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  1. Am not very good at taking picture of myself. Nya
  2. I have the game now Nyaa. Me is noob. id is 691386720 maybe this game will give me something to do in between classes
  3. I do plan on getting the pc version.
  4. My chair broke on me nyaa me is eating too much pocky nyaa

  5. People have the time to reread the common route? No I do not reread the common route. I might have to do this with some vn soon that I stop reading part of the way through. I was trying to read too many vn at once
  6. Over reaction is all i got to say. They is much worst thing out there
  7. I not so surprise about the digiral downloads like what I am surprise about is 88% don’t care whether DRM is present or not. So the people who strongly oppose DRM on games only makes up 12% of fans. Very surprise even more so when consider drm hate on the internet
  8. I will join. Maybe I will do something this time
  9. I have an avenger. Not play too much of ac yet
  10. When I first saw it I saw white and gold but since I have turn my monitor brightness up I see black and blue. This dress is evil.
  11. Meow

    1. Rilarion


      Instead of connecting with your inner girl you've connected with your inner cat huh?

    2. ohiowar


      inner cat girl

  12. Baka hentai Meow

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