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    B3A2T reacted to rainsismyfav in Anybody Interested in a Japanese Basic Grammar Teaching Livestream (&Youtube)?   
    Hello folks,
    As the title suggested, I'm curious to see how many people will be interested in watching an instructional jp basic grammar livestream (which will be uploaded to youtube). It will be aimed for beginners. If I'm successful I will keep on going~.
    So far I only have rough plans but the set-up will look like this:
    Hitbox livestream
    Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation
    No webcam
    I'm only planning to go over basic grammar (for now). As for the sequence, I'm going to follow this book

      and get other support reference from Taekim and Genki textbooks.
    I plan the frequency of the stream to be once a week, during either Saturday or Sunday (afternoon/evenings EST). I intend to answer questions during the stream in real time, though I will only have access to hitbox's chat, so you might have to register first (???).
    If I see enough people interested, I'll start preparing. Don't expect too much of me though, I don't know how well I teach yet .
    If you have other recommendations please do tell.
    I expect to start by March, by then I should have a months worth of presentation finished.
    Tentative topics covered during the first few weeks would be:
    Japanese sentence structure, Hira/kata, Kanji, Particles, Basic verb forms, etc.
    I will use romaji (under the hiragana for the first two/three weeks) and then phase it out.
    For example sentences, I will use the books' and pick up stuff from VNs I happen to read.
    I will ONLY teach GRAMMAR. For vocabs/kanji, you'll be on your own.
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    B3A2T reacted to astro in Japanese Help Thread   
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    B3A2T reacted to Nosebleed in Characters That Look Similar/Same   
    Sakura from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun and Paras from Pokemon

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    B3A2T reacted to Kyoroto in Characters That Look Similar/Same   
    Me & Lelouch

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    B3A2T got a reaction from Eclipsed in Favorite anime OSTs   
    I liked that quite a lot. It's easier for me to like a soundtrack after hearing it in the context of the anime but that definitely wasn't needed here (I dropped Trinity Seven on ep1). It kind of reminded me of 

    And the slowish note progression reminded me of Kashiwa Daisuke for some reason.

    Back on topic, here's a sad violin piece from ef:

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    B3A2T reacted to Eclipsed in Favorite anime OSTs   
    For anime, I don't usually pay attention to OP/EDs and the BGMs are usually forgettable for me, but there was one action violin BGM in Trinity Seven that actually managed to stick on my mind and so I made this thread~

    The buildup is nice, and my favorite part starts around 0:50. It just sounds so epic~ Or maybe I'm just a sucker for violins xD

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    B3A2T reacted to Flutterz in Favorite anime OSTs   
    Shinsekai Yori

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    B3A2T reacted to LiquidShu in K - POP Fuwa fans   
    Gasp! English at an Asian Music Award! 
    All of Me (Live) - John Legend
    Grats on the best international artist! 
    Some more live performances:
    Various Songs - WINNER + EPIK HIGH + Bobby 
    Grats WINNER for best new male group
    Next is Seo Taiji's live performance! 
    ICON / Chrismalo.win - Seo Taiji
    Note: Again with all videos regarding MAMA 2014 they may be taken down or have less than ideal audio quality.
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    B3A2T reacted to Mephisto in Japanese Help Thread   
    Ugh... the language used here is a bit heavy. Kind of just said "meh" at points. 
    That was a bit long, please try to keep things to asking specific questions, rather than translating complete paragraphs with no questions. This isn't a particularly good translation, but should at least give an idea of what's going on. Feels quite heavy/tense reading it, couldn't quite capture that in english. 
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    B3A2T reacted to Nosebleed in Are Kinetic Novels Good or Bad?   
    I don't know, why do people still pay money for books? What a silly endeavor.
    The "Kinetic" part merely defines the format, what's important is the content, therefore there can be really good Kinetic Novels just like there can be really bad Visual Novels with choices.
    You can't really generalize them as good or bad since a format does not affect the content, although you can say if you dislike the format or not and in that regard you're more than welcome to say you prefer a format where you have some control over the story.
    I personally just feel like they're 2 different ways to read a story.
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    B3A2T reacted to Zalor in Are Kinetic Novels Good or Bad?   
    There has not been a visual novel I read without the use of a walkthrough. I bolded "read" in my previous sentence because I don't seek to play a visual novel by making choices, I only care about the story; hence the reason why I shamelessly use walkthroughs. Having to sift through bad choices and backtracking to get the proper ending seems like an unnecessary pain in the ass when I only care about the story. 
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    B3A2T reacted to Silvz in Are Kinetic Novels Good or Bad?   
    Since I almost don't care about choices, all VNs for me are kinect
    Seriously, I read them for the story, not for choices
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    B3A2T reacted to OriginalRen in Most Fabulous Anime Opening?   
    Yup. Season 2 Oscar winner right here for Ren's anime group:

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    B3A2T reacted to suikashoujo in Most Fabulous Anime Opening?   
    This was a really hard choice for me since I have a long list of favorites, but this is probably my favorite in recent memory, so I'll post it for the time being:
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    B3A2T reacted to Life in Most Fabulous Anime Opening?   
    Maybe not the most fabulous but I loved the op for Ef and how it is different for every episode.

    You eventually get this one from the last episode.

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    B3A2T got a reaction from Funnerific in Japanese Help Thread for Beginners/Starters?   
    So I googled というには and looked at some sentences:
    美人というにはほど遠い -> Weblio translates this as "far from beautiful" 愛と言うにはちょっと足りない 不思議というには地味な話 春というにはまだ寒い陽気でした 剣というにはあまりにも大きすぎ   I get the impression that the above mean:
    As for calling it love, there's not enough. => Not enough to call it love. Story is too plain to call it mysterious. Weather is still (too) cold to call it spring. Too big to call it a sword.   So with your sentence, it might be something like: It's too 騒がしい to call it 静寂. Take this with an ample amount of salt though since I'm a novice too.
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