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  1. Why did i married a lewd torture princess? When did I become an M? Let try to make this work out somehow
  2. NOOOOOOOOO I will do what I want to do. I am a cute loli idol nekomimi vampire who may or may not be an evil trap
  3. Fuwapolice what am I being arrested for? I be a good loli idol now I will help the censorship don't kill me I do anything to help you all now. I was wrong censorship is good
  4. This post has been removed by a moderator. The Fuwapolice has been sent to this user's home. Denied no my right are being denied. *Crying*. I need to stand up for my right but the power at be are too strong but I will never give up for a free fuwanovel. I think I am having too much fun with this
  5. This post has been denied by a moderator Censorship is evil!. Fight the censor. Stand up for your FUWA rights.
  6. This post has been removed by a moderator Censorship is evil!
  7. When it come out I just became an Idol not to long ago so not everything is ready yet If an company ask me to I may do an anime songs as of right now no anime songs
  8. As you all should know. I am a loli idol ask me question here.
  9. I AM a cute loli idol

  10. But I am not a trap I am a female
  11. Maybe but that make fan not like you as much. They want to think that you sing to them and not to a boyfriend or someone
  12. So many questions at once. Rain will most likely be the producer Idol can't have boyfriend. If I find other loli idol to join me maybe I do a group. YES I WILL SPREAD SMILE AND LOVE TO THE WORLD!
  13. Soon to be idol. I need to get better at being cute and singing.
  14. the truth is always hard to swallow. I am just getting ready to become an Idol so I have to love everyone
  15. Maybe that is what my profile tell me. Just take it for what it is I am a little loli female who love everyone.
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