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  1. Currently playing Baldr Sky Dive 2. Was expecting to start Makoto's route today but then I realised I need to read through the 記憶遡行 scenes to unlock her route. So many more days until Gray Christmas T.T
  2. I collected quite a few wallpaper before. But ever since I started tiling my windows, I never see my desktop any more. All that wasted time.
  3. Posting screenshots = deleting random shit to pretend you're organised. Before After
  4. I liked that quite a lot. It's easier for me to like a soundtrack after hearing it in the context of the anime but that definitely wasn't needed here (I dropped Trinity Seven on ep1). It kind of reminded me of And the slowish note progression reminded me of Kashiwa Daisuke for some reason. Back on topic, here's a sad violin piece from ef:
  5. Some fabulous advertising Not an OP but just FABULOUS
  6. Bleach: Let me explain my ability to you. Shingeki no Kyojin: Let me shout at you for multiple hours instead of asking why.
  7. So I googled というには and looked at some sentences: 美人というにはほど遠い -> Weblio translates this as "far from beautiful" 愛と言うにはちょっと足りない 不思議というには地味な話 春というにはまだ寒い陽気でした 剣というにはあまりにも大きすぎ I get the impression that the above mean: As for calling it love, there's not enough. => Not enough to call it love. Story is too plain to call it mysterious. Weather is still (too) cold to call it spring. Too big to call it a sword. So with your sentence, it might be something like: It's too 騒がしい to call it 静寂. Take this with an ample amount of salt though since I'm a novice too.
  8. Wow, thread revival. I know this has been repeated ad nauseum but what I can definitely say after 6 months is that dict crawling + learning grammar = profit. Thanks to Rains for starting the group. Admittedly, the Koikishi deadlines were hard to sustain given everyone has differing schedules and interests but I certainly think it helped me in the beginning. After all, alone, I may very well have thought "this is too hard", gave up and tried to go through Genki and losing motivation halfway through. Learning with VNs definitely kept the experience interesting and having a group of others doing the same thing cleared away my mental impression of Japanese as an impregnable fortress. So yeah, a group of fellow japanese learners is a great motivational boost and a nice place to work together on sentences we don't understand. On that note, many thanks to Chronopolis for answering so many our noob questions. This is hoshi btw.
  9. Ah the good old BL infestor days It was amazing when Life beat MVP in GSL finals, becoming the youngest Royal Roader. Not to mention his utter dominance after that. I still folIow the scene every now and then when I'm procrastinating from Japanese study. I like watching players like Maru, Polt, Liquid HerO and Parting. I wish I could tear a Protoss apart like Maru in this video. Tearing apart a Protoss that has more economy and 3-3 upgrades when you're still 1-1? Just amazing.
  10. Oh, a sc2 thread ^.^ Here's the link to my account. Paste it in any message box inside SC2 and you can click it to see my profle. starcraft://profile/1/9243178665087336448 I mainly play team ladder (1v1 too stressful ) and Nexus Wars on the NA server. I'd love to have more ppl to play with
  11. It's too hard to pick favourite songs so here's a random selection: The main game I play (and follow on twitch.tv) is Starcraft II so Kpop has rubbed off on me. Depending on mood, I also listen to soundtracks frequently.
  12. @zoom909: Thanks for taking the time to give me some feedback It was very helpful. @rain: I'm curious at what the group is like so I just added you. @seventhfonist425: I get the feeling that finishing RTK only helps in the long term as you come across new vocab since it's easier to associate a meaning to kanji you are vaguely familiar with. Don't think it helps much with remembering readings though. So the main skill required for making sense out of what you read is grammar. probably.
  13. Hi everyone. I casually decided to give Aeru's "Learn Japanese in 2 years guide" a shot at the beginning of last December. I finished Heisig's RTK about 3 weeks ago and I've been reading slowly through Tae Kim's grammar guide since then. I'm only up to "Honorific and Humble forms" in the "Special Expressions" part of his guide but I decided to start trying to read some VNs (with ITH and Translation Aggregator) to drill in some grammar before I forget most of what I learnt in "Basic and Essential Grammar". As such, I decided to give Koikishi Purely Kiss a go after seeing this thread. Though the starting group is already 2 weeks in so I'm probably too late the party T.T Here are a few lines near the beginning of the game and my extremely clumsy attempt at trying to make some sense out of it. I was hoping someone could help explain the sentences below. As for the sentences I'm particularly confused about: I'm not sure if I should continue doing this because I have no feedback on where I'm misreading things. Maybe I should try reading a VN that has translated scripts so I can compare?
  14. Just finished Amane's diary flashback "chapter". Now I need to rant a bit before I can read on.
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