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  1. What is the meaning of life?

    I don't know and I don't care what the meaning of life is. All I know is that life exist and we should all try to live as happy a life as possible. I think people try too hard to find a meaning in life does life need a meaning? I just try to enjoy my life as much as a can. Life is something that you should just try to enjoy and not think too much about why. Do we need to have a meaning to life can't we just being happy knowing that they is life and just enjoy it as much as we can.


    Not the best answers I could give but that what come to mind. Sorry for any bad English just too lazy too check over it right now.

  2. Weirdest answer you can think of. Why is the sky blue?


    It's made out of smurfs

    I think I asked that before, my question got avoided for some strange reason, though.


    Won't you be loyal to me Ohi?

    What do I get if I am loyal to you? I be loyal to you if it help Kaguya

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