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  1. If we spoke of female singers, my favorite would be Duca! I really love her! anyway, thanks for your support, we will try our best!
  2. I'm glad you liked it, 応援ありがとうございました!
  3. Kimi e Okuru, Sora no Hana Translation Project Info Staff Team Name: Alei Translations Project Leader: @Aleister Translator: @kokoro Editor: @EldritchCherub Image Editor: @DemonSabre @Aleister Hacker: @marcus-beta QC: @Aleister TLC: Recruiting! Recruitment Info: Hi guys, I made this group recently, so we need help with translation, and in this case and project, TLC and if you are interested in helping with other projects don't hesitate and go ahead! Like I said, I made this group recently, but we have big plans, and of course, projects... but as you can see, we have few members, don't worry though, we are totally serious with any project we work on. Anyway, we need translators and Translation Checkers for this project, if someone wants to join don't hesitate and send a mss! (I'll leave the contact means at the end of the post). Progress - Hacking done - GUI Partially edited Translation: - Prologue 100% Samples Additional Information: As you can see, we are starting our first project, so if you have any questions, suggestions, etc. I'm leaving the group page, translation page, and something more, down here. Team Site: Project Site: https://kimisoratl.wordpress.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/alei_tl Discord (Join it! :D): https://discord.gg/zzPuwuJ
  4. So... I'm finally freeeeee!! fuck the test, fuck the school! :sacchan:

  5. This --mod warcscan only support games of engine 2.48 or less but the problem... this engine is v2.49. I mean, we need make a tool or debug the game to get the key file but the arc_conv can found war files name. For us only the key is needed and a repack tool but that is what we can't do
  6. Someone can help me? I want start a project into english together to my group (Secret for now) but the files is .WAR. The current hacker don't have knowledge about it, basically we need the Key file for extract the archives. Arc_conv can extract with the key (maybe) but that work in asm level and that is something that we don't have
  7. I wish you the best of luck with this project!
  8. If you want you can join to my gruop (Spanish too) and I'll help you with it
  9. Someone can help me? uhm... I extracted the scripts of Hanasaki work spring for my first translation japanese-other language, but I tried extracting the scripts of Hatsuyuki sakura and Karumaruka Circle too, (obviously with the same tool) I used this: Well, as worked with hanasaki I assumed that works with other of Saga Planets, but it was not like that... I tried and showed this error: Someone knows about it? Also, I tried extrac the scripts of Clover Day's too but no lucky ;__; if someone knows about it I would be grateful to help me
  10. Uhmm Kuroki Eiyuu no Ichigeki Musou
  11. You need any image editor? If you need I can help you
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