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  1. But there is I remember both, at least. Unless there is ANOTHER hentai like that...
  2. Ah, realmente! Em vez de começar logo traduzindo, recomendaria se limitar a ler primeiro muito em inglês até se sentir confortável com a língua I mean, se não conseguir entender o que eles escreveram, como pode traduzir? Espero que isso sirva de motivação para melhorar! o/
  3. Oh wow, great timing! Zero Force Translations is already translating Clannad and we're looking for translators! If you'd like to join us, please send us an email! You can check everything out here
  4. Day 5 of reading 11eyes. This time, we got into yet another Red Night and a fluffy maid event. Oh yeah, if there's one thing I like is the contrast between paces: the common route was dragged to a point of exhaustion but Yuka's route is really fast and to the point, which is getting me really excited to keep reading it!
  5. Day 4 of reading 11eyes. This time, we spend time with Tachibana and Yuka, mostly. I'm pretty excited to see how the story is going to develop for Yuka and Lisette
  6. Sooo I've read more on 11eyes and this time I've read this whole Red Night episode I left off the other day. I'm enjoying it more than I thought I would, maybe because the pace is faster now and there is more action and mystery and not as much slice-of-life bs (I HOPE).
  7. I haven't updated my progress on 11eyes in a long time so I guess it's finally time! I finished the common route two weeks ago and I just began Yuka's route. I'm surprised the route would be this long as this is not even the true ending but if there's one thing this vn does a lot, is to drag things for way too long soo.... I stopped reading as soon as they got into the Red Night but I will be updating my reactions daily as I'll try to read an hour every day c:
  8. Oh boy... Honestly, chapter 3 is my favorite so far <3 It's not as long as chapter 2 (I think?) but it's the hardest one to theorize about I just gave up on theories as soon as I finished that one but I'm gonna get my theories back as soon as I re-read everything before chapter 5
  9. This really depends on my situation, of course. If I am on vacations, I'll probably spend about 2 hours (because I also have other hobbies haha) daily but, before I started a vn book club on discord, I would read at least 30 minutes each day; after the book club, I now read about 1 or 2 hours daily, which is insane to me I'm very happy about that tho! It's really good for me!
  10. In a way, I agree, but I also feel like that is a cultural thing. Certain countries that are more nationalistic in the sense they have more dubs than actual subs have this problem because their inhabitants aren't used to read subs but other countries like mine (Portugal) have always read subs for everything so we don't really mind haha I personally can only stand dubs in kids cartoons but other than that, I'd rather watch with subs. Then again, I read VNs so that's not much of a surprise lolol Why not? I know people tend to gatekeep but it doesn't make sense, since bringing visual novels to mainstream attention will only help getting more works translated! Don't "old school fans" want more stuff translated? It seems quite masochistic of them, even for me. I mean, this happens all the time... and it's not necessarily a bad thing. There will always be gems that will end up being translated, be it by official sources or fan-translations, but it's always a good thing that more and more people know about vns. Yeah, they may not like vns like subahibi at the beginning because they are not used to denpa (I personally haven't read it yet but, oh boy, do I want to) but I'm sure that the more it's known in mainstream media, the more people can explore this medium Anyways, I don't think the fan-translations will stop and before that, there were only them, anyway. If someone doesn't like the trash translations (when it comes to quality of the vn itself) then why not just learn Japanese? It's not like keeping them niche is going to make them have more translations available ^^"
  11. as a big lesbian, I just do the old trick that almost all lesbians and girls who like to read good vns do: attach your imaginary dick and enjoy the story lol I don't mind sexual content, a lot of time I just find it ridiculous or not my thing bc I have a girl's body and don't find huge tits that hurt your back sexy, I can f e e l the pain. Sorry for the rant lol I just find that really fucking annoying haha I am pretty hyped for totono but my old friend called "vns I haven't finished on my desktop" is still here
  12. Personally, the second one is the longest but each of them took me about 9 hours to finish. Good reads!
  13. Honestly, I haven't read it yet but this controversy has picked my interest in it. People can be so fucking dumb sometimes
  14. Honestly, I'd say go for it! Just this once, at least. I kinda know why she would suggest that but I won't say anything. Basically, if you look for a walkthrough, you will probably get spoiled, even from other results from this vn that might appear.
  15. If I had to choose, I'd say Are you Alice? and Arcana Famiglia. Arcana Famiglia isn't as obscure but no one talks about it and I would LOVE for it (and the Are you Alice one) to get a PC port as well T.T
  16. Alright, I just finished reading Kara no Shoujo's True Ending (and the whole game, throughout the weeks). It was... disappointing. I get that you are supposed to go read the second episode after that but still... I guess I was just expecting more. Maybe the fact that the normal endings were almost the same made me expect a different outcome for the true ending since the people that recommended me claimed it to be magnific. Part of me doesn't want to say that I disliked it because it didn't have a satisfying or happy ending: okay, maybe I am a little upset about that, but that's not really it. Anyways, this visual novel was amazing in a lot of ways, the only thing I could really do without was the unnecessary h-scenes... looking at you, Reiji. I guess I'll be reading the second episode soon! This time, with no expectations, I hope! The next I'll be finishing is Clannad but right after that will be time to continue 11eyes~! I'm only halfway through the common route but now that I am reading this for my personal vn book club, the progress will be much faster, hooray!
  17. I mean, when it comes to romance, I guess they really are. But when it comes to being really interesting, I prefer the ones in LB haha man, LB's common route is utterly amazing, I never get tired of it! I... I mean, if you were in his shoes, would you not get paranoid? I personally like that he is such a realistic character. I mean, as someone very anxious, I would probably not yell like that but he is his own character, not a self-insert one Everyone has their own opinions tho haha my favorite aspect of Higurashi is Keiichi tbh I can relate to him a lot I wonder how bad Tomoyo After is... yikes :x
  18. I'm playing Clannad and I finished Misae's, Tomoyo's and Yukine's routes. So far I'm not finding Clannad to be as amazing as people claim it is... maybe it's because I don't really like "pure" romance and all that stuff, maybe it's because I played LB before this, I don't know, but let's talk about the routes. Misae's route is so far my favorite, no doubt about it! It doesn't really focus that much on the romance aspect, which I like It was also short... could be longer, but I liked it. Tomoyo's route was... painful to read. Tomoyo did grow on me but Clannad's constant sexist talk and the "girls have to be like this and behave like that" stuff kinda turned me off, well. Yukine's route was surprising! At first, I didn't like Yukine; every time I had a scene with her, I would yawn. I am reading Ryou's route right now and I'm finding it pretty damn cute! She's not my type (I like her sister more) but the stuff she does with the cards is amazing haha P.S: This weekend I'll probably comment on Kara no Shoujo's True Ending... let's see how it goes.
  19. I haven't played the true ending yet but one of my buddies was suspecting of Shugo because he was investigating an awful lot near the school and yeah, now we know the reason why but it would be such a despair-inducing plot twist... </3 I guess the imagination was running wild, but aside from the fact that Shugo isn't that mentally unstable, there were some things that made me suspect him at some point hahaha
  20. I mean, I guess...? But I can't really see KnS as horror when it focuses so much on the mystery aspects. I guess it doesn't give me the feels that other horror vns give, idk
  21. Oh boy... I'm finishing the novel next week and I'm so not ready for the ending. I did like the normal endings but for the theories me and my book club friends did for all those weeks of reading, the resolution is quite... disappointing, I guess. Maybe I just had too high expectations for it since one of my book club mates was getting me hyped for this one.
  22. Yes x_x I'm considering re-reading everything again before going to chapter 5 haha It won't have the same impact as before but I'll be more up to date with everything
  23. Honestly, I think this was the most horrifying chapter... I really need to start reading the fifth chapters while I still remember the other chapters haha Maybe I'll read them again, who knows?
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