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  1. Sadly look like the sales end before I get paid. WAGE SLAVE LIFE SUCK
  2. Maybe https://vndb.org/v299 or https://vndb.org/v2045 so the second one may be a bit old for some people. Both by Alicesoft who made Sengoku Rance
  3. Give me money

    1. HMN


      I can only give you some bishoujos :<

    2. ohiowar


      Since when did you have any of them?

    3. HMN


      Since a while now

  4. Not the shelf i am to fat for it
  5. Hey so I am going to try and get active on here again, not that I was ever that active. So let see the first time I introduce myself here I was trying to read a billion visual novel at one, while also playing a billion video games at once. Trying to take on so much at once lead to a really bad burnout in which I ended up not getting any of the games or VNs played. I hope to be able to become a somewhat active member here and make some more friends. So a little bit about myself. I am 21 old from the sate of Ohio who love playing jrpgs, reading visual novels, and sleeping. I have been work
  6. Kirirririririirirriiririrriiririririririririri pya

  7. Don't bring your stupid fucking racism into this
  8. I fought the strongest thing ever today. Was so much work took like half an hour to kill.
  9. A Northern Texas empire what madness is that?
  10. The game really need some better settlement Ui. It can get hard to remember what jobs you have people doing and such.
  11. Loading times not too bad on my ssd. Interface is shit for pc workable but just bad. I hear 1234 can be use for dialogue. I am having fun with the game did get one crash so.
  12. Yeah don't think Bethesda forums wants people talking about the game too much before it comes out or you are just being censor. Bethesda did have a lot issues with ps3 but I hear they should have less with the ps4 do to it being easier to work with. I just hope my pc ver works well
  13. Pre loading it right now I did the evil thing called pre ordering I did get the game for 22% off so. The map size seems a bit small but they could be lots of thing in it. Also may help to remember that a lot of Skyrim space was took up by big mountains making thing seems bigger than what they really where. In the end I am just hoping the game will be fun. We also be interesting to see how the voice protagonist works. Launch Trailer is out
  14. Just keep in mind that whoever doing the leaking can be recording in low quality and in a compress video format. Some people do seems to not like the more cartoonish look of the graphics compare to the other games. Overall the games likely to be good but have lots of bugs. Bethesda and bugs go together. I also think that Witcher 3 has really made people expect a lot more in graphics form new games. Do keep in mind which being console leaks the xbox one and ps4 are really not that strong. http://www.gamepur.com/news/21011-new-fallout-4-leaked-uncompressed-screenshots-puts-low-quality-graphics.

  16. Jast delaying something they would never do such a thing ever
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