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  1. Kiririririririririririririririririririirriririririririiriririririririririirir

  2. Nyaa. Nyaa nyaa

  3. I think I show up too many times in here.
  4. The secret is out only fuwanovel member played the game. Does seems a strange place to looks for bug report more likely just seeing what feedback for the game is like in part of the vn community or something. Nyaa nyaa.
  5. Bad game is boring. Never played clicker hero can't compare, Sakura series best series all times. join us and the Sakura master race
  6. I've been using this email for too long and nosebled Sofiya is my waifu. You ready to fight for this What's new? I am the kind of girl you can dress up and take out or put on sweats and watch a dumb movie to be just as happy. No games.I'm looking for HONESTY!!!! Hmm.. this could take a while...He has to be able to keep up with me, whether we are going out to dance the night away.. or just content on being home with each other... I look forward to getting to know you. Sofiya
  7. age of consent in my state is 16 but your safe bet if in the US is 18 year old. The laws can get a bit strange.
  8. We have 20 people in the skype group and about 3 people who have not join at all yet. Some people are also just going to make new character since the server change
  9. The guild has move over to the new Highwatch server
  10. I have to say got more people than I thought I would. So here three of us in 2012 swimsuits
  11. Asonn your on my friends list now will add you when we are both online at the time. We have this now
  12. ELIN MASTER RACE. All ELIN in the guild get bonus point from me the gm! jk but ELIN IS MASTER RACE
  13. Ok cool if you want to join the gulid just send me the character info
  14. Rose everyone know that Tempest Reach is best
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