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  1. Hi all!

  2. We have someone who knows Japanese in the team, but only be able to help us with TLC, with that we are fine... (maybe) The Japanese is easy, how difficult it is have the desire and patience to learn everything correctly
  3. Yes, completely sure. We know it is very difficult but same we want do it
  4. Acá otro español, estudiante de japones, portugues e italiano o/
  5. Tokyo Necro Translation Project

    I can help you with video editing... if you overcome your fear with the issue of the videos of course v:
  6. Tokyo Necro Translation Project

    Great project, I hope much for your progress!
  7. Hello everyone!

    hello, nice to meet, I'm new here, is more recently registered this afternoon and I thought it would be good to introduce myself hahah. mmm, well, first of all, I am Hispanic, and my English is not fluid or good but I hope you will forgive. I'm a neet (okno haha) I like the light novels, I have what is almost a year in this visual novels and so far has delighted me! my favorite visual novels so far are Rewrite, princess evangile and dracu riot. And I can't wait to read Clover Days and Karumaruka Circle as well as many more. With this brief introduction, nice to meet everyone! PD: I almost forgot ... I'm editor of images and video, so feel free to whisper me for help.
  8. Hello everyone!

    Hello, and thank you very much. I found the VN's because a friend who always spoke about them. Thanks for the Moe :DD
  9. Birthday thread

    Lol, thank you very much my fellow Anzu lover
  10. Birthday thread

    thank you very much!
  11. Hi !

    Nice to meet. My first lenguage is Spanish :DD
  12. Question

    First of all, remember that I am new here haha The question I have to do is about the recruitment system ... to begin recruiting for X project, you need to already have a translator on the team before recruiting or can be recruited without the translator? On the other hand. You who say of Arterial of origins? it's good or bad? It looks good and I was a bit surprised to see that no one has had an eye to pass to English.
  13. Hello everyone!

    Welcome to the jungle xD I mean, welcome to the fuwa Nyx. I'am noob too, nice to meet
  14. Question

    I think he translated only the names of the characters, abilities and cards.
  15. Question

    Yeah. That's what I thought, so I find it a pity that he died
  16. Question

    Nice point. Now I begin to understand. Thank you
  17. Hello everyone!

    Yes, I'am ecuadorian :DD Nice too meet
  18. Hello everyone!

    Thanks (。・ω・。)
  19. Hello everyone!

    Thanks. I'll read it in a free moment :DD
  20. Hello everyone!

    Thanks :DD
  21. Hello everyone!

    Thanks. I hope so
  22. El Español es mi idioma nativo (bueno, en realidad el catalán pero da casi igual)