Aleister

    Hacker: @marcus-beta

    QC: @Aleister




    Recruitment Info:

    Hi guys, I made this group recently, so we need help with translation, and in this case and project, TLC and if you are interested in helping with other projects don't hesitate and go ahead! Like I said, I made this group recently, but we have big plans, and of course, projects... but as you can see, we have few members, don't worry though, we are totally serious with any project we work on. Anyway, we need translators and Translation Checkers for this project, if someone wants to join don't hesitate and send a mss! (I'll leave the contact means at the end of the post).


    - Hacking done -

    GUI Partially edited


    - Prologue 100%













    Opening Movie



    Additional Information:

    As you can see, we are starting our first project, so if you have any questions, suggestions, etc. I'm leaving the group page, translation page, and something more, down here.

    Team Site: 

    Project Site: https://kimisoratl.wordpress.com/

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/alei_tl

    Discord (Join it! :D): https://discord.gg/zzPuwuJ

  2. 12 minutes ago, Porygon2 said:

    Use arcconv mod warcscan to get the key (execute this after starting the game): arc_conv --mod warcscan key.txt
    That should give you the key for most games - if that doesn't work, you'll have to get the key from the executable or make custom tools if the archive format is different for that game.

    This --mod warcscan only support games of engine 2.48 or less but the problem... this engine is v2.49. I mean, we need make a tool or debug the game to get the key file but the arc_conv can found war files name. For us only the key is needed and a repack tool but that is what we can't do  :komari:

  3. Someone can help me? I want start a project into english together to my group (Secret for now) but the files is .WAR. The current hacker don't have knowledge about it, basically we need the Key file for extract the archives. Arc_conv can extract with the key (maybe) but that work in asm level and that is something that we don't have :komari:


  4. Someone can help me? uhm... I extracted the scripts of Hanasaki work spring for my first translation japanese-other language, but I tried extracting the scripts of Hatsuyuki sakura and Karumaruka Circle too, (obviously with the same tool)

    I used this:


    Well, as worked with hanasaki I assumed that works with other of Saga Planets, but it was not like that... I tried and showed this error:


    Someone knows about it?

    Also, I tried extrac the scripts of Clover Day's too but no lucky ;__; if someone knows about it I would be grateful to help me :kosame:


  5. 5 hours ago, Kirashi said:

    This game will be a pain to translate.

    The sentences in english are totaly different from japanese's (with some mistakes and mistranslation here and there). 

    Trust me that's not worth to translate from english. It would be better to translate from jap>spn

    We have someone who knows Japanese in the team, but only be able to help us with TLC, with that we are fine... (maybe)


    5 hours ago, Aizen-Sama said:

    Is japanese really that difficult to learn? Just curious since I'm going to take some classes soon.

    The Japanese is easy, how difficult it is have the desire and patience to learn everything correctly

  6. So, a long time ago I don't do a post hahah. This time it's about tokyo babel, a project that my group of spanish translations wants to take (Translation eng-spn), we have the team all armed and ready, but the biggest problem we face is that we haven't a hacker that it can extract the script and others to begin our project. So this time I came to ask for help to the community, if there is anyone among you that can lend a hand we'd really appreciate it.

    Then the team is:

    Project Leader:



    Lestat Lamperogue



    Image editor:


    Contact me: Private message or here 


    PD: I'm really good not at this and I'm noob, so sorry if I haven't expressed correctly :vinty:

    Sin darme cuenta puse todo el post en ingles jaja, si alguno sabe español o portugués siéntanse libre de comentar así, es un poco mas cómodo para mi :mare: