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  1. I thought the EU was not well like
  2. Some people from FSG and I have made a guild in Tera and want to see if anyone want join. Everyone in the guild as far as I know is new to Tera our highest level players right now are level 30. BTW we are on the HIGHWATCH server. Here is the game website http://tera.enmasse.com/ it is also on Steam note only NA player can download from steam now. Any Eu player will need to download from the website link And here is a picture of my cute Elin priest.
  3. But I've already beat gta v and not played in a while now. I join when i feel like playing again
  4. Old fuwa was a dangerous place of spam and madness. I am surprise to hear that your skype get creeper problem at one point from this site. Strange I had my gender set to female(IS a male) and no random add expect for people from fsg. Yeah sadly the internet have creepers problem sometimes
  5. What are you doing here? Why are you black and white. Get out of here I am sleeping nya
  6. Wow back when I live with my parents if they saw something like that on my computer screen they most likely walk out of the room and say nothing about it. Come back as soon as you can Kosaki nya
  7. The bot does not really do much. You can make it talk don't know the command for it
  8. Batman this is america you expect good heath care for cheap lol. As an america you should tough it out and never get sick. Getting sick show you are not a true american We don't need sick people here. Sorry don't have a image for you. Get better soon. I also have no idea what I am talking about
  9. I've bet on Ksaoki I guses. Can't believe die because of a landmine
  10. Confession I used to stalk Flutterz nyaa.
  11. A word of warning, I've read aloud a bunch of random posts on the forum. Something I tend to do, especially during serious discussions. My apologies if anyone is offended, but those are purely for humoristic purposes. So funny hearing someone trying to read my bad grammar out loud lol. I should have took more time with that post lol. Reminds me of how mad some of my English teacher in high school got
  12. Nyannayn

    1. Yuuko
    2. ohiowar


      Wannyaa wan nyaa

    3. Yuuko


      Nyanwan wan?

  13. My thread. I did not even make any of the trolling threads. Fuwa is very respectful place. And yes it not my call or your call to make.
  14. 3 – Forum management should be mostly on auto-pilot to free up time for your more important and sinister shenanigans, but the mods are too willing to indulge in disrespectful threads as long as things are fun. “Fun” is the new catch-cry by the Fuwa higher-ups it seems. They fling it out like it’s one of the core tenets guiding the management of the site, and as long as things are fun then things should be allowed to continue. Anybody against fun threads is just another “hater of fun.” You know what? I think I’ll apply this principle in society. I’m going to sit in front of the homeless and bur
  15. Blame Zaka. It all Zaka fault. Will be interesting to see what come of all this
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