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  1. Batman this is america you expect good heath care for cheap lol. As an america you should tough it out and never get sick. Getting sick show you are not a true american We don't need sick people here. Sorry don't have a image for you. Get better soon. I also have no idea what I am talking about

  2. A word of warning, I've read aloud a bunch of random posts on the forum. Something I tend to do, especially during serious discussions. My apologies if anyone is offended, but those are purely for humoristic purposes.



    So funny hearing someone trying to read my bad grammar out loud lol. I should have took more time with that post lol. Reminds me of how mad some of my English teacher in high school got

  3. Fuwa is a place with a respectful atmosphere, it’s not a place where sexual objectification of women can be claimed to be okay because people are enjoying themselves, that’s not kosher. And whether it’s allowed is not your call to make.


    I know of at least one woman member who was on the verge of leaving because of your funny funny threads, so I DO see a problem. Especially when it’s a goal of Fuwa to be more welcoming to that section of the fanbase.


    Fuwa isn’t the entirety of the internet, but a respectful and welcoming corner of it. Because it emphasises respect, it obviously has some limitations of what is and what isn’t allowed behaviour wise. You don’t get to do whatever you like anywhere you like because you want to enjoy yourself, and you don’t get to behave as you please in the Chatter forums. You obey the tenets and principles of wherever you happen to be.


    And if I was a woman I wouldn’t be anywhere the hell near Fuwa. Maybe that’s why most of them aren’t.

    My thread. I did not even make any of the trolling threads. Fuwa is very respectful place. And yes it not my call or your call to make.

  4. 3 – Forum management should be mostly on auto-pilot to free up time for your more important and sinister shenanigans, but the mods are too willing to indulge in disrespectful threads as long as things are fun. “Fun” is the new catch-cry by the Fuwa higher-ups it seems. They fling it out like it’s one of the core tenets guiding the management of the site, and as long as things are fun then things should be allowed to continue. Anybody against fun threads is just another “hater of fun.” You know what? I think I’ll apply this principle in society. I’m going to sit in front of the homeless and burn hundred dollar bills, I’m going to run round and round those with no legs then do high-kicks, and lastly I’ll sit next to the sightless and loudly proclaim what a blessing it is to be able to see. I’ll be enjoying myself, I won’t be breaking any laws, so everything’s just peachy right? Right? Or maybe Fuwa doesn’t want to be the internet equivalent of a snot-nosed brat?



    You are taking thing to a crazy extreme. As I have said calm down and have so fun if you are easy  offended by thing maybe you should take the time to relax. Not everything need to be taken seriously. I am not really see a huge problem on fuwa. Yeah they was to much trolling but going around calming sexism really. Many thread have been closed due to being offending to some people. You can't make everyone happy. You are going to run acoross thing you don't like on the internet. You need to learn to deal with it. Maybe fuwa does have a problem maybe it does not. What I am seeing is people who are mad do to thing they don't like and think the froums should change because they want it to change. Fuwa has always had shit pointless threads and some not so nice threads.. Most forums do you can't just have vn talk all day long. I wish I was a better writer. Maybe people who are taking thing too serious are the porblem. Fuwa is a very good place. I am happy to be a member here even so i do not post much

  5. Yeah I do hear other vn communities are toxic for the most part. And some of the complaining does come off as elitism to me. It seams to be the same people complaining about thing for a while now. Just calm down people it an internet forum. 

  6. As Sara said in fsg the problem is there aren't a whole lot of new vns being translated recently so theres nothing really to talk about. And community building is more fun than the same threads re hashed

    [5:35:48 PM] Sarayne~: like "omg muvluv is the best thing since jesus".
    Vn talk will goes up when something major comes out again. Just calm down people 
  7. Yeah the many benefits of pc gaming. Yeah online does have a good number of transfer player with good weapons. Consider I only rank 9 I already have an high end apartment due to being gave a lots of hacked money back before they take that out. No I did not do any hacking they just give the money to me at random was a common thing back then until rockstar cracked down on it. once I get to rank 12 I can plan a heist fun. I do have the pre order bound don't know what to do with it. 

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