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  1. Yeah I do hear other vn communities are toxic for the most part. And some of the complaining does come off as elitism to me. It seams to be the same people complaining about thing for a while now. Just calm down people it an internet forum.
  2. As Sara said in fsg the problem is there aren't a whole lot of new vns being translated recently so theres nothing really to talk about. And community building is more fun than the same threads re hashed [5:35:48 PM] Sarayne~: like "omg muvluv is the best thing since jesus". Vn talk will goes up when something major comes out again. Just calm down people
  3. I don't really ever remember they being much activity in visual novel discussions. Not that I post there much.
  4. What are you serious? Neko nyaa. Lewy. You are no fun nyaa. Expect for fuwa not having torrents anymore it feel about the same to me
  5. Too much work. Don't even know if it legal for me to send something to Palestine
  6. My wallet is not ready for this.
  7. I bought this for some reason. Sorry for bad image quality. Enjoy the 1/7 Saber EXTRA PVC Good Smiles
  8. Is this a problem or is my formatting on my profile just bad?
  9. doing heist with random people is hard. I did found a some people who knew what their where doing. Online Heist are fun but can take a good bit of time
  10. Yeah the many benefits of pc gaming. Yeah online does have a good number of transfer player with good weapons. Consider I only rank 9 I already have an high end apartment due to being gave a lots of hacked money back before they take that out. No I did not do any hacking they just give the money to me at random was a common thing back then until rockstar cracked down on it. once I get to rank 12 I can plan a heist fun. I do have the pre order bound don't know what to do with it.
  11. Yeah the games does run very well. Having fun. look better than my old ps3 copy
  12. Kosaki don't lie you are very lewd nyaa. I've not a hentai I am just slut nyaa
  13. No bad Noseebleed Kosaki is mine. Ohio hisses at Nosebleed. This me with pink hair nyan nyan NSFW NSFW NSFW NSFW NSFW NSFW NSFW NSFW NSFW NSFW NSFW NSFW NSFW NSFW NSFW NSFW NSFW don't get mad at me if you hit the link nyaa NSFW
  14. lol. Only two vote for me so far. I want more I did some bad thing in FSG nyaa nyaa. I am a dirty neko nya. I vote for Ken Monmon.
  15. No nosebleed bad nooooooooo just no. You know you are all hentai bakabaka hentais
  16. Nyaa. I know I called my self a nekomimi vampire idol slut but for the most part only people in fsg and some twitter people will know that or anyone who look at my profile.
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