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  1. I'm dropping this project. My apologies to anyone who was looking forward to it. Because the common route hasn't been edited, I won't release a partial patch (it wouldn't be enjoyable to read). Conversely, the editing in the heroine routes is so heavy (often replacing entire sections of narration by original text) that I also won't release the translation for others to pick up. If this game ever gets a full translation, it should be a consistent one.
  2. Not your browser, but your antivirus is blocking the download. And yes, false positives are to be expected with a program like KrkrExtract - after all, the very feature which makes it work so well (messing with the game's code to make it decrypt its own files) is similar to what viruses do. You can either temporarily disable your antivirus or ask someone else to do the extraction.
  3. None of the standard obfuscation methods then. Have you tried extracting with KrkrExtract instead of GARbro?
  4. Does the file start with "TJS2" when you open it in a hex editor? In that case, it's not encrypted but compiled. As far as I know, there's only a disassembler for this format (giving you the list of virtual machine instructions), not a decompiler (giving you an approximation of the original .tjs script). That said, only few Kirikiri applications compile their TJS scripts; the only ones I know of are Nekopara and Emote Movie Maker. If the file starts with the bytes "FE FE", though, it's a plain text script that got scrambled using one of the three algorithms supported by Kirikiri. I have a
  5. Finding the .ybn decryption key is trivial: if you know the correct offset, it's right there in the file. No need to calculate or bruteforce anything. Here's a zip with the scripts in an Excel file and a tool that'll put the translated text back into the .ybn files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lbhwyrt7lio0zd0/Yome juu tools.zip?dl=0 The patched files get placed in the "patch" folder. Copy those to a new "ysbin" folder in the game and you're all set. Some more remarks about the tool: It handles word wrapping automatically by inserting line break instructions. You may need to
  6. Yep, the binaries are available here: https://github.com/xmoeproject/SiglusExtract/tree/master/binary
  7. Shigure is probably just biding her time. In ten years or so, the feline competition will disappear all by itself. Ahem Coconut is pretty cute I guess.
  8. @Ulysses My own converter uses FreeMote to go from PSB to Excel/Google Docs and back without a JSON step inbetween. I've found the library works on scenario files which other tools crash on, so if you ask me, it's the best .scn patching solution available. The converter is currently not public, but is being actively used in a number of translation projects - I'll probably throw it on Github at some point.
  9. Hi, I'm the one person who's too stubborn to stop working on this project. As you can see at the bottom of the progress page Fred linked earlier, it's indeed still alive. In fact, I've been working on it almost every day since I joined it in September 2016. (The reason the progress page currently says "Last updated 7 days ago" rather than "yesterday" is that I only upload my changes when I complete a script) Progress is indeed slow, but you have to take into account that apart from translating, I'm also already doing a quite thorough editing pass. It takes time to come up with sentences t
  10. It's an introductory course aimed at first-year students who may not have any programming experience at all. Putting something scary like "reimplement assembly code in C++" in the description would risk driving away potential applicants, right? For their first foray into reverse engineering, it's better to make them acquire reference source code and express the knowledge they gained in a language suited for beginners. Why not all of them at once? The MC joins the reverse engineering course, poses for (or with) his artist girlfriend, and helps his literature geek sister with her homewor
  11. 1) Visual Novel Reverse Engineering 101 2) The most common x86 instructions, how registers and memory work, how to use a disassembler, examples of file formats found in VNs. 3) Field trip: breaching the head office of a visual novel company and lifting their source control server while holding the CEO's daughter hostage. (Different company each year) 4) Writing a converter for a proprietary image format in Python. 1) Restoration of Hand-drawn Japanese Media 2) Methods for accurately estimating how a given damaged area originally looked like and faithfully restoring it. Examples of
  12. That's an easy question with an easy answer.
  13. I'm glad you specifically mentioned "essence", as in some cases, the author is simply not very good (at least by Western standards) and you do need to make quite some changes to get an enjoyable result. The visual novel I'm currently translating suffers from, among others, the following deficiencies: Repetition of random words like "city" up to six consecutive times. Narration that's redundant with preceding dialogue (e.g. a character saying "I don't know" followed by narration saying "Apparently she doesn't know"). Narration that's redundant with itself (two consecutive line
  14. Oh, I forgot my biggest gripes: Less invisible characters. Not drawing so much as a portrait for a character the MC talks with for ten minutes is plain lazy. Less background reuse. If a route ends with a huge gathering of people in the streets, showing me the same sparsely populated road that I already saw on day one is lazy and disappointing.
  15. Less faceless characters in general. They freak me out. Less MCs with dicks the size of their upper arm and balls with the capacity to coat a girl in semen five times over. Less overly long H scenes that describe every last thrust, squelch and splort in excrutiating detail.
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